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Heb. 11:2

2 For [gar] by [en] it [taute] the elders [presbuteros] obtained a good report [martureo]. KJV-Interlinear

2 For by it the men of old gained approval. NASB

By faith we are able to reach into the realm of the spiritual. Without faith we can only reach into the realm of the absurd.

Faith is supported by truth. The absurd is supported by the rejection of truth.

The heroes of the Bible had many talents, but none of them were promoted into history by means of their own effort. They all gained the approval of God because of their faith.

Truth is obtained by means of faith. Without faith we really have no means of access to truth. God makes His approval known to those who trust in Him, and trust comes in the form of learning Bible doctrine.

There are not 'many' ways to God, but only one way. And that way is by means of faith - the only way.

No matter what we think or say or do in life, no matter what we accomplish for ourselves, no matter what humanity thinks of itself, it is all for nothing unless it is combined with faith and thus has the approval and acceptance of God.

Throughout history mankind has looked to economics, human needs and drives, music, philosophy, science, superstition, various invented moral ethics codes, and so forth, in order to define his existence. But with all that mankind invents, there is the ever present means of modifying his philosophies.

One day we believe in witches, another day we belief in the superiority of a given race, another day we reject technology and another day we embrace it as our salvation and future. People are fickle. Any given political poll reveals this. Even the poll takers use various psychological and wording tricks into getting the poll results they want. The truth is not important to them.

The world turns to rationalism, elitism, realism, relativism, secularism and many more invented human methods of reason. And in all of them, the prime target is the Bible. Man who has not existed throughout history, man who has never invented nor created anything from nothing, seeks to reinvent the truth. And to what end? To discredit truth. To discredit God.

When truth is rejected then the lie is embraced. When the lie is embraced, then the absurd becomes mans primary love.

From philosophy, to music, to art, to literature, to that which is socially acceptable, the movement from truth, where their productions of clarity and order and truth once supported sanity and discernment and proper orientation to life, over times of decline become swirls of the bizarre and the degenerate. And as these slippage's become more and more acceptable by society, then truth fades into obscurity and trouble raises its evil head.

Where once the picture of a flower looked like a flower, where once the hero kissed his sweetheart and they road off into the sunset, are now replaced with productions of the psychedelic and acceptable alternative life styles.

Mankind brings upon himself all of the problems that he will face in this world. Mans rejection and attempted escape from God turns itself into the right to escape from God, even if that escape means that the escape is not in pursuit of a greater truth, but in fact is a pursuit of the greater lie.

When mans pursuits do not produce results, then man turns to drugs, alcohol, astrology, cults and so many other escapes. None of which have any purpose or defined destiny within them. People look for meaning and purpose in a place where it does not exist. People go to great lengths toward the lies of life when they reject God.

God is the only rational answer in life. God is the only reasonable answer to life. God is the only source of life. For without God there is no purpose, no meaning, no life.

Man tries as he may, to define his existence based on his five senses and the substances of the physical realm around him. Man pursues his security, his meaning, his purpose, his happiness, and man fails horribly in life. And yet in all of this substance, there is no security, no happiness, nothing.

God uses the very simplest of concepts to raise up and support human history - faith. A concept without substance from this physical world, but based on the promises of His word. And anyone who embraces that which none of us have ever seen, will gain completion in his or her individual life.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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Daily Bible Study
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