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Heb. 10:14

14 For [gar] by one [mia] offering [prosphora] he hath perfected [teleioo] for [eis] ever [dienekes] them that are sanctified [hagiazo]. KJV-Interlinear

14 For by one offering He has perfected for all time those who are sanctified. NASB

Here is the eternal security of Christ's work on the Cross. His work has been completed in the past and remains completed forever. Christ did not leave anything out of His work for salvation. He did not skip anyone's sins. He did not skip over any type of sin except the act of rejection of His work.

To those who believe in Him, then there is sanctification (set apart), or perfection. To those who are sanctified, or to those who have believed in the work of Christ then those same persons are made perfect. They have been cleansed, they have been washed, their sins have been paid in full.

Note that all sins of every human being in history have been judged. But there will be some who will reject Christ. To those there is no perfection because they refuse to accept this perfection offered by God.

Perfection comes in two categories. The first comes when you believe in Christ. That gains you forgiveness for all sins you committed prior to your salvation, and that is the state of perfection in salvation. The second category is the act of perfection you receive when you confess you sins committed after you have been saved.

Obviously when a person believes in Christ, he is still alive on this earth. He lives day to day and sins. Committing sins kicks you out of fellowship, but not out of salvation. Once saved, always saved. In order to get back into fellowship a person has to confess their sins to God the Father. That gives us a functional state of perfection while we live in this world.

But note. Perfection is a perpetual state when the subject is salvation. Christ went to the Cross only once. You need only believe in Christ one time in your life. You do not even have to remember when it was you believed in Christ. It is enough that God knows that you believed in Christ and that God has recorded that faith in heaven.

Heavens records cannot be forged or altered, nor can they contain errors.

When you believed in Christ you were reborn. The action of birth cannot be reversed. Just ask your momma if she can reverse that process for you. When she gets done knocking sense back into your pea brain, then you might understand that principle. Once born, always born. You cannot unborn your self.

Once saved always saved. You cannot unsave yourself. There is nothing you can do to lose your salvation. That would imply that God missed something in your life. And God never makes mistakes. Only idiots come up with those kinds of ideas.

Perfection is a state of completion. When a job is done, no further work is necessary.

Perfection was completed for all time. That means that is was completed and will remain so, forever.

Remember that Jeremiah recorded the prophecy of a new covenant to come along that would replace the old one. This was fulfilled when Christ completed His work on the Cross.

The subject of discussion in these past verses, has been the superiority of Christ's covenant over the old covenant (the Levitical Priesthood).

The Levitical code never perfected anything. It merely taught the need for perfection, among other things.

Christ's work accomplished the principles taught in the Levitical codes. Once Christ went to the Cross, He finished the work for salvation for all time. There is no further need for sacrifices. Once you believe in Christ, then your salvation is complete. You have no further need to be saved - again and again. Your next obligation is to grow up spiritually.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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