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Mark 1:24-26

Lesson # Mark 1:24-26
Study Material - Mark 1:24-26

You must be in fellowship prior to your Bible study, so that the spiritual information you receive can become a source, of blessing to your soul and produce spiritual growth.

Mark 1:24-26

24 saying, 'What do we have to do with You, Jesus of Nazareth? Have You come to destroy us? I know who You are-- the Holy One of God!' 25 And Jesus rebuked him, saying, 'Be quiet, and come out of him!' 26 And throwing him into convulsions, the unclean spirit cried out with a loud voice, and came out of him.

'We', is the plural meaning many demons. There is more than one demon in this universe. When Lucifer rebelled against God, one-third of the angels followed him and remained with him. All were judged after a period of time in which they were allowed to come back to God. How do we know this? God is fair. God gives each one of us a chance, therefore He would have given each one of the angels a chance to reinstate themselves to whatever former status they had. Of course we do not have all of the details, but by viewing Gods dealings with mankind, we can reasonably assume that the angels had some kind of similar chance. Except for the Cross, which is unique to man of course.

The demon called Christ, Jesus of Nazareth. The demon referred to its own inevitable destruction in a teasing fashion. Sort of prodding Jesus to destroy him right then and there. The demon then identifies Jesus as the 'Holy One of God', a unique reference to a single person and can only be applied to a single person, who is Jesus Christ.

So the stage is set. We are in a synagogue. The possessed person is in the synagogue. Others are there and Christ is there to speak, teach, and heal. The demon has no good purpose in being there, other than to harass Christ and throw confusion into the minds of those other people present.

So the game begins, 'Jesus of Nazareth'. Everyone is under the impression that the savior will come from Bethlehem, that no good thing can come out of Nazareth. This is the first challenge to Jesus authority, his origin.

Jesus is 'Iesous' in the Greek, and 'Yehoshua' or Joshua in the Hebrew and means 'Yahweh is deliverance'. His complete name is Jesus Christ. Christ is 'Christos' in the Greek and 'Mashiach' or Messiah in the Hebrew. But the demon only refers to Him as Jesus of Nazareth, implying that he is from a place that no good thing comes out of, therefore is just another person rambling around the countryside.

Jesus does not get caught by the subtle trap of the insult. But others listening hear the comment might wonder about Jesus' credentials. People can be extremely superficial. Here they have come to hear and see Jesus. Hear Him speak. See His works of miracles, healings and such. Things they have heard about for many months now. And here we have but one single comment from a demon possessed man no less, commenting on Jesus' origin, and Jesus entire background is questioned. Superficial people will throw out all of the facts and seize on the comment and false implications of a single comment, even from a questionable source. Even from a known demonic source.

So again a study of demons. What do people see demons as? The Old Testament has, surprisingly very little to say about demons, or evil spirits. Most of the references are found in Lev., Num., Deu., Isa., and Psa.. And in the New Testament references are generally found in Matt., Mk., Lk., Acts, and Rev.
Demon possession is warned against. Demon interaction is warned against. Demonism is characterized by diseases, or exaggerations of mental or physical capacities. A lot of false prophets use demonism to fake a healing process, wherein a person seemingly has a disease which is really demon possession, but the ignorant public does not know this. The false prophet calls out the disease and the demon leaves the possessed person and appears to be healed. So this false healing sort of confirms the credentials of the false prophet and he gets followers through the deception. People with Bible doctrine should know that there is no such thing as this type of healing process in our current day, and thus not be fooled by deceivers.

And yes, there were healings by the Apostles due to the 'temporary' healing gifts in that first century. God used this gift among other gifts to confirm the credentials of the Apostles. But once their credentials were established, then these gifts were removed and no longer needed.

Anyway, these people in the synagogue were well acquainted with demon possession, its taboos, the warnings that the Bible gives to stay clear of demons, the false and fake manifestations of demonism, and so forth. Yet right here in the synagogue is a demon possessed man, participating in the conversation just as anyone else would. Actually he was interrupting the speaking of Jesus in an effort to distract and discredit Christ, as well as to prod Him. No one tried to send the possessed man away, or even help him in some fashion. Everyone sort of stood by to see what would happen.

'Come to destroy us?' Sort of a tease, a poke at His power, or better still His refusal to use His power at the current time. Jesus was not there to execute judgment on the fallen angels. That was reserved for a future time. There were still the events of the Cross and the Millennium to be completed, and to everyone's surprise, an age of the Royal Family being inserted into the picture. The demon knew these facts, at least the former two, but still couldn't keep from poking fun at Jesus and trying to get Him to do some sinful thing, or something contrary to prophecy. If Jesus had fallen into the trap, then Jesus as God would be discredited as God and Satan would win the angelic conflict.

'The Holy One of God', is the correct title finally used by the demon. Jesus executed His authority and ordered the demons silence, and withdrawal from the man, which the demon, or demons, did immediately.

Demons have no greater power than their influence allows them to have. If they can fool people, then they have accomplished all that they can accomplish through deceit. Though demons are fallen angels and in conspiracy with Satan, and are certainly superior beings in many ways, that is, superior to humans, they do not have much power in this world apart from their manipulation of peoples thoughts.

Bible doctrine neutralizes anything that even smacks of demonism. They are doomed creatures and they know it, but just refuse to accept it for the moment. Their goal in life is to discredit God, and they certainly do not care for anyone who gets hurt along the way.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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