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Heb. 11:20

20 By faith [pistis] Isaac [Isaak] blessed [eulogeo] Jacob [Iakob] and [kai] Esau [Esau] concerning [peri] things to come [mello]. KJV-Interlinear

20 By faith Isaac blessed Jacob and Esau, even regarding things to come. NASB

Though on the surface, from the story in Genesis, Isaac does not seem to be the great man of faith that this passage states that he is. But all you have to do is think about Isaac's story and compare it to the stories of the other Patriarch's mentioned in these verses.

Of the four men mentioned here, Isaac' story was the shortest in the Old Testament. Abraham, Jacob, and Joseph had nearly twelve chapters each, dedicated their stories. Isaac's story occupied just a little over two chapters (Gen. 25-27). And, Isaac's story centered mostly on his many failures in life.

But one thing stands out. He lived longer than any of the others. And, at the time of his death, even when he wanted to bless 'his' favored son, Esau, that right and choice was overruled by God by means of the deceit of Jacob and his mother.

Though God does not condone deceit, He overruled the actions of everyone concerned because of faith.

The promises of faith are proprietary rights of believers only. No one can give them away to unbelievers. No one can assign them to anyone, except God.

Esau rejected God and in so doing he traded his birthright away to Jacob. Isaac loved his son dearly, and Isaac allowed his emotions to rule his judgment, more often than not. But the spiritual life is not ruled by emotions, it is ruled by faith. Faith is constructed by Bible doctrine.

Life is ruled by faith. Jesus Christ controls history. Mankind does not drive history. Angelic powers do not drive history.

Isaac blessed both of his children as a formality. Once he realized the switch, even though he did not like the deceit, he realized that it is Gods will that rules, not mans.

Even though Isaac lived the longest, even though we read of his many failures, Isaac, at the end of his life, recognized by faith, that Gods promises could not be canceled out or changed. Isaac blessed both of his sons accordingly.

To Jacob came the greater of the two blessings, the spiritual heritage. To Esau, the lessor of the two blessings, the temporal view of life.

Both sons will have successes and failures in life. This is true of everyone. But only believers have the opportunity of success in their spiritual life, and only spiritually mature believers in Christ are assured of total success in there overall life (regardless of their circumstances), and especially in eternity.

God loved Jacob (faith) and hated Esau (unbelief). Since God hates the human race on the whole because of the failure of Adam (sinful mankind), God loves the human race by virtue of faith (the work of Christ on the Cross).

Esau rejected faith and in so doing, rejected life. He was a fool. Believers who are negative toward their spiritual life, reject faith in their spiritual growth and in so doing they reject Gods promised 'extra' blessings for life now and in eternity. They too are fools.

The only person who acts wisely and who will succeed both in time and in eternity is the one who advances to spiritual maturity. The enticements of the world and the emotional or personal desires of a person cannot cancel out nor change Gods plan.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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Daily Bible Study
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