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Hebrews 1:4

Lesson # Heb. 1:4
Study Material - Heb. 1:4

You must be in fellowship prior to your Bible study, so that the spiritual information you receive can become a source, of blessing to your soul and produce spiritual growth.

Heb. 1:4

4 having become as much better than the angels, as He has inherited a more excellent name than they.

In the Bible we have several comparisons and contrasts. There is the Law, the Mosaic Law, which was given by God and ordained by angels, Gal. 3:19. This ordination was presumably from their superior state in creation. That is, superior to mankind, as far as man goes. But then the Law was a superior set of standards imposed on man due to the sinful nature of mankind.

This Law was eventually abrogated and replaced by a superior law, the Law of Christ. But also, Christ being a man and God simultaneously in the same person - the unique person of the universe, readied the stage for man to replace angels as a superior creature.

Who are the angels? Why do we know of them yet no man in our current day has ever seen an angel? Do they exist or are they just a part of a Bible fantasy for children to read about?

In the beginning God. God preexisted everything. God has always existed. God had no beginning and He has no end. At some point in eternity past, God considered all the possible plans for creatures. All the possible combinations of creation and when each person should enter into the world, and into history. After careful and complete and thorough consideration of all the possible parameters and possibilities from His omniscience, God selected an very detailed single plan which provides the best possible outcome in life for each person, given their independent daily decisions in life. God knowing what you would think, and do given your birth into this world at any point during history, selected this time frame in history as the best time for you to live. Then God put that plan, which in theology is called the Divine Decrees, because this plan was formally decreed by God, into motion. This history we have is the result of those decrees. God did not define history. God did not cause anyone of us to do or think what we do or think, but God simply knows before hand all that we will think and do. He then leaves the actual activities of history up to us, which we perform flawlessly for Him, just as He foresaw. Can't fool God.

So then angels were created, and there was the vastness of the empty universe. All angels were created simultaneously, in contrast to mankind who has been created one person at a time throughout history, generation after generation. Angels have superior intellect, superior mobility (they can travel throughout the universe), whereas we are trapped on this planet pretty much. Angels do not require food or air, we do. Angels have extremely high IQ's, man has a wide range of IQ's, the highest of which still falls far short of the angels intellect. They angels witnessed the creation, the instantaneous creation of the universe, and they were all in a harmonious state, Job 38:7. Man hasn't witnessed much of anything in life except what is in the environment around us. Some generations have seen miracles such as the parting of the Red Sea, of the turning of water into wine. But for the most part we all simply read about these events never having seen them, but positive believers believe in them all the same.

Angels have been witness to everything in creation except of course their own creation, but all of history following their creation, they were and have been and still are, witness to. Angels had a high place in Gods government or nation if you will. But one day, they got arrogant. God could trust none of them, Job 4:18, 15:15. Though two-thirds of the angels chose for God whereas Lucifer (Satan) chose against God, along with one-third of the angel population, there were none who could be trusted. The angelic conflict erupted and man, lowly mankind was created (the last created being) to settle the angelic conflict.

The angels lost their place of privilege. They lost their place of honor. And Jesus Christ, became a lower creature (man) in order to demonstrate the superiority of His will. Jesus Christ created mankind and human history, in order to demonstrate that lowly man, who has far fewer privileges, far fewer abilities, many more limitations on his life, will select for God, even when man does not and can not see God. Where angels have always been able to witness everything in history, have been able to see everything, yet failed miserably in their lives, and in contrast, mankind by faith alone ,by utilization of the spiritual assets that God gives to any and all who are positive toward Him, has grater trust in God than they.

For this, man will be elevated and promoted to positions above the angels. But we will not and cannot do it on our own. Jesus Christ is the superior person, superior to angels, and is now sitting at the right hand of the Father in heaven. A position that was never given to any angel. Christ's doctrine is superior to that of the law, a law that was ordained by angels against mankind due to mankind's corruption.

And the last point I should here make, is that life is not just getting up each day and going to work and coming home. It is not the theory or man advancing to a higher plain by means of mans imagination, invention, innovation, or anything else. Man does not exist to better himself in the universe and one day rise up to conquer it all. There are other creatures out there, creatures we know about but never see - angels. And they are not cute little baby like things with little wings.

There is a higher purpose in life which God has laid out for us in the Divine Decrees, and Jesus Christ's seating at the right hand of God the Father is the best event in history that we could ever hope for. Our life here on this earth is short. A few years for some, maybe 90 years give or take for others, but whatever the length, it is short when compared to the eternity of billions and billions and trillions of years for a life time. And one day our life here will end. None of us will ever see the accomplishments or set backs of future generations. But no matter. Our future is in the palm of our hands, and our control is in our daily decisions to study our Bibles. Therein is our winning ticket to fame and fortune, the fame of being a mature believer and the fortune that goes with that status. Both far exceed the cumulative fame's and fortunes that everyone on earth has ever attained throughout history. Think about that!

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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