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Heb. 4:14-15

14 Seeing [echo] then [oun] that we have [echo] a great [megas] high priest [archiereus], that is passed into [dierchomai] the heavens [ouranos], Jesus [Iesous] the Son [huios] of God [theos], let us hold fast [krateo] our profession [homologia].
15 For [gar] we have [echo] not [ou] an high priest [archiereus] which cannot [me] [dunamai] be touched with the feeling [sumpatheo] of our [hemon] infirmities [astheneia]; but [de] was [peirazo] in [kata] all points [pas] tempted [peirazo] [peirao] like [kata] as [homoiotes] we are, yet without [choris] sin [hamartia]. KJV-Interlinear

14 Since then we have a great high priest who has passed through the heavens, Jesus the Son of God, let us hold fast our confession. 15 For we do not have a high priest who cannot sympathize with our weaknesses, but One who has been tempted in all things as we are, yet without sin. NASB

Throughout history, religions and all of theology have called for and designed in their makeup, an intermediary between man and God. Although all of the religions of the world are false with the exception of Christianity (which is not a religion but a relationship with God through Christ), the utilization of a high priest as an intermediary between man and the divine (or whomever those religions look to), has always been in place.

More often than not, priests or would be priests, took advantage of their position to obtain their own position, authority and power for their own benefit. With society generally recognizing the position of the priest, gave those who would take advantage, just that more leverage against society, to the priests advantage.

The position was generally abused, and became a position for elite's or the concept of elite's. Placing the priest in a position of ego driven power. They could say and do anything (almost) and the general public would accept it as authorized from God. This would occur more so in backward and ignorant cultures. But even in todays modern cultures there is a general respect by society for priests.

Now what does that have to do with our passage? Well, we do have a priest, a high priest, who is Jesus Christ. The concept of a priest intermediary dates back to the beginning of human history. The position of priest began as a demonstration of the need for an intermediary between man and God, and to teach the principle of the Savior and His substitutionary work in our behalf, on the Cross. It also teaches the intermediary position between man and God and that the person who holds such a position has to be qualified. He has to be both equal with man and equal with God.

Many false priests tried to impress on their followers that they were both man and the divine. This idea did not begin from the imagination of man but was given to man from God from the beginning of time, as far as man is concerned. Simply put, this also indicates that even in early human history there was knowledge of the high priest function, the need for an intermediary, and thus knowledge of a savior. Unfortunately mankind abused and distorted this concept for mans own personal gain. And this abuse and distortion has been ongoing throughout history.

There is only one person in history who has held this position legitimately, and that is of course Jesus Christ. No other person can lay a legitimate claim to this title. No other person has the documentation of his life as both man and God, as does Jesus Christ.

Christ not only became man, but he lived as a man, enduring all of the pressures and emotions that are common to man. The only difference is that Jesus Christ never sinned. All other religions have their basis in sin in some way.

This makes Him an even greater candidate for the Cross in that only a person who is tempted by pressures and never succumbs, can appreciate and understand the nature of real pressure. Never giving in to pressure means that the pressure is intensified to greater degrees than any man could ever tolerate. Thus Jesus Christ was tested to the maximum throughout His life, and He passed all tests.

Never failing, never sinning, never falling short of Gods demanded perfection, then Christ became, historically, our legitimate intermediary between us and the Father.

As God, He is able to not sin, and not able to sin. As man, Jesus Christ did not sin though He was tempted far beyond any temptation that has come to humanity. His experience as man, gives Him the unique insight and understanding of exactly what every human being goes through in life. This experience is more for our benefit of seeing His historical experience. As God, Jesus Christ has always known and understood the despair of man.

Jesus Christ is the only person who has passed through the heavens, as a man, from earth to heaven, back to earth and again to heaven. And, He will one day return with an army greater in number than history has ever seen. And, on that day, the Second Advent, He will destroy once and for all, all of the false priests and religions, and evils (all full to overflowing with sin), that have misled society and distorted history.

The principle of a high priest began with God teaching doctrine to humanity from the time of Adam. From that time forward, distortions and lies have been the policy of the world in an effort to dilute and discourage interest in the legitimate study and understanding of God, His Son, salvation, and doctrine.

The principle spread from Adam to Noah, and from Noah it spread throughout the world. No one across the globe in history invented the high priest concept on their own but they learned it through information handed down from generation to generation. Principles of doctrine (even though they were distorted) spread throughout the world as people traveled across the planet. Every culture across the globe and throughout past history, has some form of priesthood or sacrificial ritual.

All roads lead back to Noah, to Adam, and to the ultimate origin - Christ.

But interesting enough, the lies of false religion, use the truthful principle of a unique relationship between man and God through a single high priest. God can turn mans evil interpretations and selfish motives into good results, and people can still come to an understanding of Christianity even through the false motives of religion.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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