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You must be in fellowship prior to your Bible study, so that the spiritual information you receive can become a source, of blessing to your soul and produce spiritual growth.

1 Peter 4:5



5 Who [hos] shall give [apodidomi] account [logos] to him that is [echo] ready [hetoimos] to judge [krino] the quick [zao] and [kai] the dead [nekros]. KJV-Interlinear



5 but they shall give account to Him who is ready to judge the living and the dead. NASB



There are only two truths in life. The first is that if you have been born into life, then one day you will certainly die.And the second truth is, that at some point in the future, after your certain death, you will be judged by Christ.


Whether you are an unbeliever or a believer makes no difference. Whether you are an immature believer or a mature believer also makes no difference. Even if you happen to be alive in the Rapture generation, your separation from this world will be a form of death as your old body is instantaneously transformed into a resurrection body.


Everyone who has been born into life, will leave this life for eternity, and everyone will be judged (or evaluated) by Christ.


Most people, when they are faced with an examination, will try to prepare for it, in order to get a better grade.But of course there are those folks who do not prepare, and their final grade will be a poor one.


As you live through your life, in this life, as a growing believer, you will face many hardships.And, many of those hardships will come at the hands of folks that don t happen to like you. Whether you are a peasant caught in the struggle for power by higher classes of folks, or a pawn in someone else's social struggle, or just a person who happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, all makes no difference.


Your life depends on God, and your future evaluation depends on the amount of doctrine in your soul that you have learned, understood, applied to your life, and resulted in an abundance of spiritual production.


Everything else that you think, say, and do in life, if it is not a result of your spiritual life, amounts to absolutely nothing.


And the nice thing about all of this, is that this principle or rule, applies to everyone.


The elite, the privileged, the high and mighty, and so forth, are no different than the lowliest of the low, when it comes to the command of God, that they should stand before Him at their appointed time.


The first evaluation in history, will occur immediately after the Rapture. We believers of the dispensation of the Church Age will stand before Christ, in heaven, while the world is undergoing its phenomenal Tribulation.


At the end of their Tribulation, immediately after the Second Advent of Christ, all Old Testament believers will stand before Christ for their evaluation.


We call these judgments, the Judgment Seat of Christ, by the way. This is a good judgment to participate in.


At the end of the Millennium, then all of the Millennial believers will receive their evaluation, and that will conclude the judgments for believers.


At the end of the Millennium, and after all believer judgments, then all unbelievers will be brought before Christ at the Great White Throne, and there they will receive their judgment.This judgment will not be a good one for them.The will collectively and individually continue to reject Christ, and then they will be throne into the Lake of Fire, never to be heard from, or even seen, again.


The universe will then be destroyed, obliterated, extinguished into nothing, as though it had never ever existed, and then heaven will descend into a new universe, which between the two, will combine into our one great new and eternal playground and home. It will be so vast, that even in all of eternity, we will never be able to explore all of it.


The results of your evaluation, the blessings, rewards, privileges, honors, etc, that you receive at your judgment before Christ, will be yours and will become active and functional during this eternal state.


Therefore, your evaluation before Christ is the single most important evaluation that you will ever have.And the results of your evaluation, are totally determined by the doctrine, the spiritual production of your spiritual life.In this manner, you have some control over the design of your evaluation results.


You can either grow and live the spiritual life as God intends for you to live it, and become the recipient of the eternally permanent and highest honors in all of history, or you can ignore all of this Bible stuff, and lose out on those blessings and rewards.


Those rewards are totally dependent on your spiritual life, or lack of it.


So, remember when you are being maligned or used as a puppet by the people and systems of the world, that they will have to answer to God, just as you will. And that they, by their sin nature driven souls, are doing nothing to you, but totally destroying their eternal future blessings.


You may be hammered a bit for now, but then it is far better to suffer now for later blessings that will never end, than to have the good life, of the sin nature, now, and then suffer (lose out on blessings) for all of eternity.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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Daily Bible Study
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