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Heb. 13:1

1 Let [meno] brotherly love [philadelphia] continue [meno]. KJV-Interlinear



1 Let love of the brethren continue. NASB

There are lots of variations of words that deal with the concept of love, but there are three basic words that deal with the subject. Those three words are: 'agapao,' 'phileo,' and 'eros.'

The first word, 'agapao,' has to do with the mind. This covers the basic and fundamental rules or principles of love. In short, this is a broad reference to Bible doctrine. We studied this in great detail in 1, 2, 3 Jn.

The second word, phileo, which is in our passage for today, deals with the heart and feelings and conduct between one person and another person. This is our day to day interaction with people in general. Whether acquainted or strangers, we all have to deal with people either directly or indirectly. Sometimes we deal with people who can see our actions or hear our words. Often we deal with people from afar never knowing that we have had an impact or have made some kind of impression (either positive or negative) on them, because of our words or actions.

The third word for love is, eros. This deals with the intimate relations between a husband and wife in its proper context. It, of course, also applies to subjects having to do with two (or more) people in intimate relations whether they are legitimate relations or not.

The first and third words are not in view in our passage. He second word, phileo, is. But regardless of which type of love is being discussed, they all have their foundation in the first word, agape, which is the set of principles that guide all human relations. That set of principles is, of course, Bible doctrine.

You cannot have any relationship whether with God or mankind (or even self understanding), unless you possess the underlying foundation of Bible doctrine within your soul. Without doctrine, everything in any kind of relationship, is relative. This is why so many people fall in and out of love, have difficulty in their relationships and so forth.

Typically the biggest mistake with any given relationship, is the approach that people take toward one another. Self is generally in view self righteousness or self pity. And, the other person or persons, are simply the means to your end. This can apply to how people behave toward each other in business (honesty verses dishonesty), or in politics (trying to convince), or in the media (trying to influence), or in social settings (trying to gain special feelings, trust, or popularity).

In every case there can be the honest approach or the dishonest approach toward others.

In all instances of relationships ones understanding of people is crucial in order to understand their words or actions. If he/she says, I love you. What does he/she mean really? If the politician says, I want your vote. Is he qualified to lead, or does he just want the ego of the office?

A fundamental understanding of Bible doctrine gives you re the necessary discernment to figure these things out. This understanding, for the long term, comes only through your persistent daily study of Gods Word. Sure people in general can have common sense about things, but sooner or later in life, if doctrine is absent from their life, then they will make mistakes when dealing with others.

Are all Christians pure at heart? Of course not. They are nothing more than imperfect human beings. Do all Christians study their Bibles daily? No. Do all Christians have the same point of view about life? No. Can you trust all Christians by default? No.

Should you judge God and Bible doctrine based on the words or actions of Christians? No.

God gives us all the same information. Not everyone learns it. Not everyone applies it correctly to life. Some take defiant stands with respect to God and doctrine. Some will dress in black only. Some won t dance on Sunday. Some will have strong opinions about the environment. Some will have strong opinions about politics. Think of any subject and you ll find a bushel basket full of opinions. Are all of these opinions correct and from God? No.

This life is driven by two opinions Gods and everything else. It is the everything else category which gives us difficulty in life and so we need to learn to live with tolerance of others otherwise we will be upset all of the time.

Too often people take themselves too seriously. In order to have a more pleasant life we need to learn how to get along with each other. And that all starts with growing up spiritually.

Thus our passage. Let love of the brethren continue.

Love is the application of the principles, which we should have learned through our daily studies, to our daily lives as our life applies toward other people. Brethren, is a reference to people in general. Brethren, adelphos means literally, from the same womb. So this is a reference to every human being.

In life we have a responsibility to get along with others, and live a life that will compliment that pattern of living. Just as we cannot expect to believe in Christ and then do nothing else in life, so too we need to pursue the life style that fits this pattern of New Testament teaching. Doctrine demands duty, position, and then practice.

True faith demands true living. We all have a duty to obey God and abide by His will. We all have an obligation to secure our position in Christ through advancement to spiritual maturity. And the result? A daily life that is consistent with Gods will. Putting into practice that which we have learned and adopted for our life.

Doctrine must always come first, and that will produce the result of a proper life. Clean living or trying to orient socially with others first, does not produce the spiritual life, but rather defeats it.

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End Of Lesson

Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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Daily Bible Study
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