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Heb. 9:25-26

25 Nor [oude] yet that [hina] he should offer [prosphero] himself [heautou] often [pollakis], as [hosper] the high priest [archiereus] entereth [eiserchomai] into [eis] the holy place [hagion] every [kata] year [eniautos] with [en] blood [haima] of others [allotrios];
26 For then [epei] must [dei] he [autos] often [pollakis] have suffered [pascho] since [apo] the foundation [katabole] of the world [kosmos]: but [de] now [nun] once [hapax] in [epi] the end [sunteleia] of the world [aion] hath he appeared [phaneroo] to [eis] put away [athetesis] sin [hamartia] by [dia] the sacrifice [thusia] of himself [autos]. KJV-Interlinear

25 nor was it that He should offer Himself often, as the high priest enters the holy place year by year with blood not his own. 26 Otherwise, He would have needed to suffer often since the foundation of the world; but now once at the consummation of the ages He has been manifested to put away sin by the sacrifice of Himself. NASB

Not only were the Levitical sacrifices inferior, to that of the messiah, but they had to be repeated over and over, again and again, day after day, year after year. Christ went to the Cross only once, and that is all that is necessary.

Once a debt has been paid, you do not have to pay it again.

If you have a bank loan which you cannot pay, then if someone else comes along and pays it in full for you, then do you still owe the bank? No. The debt was paid. The bank no longer has a claim against you. Paid is paid.

The Levitical sacrifices never paid for any debts against mankind. Only the work of the Messiah could do that. Jesus Christ is that Messiah. He is the promised one who came long ago to pay off our debt, and His payment was in full.

If Christ's work was incomplete, for example if it were only a partial payment, then He would have to have gone to the Cross over and over, again and again from the beginning of human history. From the time of Adam. He would have to have gone to the Cross over and over again, for every generation. He would still be here with us, in the news, hanging on the Cross, still paying for each of mans sins. And that would continue until human history ended.

But the Cross occurred only once in history. God is not a nitwit. God did not make any mistakes. God did not overlook anyone or anything. God did not make a mistake.

In fact when the Cross was completed, the age of human history was technically over.

Now think about that last statement a bit longer. Yes, I know we are still here. Yes, I know that the Cross occurred about 1975 years ago. So what am I getting at? First a few verses.

1 John 2:18
18 Children, it is the last hour; and just as you heard that antichrist is coming, NASB

James 5:8
8 You too be patient; strengthen your hearts, for the coming of the Lord is at hand. NASB

1 Peter 4:7
7 The end of all things is at hand; NASB

Matt. 12:32
32 'And whoever shall speak a word against the Son of Man, it shall be forgiven him; but whoever shall speak against the Holy Spirit, it shall not be forgiven him, either in this age, or in the age to come. NASB

Matt. 28:20
20 teaching them to observe all that I commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age. ' NASB

Once mans sins had been paid for, then there was no further need for human history to continue except for Satan's last ditch effort to defeat God in the Tribulation.

That of course has not yet occurred.

History is divided up into dispensations. These are era's of time. In Christ's day, the Age of Israel was in effect. After the Cross, then that dispensation had only seven years left before it was going to be completed.

The Church Age was not yet clear in the minds of the Apostles. So they knew only of the doctrine of the last days, wherein the anti-christ would enter the scene and try to defeat God. This would end with Gods triumph and then the Age of the Kingdom of God (we call this age, the Millennium) would commence.

Now, so far as human history and salvation's requirements, all of that has been taken care of. Human history can at any time, be rolled into the Tribulation, and then be completed.

This is why we have the imminence of the Rapture doctrine. It can occur at any time. There is no further work to be accomplished. There are no prophecies still to be completed. The prophecy for our dispensation (the Church Age) is limited to only one single event - the Rapture. And the Rapture is the completion of our dispensation.

Yes, the rumors of wars and increased knowledge and such are spelled out in the scriptures. But these are merely a references to historical trends. That is the nature of our dispensation - trends.

Yes, the regathering of Israel is spelled out. Yes there are references to the nations of Europe being reformed into some sort of reborn Roman empire and such things. But these again are Tribulational prophecies, not Church Age prophecies.

What will occur in our dispensation, with respect to these things is merely the formation of the nations into their proper array which God has decreed. Europe has always been where it is. The powers of the East, South, and North have always been where they are. The real changes will not occur until immediately after the Rapture.

We, or should I say, that last generation of believers of our age, will see the arrangements of the nations, but won't know for sure, nor will they see the events which will take place after they have been removed by the Rapture.

So what is the point of all of this? We are studying the 'better' priesthood of Christ over that of the Levitical Priesthood.

Christ's work is completed. He does no need to continue suffering on the Cross for future humanity, nor again for ancient humanity. One Cross, on sacrifice was sufficient to pay the debt of sin, in full. So your salvation is complete. Once you believe in Christ, then you are saved.

This is true about you. This true about anyone who believes in Christ.

Now a quick test. If a person commits one of these suicide bombings that we hear of on the news, do they go to heaven or elsewhere? Well, if they ever believed in Christ, perhaps even as a young child, then they are saved and will go to heaven. Even though they strayed away from Christianity and turned to Islam or some other philosophy.

It is the same with you. Once saved, always saved. Christ did not overlook anything. Christ did not leave out any of mankind's sins - even the very bad ones. All sins were paid for in full. And they were paid for on the Cross, with one sacrifice, by Jesus Christ, for all of human history - past, present, and future.

Gods work is completed. We studied, in Revelation, the concept of Christ's hand on the lever of history. His hand in on the lever. His arm is flexed to the straining point ready to throw that lever at any moment. When He does, then the Rapture will occur (at any time) and our age will end and the Age of Israel will resume. It has seven years left.

Your Bible study has very little time. You should engage in a daily study such that you can advance to spiritual maturity quickly. We might have but moments until the end of our age, or we might have several decades remaining. In any case all of us have only until the end of our life. And that life span for each one of us, none of us knows.

Now we have to end here because the Rose Bowl is about to begin. The Orange Bowl kept me up late last night with its three overtimes. I am guessing that God will wait until at least after the game before doing anything dramatic. That is just some humor by the way !!!

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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