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Mark 1:23

Lesson # Mark 1:23
Study Material - Mark 1:23

You must be in fellowship prior to your Bible study, so that the spiritual information you receive can become a source, of blessing to your soul and produce spiritual growth.

Mark 1:23

23 And just then there was in their synagogue a man with an unclean spirit; and he cried out,

Here Jesus is in the place of worship, the synagogue. Now we have already learned that there is no specific place on the earth which is set aside as Holy per se, except for the soul of the believer, and even more specifically the soul of the believer in fellowship. That is the holy ground on which we should all stand (within our soul).

But here too, is an unclean, 'akathartos', foul, stench, ceremonially impure, morally lewd, demonic. In Luke 4:33 there is another term, demon, 'daimonion', demonic, devil. This is a creature of the angelic creation which occurred long before mankind was created. It had lost its purity by its rejection of God, and continued rejection of God. The demon recognized God, but tried to confuse those peoples who were within hearing distance by calling Him Jesus of Nazareth.

The common saying was that nothing good would ever come out of Nazareth. And too, everyone knew that Messiah would come from Bethlehem. So the demon played little word games with Jesus.

The man in the synagogue was possessed by the demon as a fever might possess us when we are sick with a strong fever. A strong fever incapacitates us. We feel lousy, weak, self control over out functions is lacking. The fever seems to be in complete control. So this is simply a comparison to help us comprehend, somewhat, just what demon possession might be like.

Note that believers cannot ever be demon possessed. So you can go to sleep tonight rest assured that no demon will come floating over you like some alien movie scene, and snatch up your body. Believers can however be demon influenced. That is, we can, if we reject Bible doctrine, be influenced by demon concepts. And that is merely learning the false concepts of this world which includes demon opinion.

If, however, you study your Bible daily and from the strong position of being in fellowship, then you can recognize demon concepts just as you recognize any other false concept, and stay clear of it. Demon possession occurs in unbelievers only, and only when the person fully submits to the possession. A person like this would have to be really down, full of self pity, poor me, totally inwardly self centered, filled with guilt, or anxiety in such a dramatic way, that they would gladly accept demon possession. A good example of this, in representation of the effect, is a person who has turns to drugs, or perhaps alcohol, or something that helps them escape the realities of life. And so it is with a person who gets into a position of becoming demon possessed. They got themselves there from their own volition. They made their own decisions in life, wrong ones to boot, and fell to an all time low.

Now demon possession does not necessarily come with an ugly exterior on the person possessed. They may be very pleasant, and more or less normal looking. Again, don't get stuck on the Hollywood portrayal of demonism and scary movies. Demons cannot harm you, but they will try to misguide you.

This demon was not in the synagogue for the social activities, or even the Bible study. Demons are very real, and to a certain extent they can be very dangerous with respect to their influence on people. Fanatics, in their 'holy' causes, can be driven or easily led to violent acts which can cause harm or destruction. So just because demons cannot directly harm any of us, their influence is extremely dangerous.

Demons belong to the class of angels that followed Satan in his rebellion against God. They have been sentenced to the lake of fire, and they know that they are doomed to destruction. In this they fear God, and of course they fear Christ because it will be He, Christ, who will execute this judgment at some appointed time in the future. There is a conflict within these demons as well. They recognize God, but reject Him. They know their destiny of destruction and fear it. So for a long time they have lived with the knowledge that they rejected God, and they continue to reject God, as well as knowing their fate and total lack of power when it comes to any confrontation with God.

So it is here. The demon was here to oppose Christ. To confuse those people who were present, to misdirect them, and keep them from believing in Christ. The motives of the demon are utterly no good. As the description of the word suggests, morally lewd, foul, unclean. Just as fruit is once clean and pure, then falls from the vine and rots never to recover, so these demons, fallen angels fell from grace long ago, and refused their opportunity to recover, and thus were judged.

Just as the man was possessed, so the world is possessed as a result of the fall of Satan. Actually all of creation is possessed, and the universe groans at the pains of its agony which Satan caused.

Freedom from these pains comes from the power of Christ through Bible doctrine.

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End Of Lesson

Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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