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Heb. 13:11-12

11 For [gar] the bodies [soma] of those [touton] beasts [zoon], whose [hos] blood [haima] is brought [eisphero] into [eis] the sanctuary [hagion] by [dia] the high priest [archiereus] for [peri] sin [hamartia], are burned [katakaio] without [exo] the camp [parembole].

12 Wherefore [dio] Jesus [Iesous] also [kai], that [hina] he might sanctify [hagiazo] the people [laos] with [dia] his own [idios] blood [haima], suffered [pascho] without [exo] the gate [pule]. KJV-Interlinear



11 For the bodies of those animals whose blood is brought into the holy place by the high priest as an offering for sin, are burned outside the camp. 12 Therefore Jesus also, that He might sanctify the people through His own blood, suffered outside the gate. NASB

The typical offering was conducted on the brazen alter which was located in the temple, or earlier in history, in the tabernacle courtyard in front of the tabernacle tent. The blood was then sprinkled as required, the body of the sacrificed animal was then burned, and the alter was prepared for the next sacrifice.

The ritual was repeated over and over, again and again everyday for centuries. Actually the sacrifices began in Adam s day and continued until the time of Christ. That covers a period of several thousand years. Not one of those sacrifices accomplished salvation.

Only on the Day of Atonement was this ritual changed. On that day the sacrifice was made as usual, the blood was sprinkled in the inner room, in the Holy of Holies, one time for the high priest and a second time for the people. This is the only time when anyone was allowed to enter into the Holy of Holies. The body of the animal was then taken from the alter, to a place outside of the temple, outside of the city and then burned.

This has great significance because this one sacrifice depicts the sacrifice of Christ, His one sacrifice, which also demonstrates the change from the Levitical sacrifices, to the single sacrifice of Christ. Leaving the temple and the city also demonstrates the end of sacrifices. Once Christ gives Himself over to judgment, then that is the end of sacrifices. The rituals of old would no longer be necessary once salvation was accomplished.

The sacrifice of Christ took the ritual one step further. He was not crucified on the alter inside of the temple, but on a cross outside of the city.

This should have taught the Israelites that their ritual days had come to an end, when Christ was crucified. Of course no one accepted the crucifixion of Christ and they continued the feast celebrations, they continued the daily temple sacrifices, they tried to keep the traditions of old, because they had become accustomed to them. God had to destroy the city in 70 A.D. in order to drive home the point.

The Mosaic Law was given to men so as to teach them that anyone who attempts to keep it, or live their lives by it, only condemn themselves.

Over time the Law of Moses was altered and improved upon so that man could have an even better sacrifice or spirituality. Rules and regulations were added that did not teach the mind but regulated the outer physical actions and appearance of people. This was called Pharisaical Judaism. It was a straying from the Law to some degree, but retaining the sacrificial rituals which give is credibility. At least in the minds of those who followed it. This was the religion in Jesus day.

Out of this deviation from the Law, after the crucifixion of Christ, came two views in Christian Judaism. The first was that Christ died only for the Jewish people. If a gentile wanted to be saved then he would have to become a Jew first. The second view was that one could be saved by believing in Christ but they still had to follow the rituals of the law, or rather that regulations of the Pharisees.

None of these views are correct, of course. Christians are not what they do, but what they think. And that thinking must be the correct thinking which is taught by the Word of God, and not the thinking from the world or from their own invention. Christians are not folks who don t smoke, don t drink, don t cuss, don t have fun, and so forth.

The toughest unshaven battle hardened soldier could easily be a great spiritual Christian. Understanding of truth is the key to the spiritual life, not how you conduct your life in the view of society.

What is truth? Truth is what God has put in place for you and me. That includes a lot of things. Some accurate and objective science is a part of truth math, biology, physics and so forth. Establishment principles are truth volition, marriage, family, nationalism, free enterprise (principles of economics), freedom through military victory, law and order (due process), and so forth. These things are truth.

Life and death are truth. Salvation, destiny in the Lake of Fire or heaven, are truths. Salvation by faith in Christ, communion through fellowship with God are truths. Advancement by means of the daily study of the Word of God, the divine decrees, the functions of the three members of the Godhead are truths.

Many of mans interpretations of life, of history, of science, of nearly everything, are not truths, but are lies. They all teach that we have all the time in he world, that we can define our own future, that we can overcome all of our own problems if just given enough time. The views of the world are in total opposition of truth.

Take any topic of truth and you will find innumerable oppositions against it. This is why the mews media, Hollywood, activists, the majority of the world is against truth. Because they embrace their own views to fanatical degrees, and that pushes them by default, against anything that is truth, or has anything to do with truth faith in Christ, a successful business, marriage. Even Gods appointment of leaders, or that concept, is opposed by those who lust for leadership (politicians), influence (news people), popularity (celebrities).

Inside the city gates verses outside the city gates. All of these views are covered by this principle of doctrine.

Mans approach to God, verses Gods defined approach to God. Mans approaches are many and varied. Gods approach is singular and has remained so forever. It will never change.

Mans approach produces nothing. Gods approach guarantees success.

Man cannot support his own defined approaches to life. God has the power and the ability to accomplish and fulfill His will.

Christ departed from the rituals of the Levities because they had no part in the accomplishment of salvation.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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