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Mark 1:12-13

Lesson # Mark 1:12-13
Study Material - Mark 1:12-13

You must be in fellowship prior to your Bible study, so that the spiritual information you receive can become a source, of blessing to your soul and produce spiritual growth.

Mark 1:12-13

12 And immediately the Spirit impelled Him to go out into the wilderness. 13 And He was in the wilderness forty days being tempted by Satan; and He was with the wild beasts, and the angels were ministering to Him.

We saw in Matthew the three temptations which Satan placed before Christ. Here in Mark is a brief account of the desert activity in summary. Note that He departed to the desert immediately after His baptism. There was not giant party, no ceremony, no celebration, except perhaps in the angelic realm in heaven. One can presume that they cheered when the Holy Spirit descended on Christ because this marks the beginning of His earthly ministry. Just as there was great celebration at the birth of Christ it seems reasonable to assume that there would be celebration at this point and again at the point of His resurrection, even though nothing is mentioned about such celebrations. Just as there would be celebrations when Jesus leads the believers out of Paradise, which is in Hades, one of the four compartments in the underworld, and lead them in a giant procession, a victory procession, of millions of Old Testament believers to the new Paradise in Heaven after the events of the Cross. Just as there would be a giant celebration after the Judgment Seat of Christ where we celebrate the wedding feast of the Church and Christ during the last half of the seven year tribulation period. So too celebrations are not something new, and when they party in heaven, they have really huge parties.

So now Christ is led into the desert. While they may be celebrating in Heaven, here on earth there is no celebration. People are so ignorant, so negative toward God that this important event went nearly unnoticed. Jesus saw it of course, John saw it and perhaps others, but the vast majority did not. Jesus did not go immediately to Jerusalem to claim His throne. He did not sign up on a contract with the networks to have giant revivals. He went out into the desert where there only wild beasts and no food, not even fast food places with drive up windows, no supermarkets with their deli's and ready prepared meals. Jesus had only doctrine in His soul.

The Holy Spirit led Him. Satan tests Jesus in trying to get Him to jump off of a high pinnacle to in turn test God. Test God by doing something suggested by the source of sin. But we have seen that this is a sin in itself, to be or act irresponsible in making rational, or rather irrational decisions. But in contrast Jesus did not go out into the desert on His own authority, but was led into the desert by God. When we follow doctrine we are within Gods will. When we follow sin we are out of Gods will. God protects us from all dangers and provides for us in accordance to our needs and ability to handle pressure.

Jesus was not a wimp as portrayed in many pictures. No wimp could survive in the hot desert for 40 days without food. Could any of us go for a few days...... without cheating, that is, on a diet? But in the desert Jesus was provided for even in the face of the temptations of Satan who tried to imply that God would not take care of Him. Certainly He could create His own food, jump off of a high point, or even accept Satan's 'kind' offer of world rulership for simply bowing down to Satan. But all of these Jesus already had. God provides for us all so long as we are consistent with His plan. That is, we are in fellowship where we are under the control of the Holy Spirit just as Jesus was, that we are knowledgeable in Bible doctrine by our consistent study of His Word, as Jesus was, that we apply doctrine to our daily life, just as Jesus did. In this then, no harm can come to you and God will guide you through your life in the manner of His choosing and not your choosing.

You won't hear voices, you won't have dreams or visions, but you wil have doctrine in your soul, in your thoughts, and you will make decisions from a position of strength and not weakness as sin is a source of weakness. Christ survived without worries, and with complete confidence, and He relied on the power of the Spirit only. He voluntarily set aside His own powers of deity in His role as humanity to demonstrate to us, that we too have this same power and resource when we remain in fellowship and when we advance in doctrine to our spiritually mature status.

Angels then ministered to Him. Angels minister to us as well, though we would never know it. We cannot see then, feel them, sense them, hear them. That is beyond our senses and ability to interact with the angelic realm, but they are there. Paul has stated that there are 10,000 guardian angels at the ready to protect each of us if needed. Probably you will hear of stories in eternity of all your near misses that would make you turn white if you only knew of them now.

Jesus Christ's mission in the desert was not only to demonstrate His total preparation for His work to come, but also to demonstrate that we too can be safe from the attacks of this world. We learn doctrine first, grow up daily and mature. We stay under the control of the Holy Spirit, in fellowship, in accordance with the way that God tells us to, and we are inside His power sphere, under His protection and guidance. So Jesus was all of His life. He was never out of fellowship. We of course get in and out of fellowship as we sin off and on throughout our life. So we just have to keep short accounts of our life and keep ourselves inside Gods plan as best we can. The repetition of our Bible study, the repetition of our confession prayer, all serve as reminders to us and help us in keeping control of out life. Jesus applied doctrine constantly to His life. He was not dramatic not emotional about it. He teaches us how to handle temptation, by applying doctrine to the temptation, and therefore avoid getting caught up in a sinful pattern, a poor me attitude that will only get you into deeper trouble.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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