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James 4:1



1 From whence [pothen] come wars [polemos] and [kai] fightings [mache] among [en] you [humin]? come they not [ou] hence [enteuthen], even of [ek] your [humon] lusts [hedone] that war [strateuomai] in [en] your [humon] members [melos]? KJV-Interlinear



1 What is the source of quarrels and conflicts among you? Is not the source your pleasures that wage war in your members? NASB



I heard once a long time ago, a story in which an elder told a younger that he has to face the war within himself. There are two dogs at war within ones self.And the younger asked which one would win.The elder stated, 'The one to whom you say sick-em.'


And here James teaches us about the two dogs within us.What is the source of your contention?What is the source of your sin?What is the source of your sin nature?


It is described here as the pleasures that wage this war, from within the members of your body.


The sin nature resides in your physical body. It is at war with your soul.


When you allow it free reign, then it runs you. But, if you say no, if you stand up to the pleasures of your body, then you have a chance.


However, we have already studied that you, from the power of your own resources, cannot control the pleasures of your body.


But first what does the word, pleasures, mean?


As we saw recently, that is a reference to the various animalistic tendencies that come out of ones inner most needs or desires. These can be driven by hunger or cold, but in humanity, these tendencies are tied to arrogance.


Thus, the senses of appetite, desire, and lust are broad terms that can apply to gratification is every sense of the word, to indulgence whether mental indulgences or overt indulgences. It can be applied to seizing something by force or violence or deceit, to ambition, or to desires for fame or approbation. It can be applied to a small conflict in the street between thugs, or to the empire desires of a king or nation. It can be applied to the conflict or inordinate ambitions or competitions in social circles or in politics.


In short, pleasures, is a word that encompasses all of the sinful characteristics that exist within ones self. The desire for things, the love of advancement or conquest, the desire for power and rule, the urge for revenge, and so forth, are all brought about because of the war that exists within the members of ones body, and the inability of the soul to control it.


By the way, this is the reason that you cannot negotiate with criminals or tyrants.In order to negotiate one must first have two parties that are wiling to cooperate, and sin and good are never compatible negotiating parties. Since sin is uncontrollable, then trying to compromise with it is a losing proposition.


Good can never submit to the standards of evil and evil cannot rise to the standards of good.


In order to control sin, one must first have access to a power that is greater than sin.And that power comes only from God, and to us through doctrine. Anyone lacking these resources, cannot and never will, be able to control their sin nature tendencies. They will only delay or maneuver to a more advantageous situation.


As for you, your life will never get better so long as you keep on flirting with your sin nature. The sin nature has two areas of power - an area of weakness which is sin, and an area of strength which is human good. Both come out of the sin nature within you.


The sin nature will entice you with all manner of worldly arguments.And far too often people will bend to its call.It is simply easier to yield to ones pleasure vices (lust, anger, blame, wants, etc.), whatever they might be, rather than fighting them off with the self-discipline of doctrine.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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