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Mark 3:20-21

Lesson # Mark 3:20-21
Study Material - Mark 3:20-21

You must be in fellowship prior to your Bible study, so that the spiritual information you receive can become a source, of blessing to your soul and produce spiritual growth.

Mark 3:20-21

20 And [kai] the multitude [ochlos] cometh together [sunerchomai] again [palin] , so that [hoste] they [autos] could [dunamai] not [me] so much as [mete] eat [phago] bread [artos] .
21 And [kai] when his [autos] friends [para] heard [akouo] of it, they went out [exerchomai] to lay hold [krateo] on him [autos] : for [gar] they said [lego] , [hoti] He is beside himself [existemi] . KJV-Interlinear

Mark 3:20-21

20 And He came home, and the multitude gathered again, to such an extent that they could not even eat a meal. 21 And when His own people heard of this, they went out to take custody of Him; for they were saying, 'He has lost His senses.' NAS

Well. No sooner than we all getup and read of the various problems in the world today, I see an article in the morning paper about a burial box discovered in Jerusalem, of James, with the following inscription on it, 'James, son of Joseph, brother of Jesus.' And to make this really cool, it seems to be authentic. So why these nearly 2000 year later, is this box discovered? The story is also located on the Biblical Archeological Society web site,

I rather suspect that in the next few years or even in the next couple of decades, the world will see even more discoveries such as this one, pertaining to Christ. Discoveries that are in a sense outside of the references of the Bible, or independent of the Bible. I think, and this is my own personal opinion of course, but I think that we are in the last few generations of our Church Age, and as such, more and more knowledge will come to light regarding Christ and the Bible. We are certainly in an era of greater knowledge technologically speaking, but the prophecies which refer to the greater or increasing knowledge in the latter days, I believe serve a dual purpose. One for the world in general (technology and such), but secondly and more importantly, an increase in Biblical related knowledge, ie. archeology or historical verification of Christ. This is what I believe that the prophecy is really referring to. The prophecies of the Old Testament all refer to that dispensation only, the Age of Israel and for the Tribulational period certainly, but by default it would apply to our era of time in history also simply because of the close relationship we hold, between the Tribulation and our own dispensation. As we get nearer to the Rapture (which could occur tonight or a hundred years from now), ie. knowledge will not automatically increase only immediately after the rapture, but the pattern of increase will exist both before and after the rapture. Anyway, I think that there will be even more discoveries in the near future. No extra charge for that little tidbit.

No Jesus is in a home. Whose home is not specified, but the throng of people were following Him. The word for the crowd is 'ochlos' or multitude, but it is more than a multitude, it is a throng, a rabble, a large assembly that just keeps growing and coming to Jesus, without any form of traffic control.

Such that Jesus and His disciples (including the Apostles) had no time for even their very basic personal needs. The passage mentions that they had no time for eating meals, but it includes all personal requirements.

If you have ever worked in a store, short of help, the sale of the century is on, and the biggest crowd ever just keeps coming, then you probably will have an idea of what this was like. You can't even close the doors. You can't adequately wait on folks. You have no time for even the shortest of lunch breaks or potty breaks. It is a totally insane situation.

This is what is meant by, 'He has lost His senses.' The Apostles were over their heads with respect to the crowd and the demands of the crowd. Jesus is seeing everyone, helping everyone, and the people just kept coming. When was closing time??? Jesus could handle it, but the Apostles could not, and they were attempting to control the situation, or at least stop it because of its overwhelming nature.

This is our point of doctrine today. Man cannot handle the problems of man. They are too many and too great. Governments, politicians, charities and people meaning well get caught up in all the grief of people when disaster strikes. There are simply too few resources, too little backing, just not enough to get the job done. And those in need always overwhelm and outnumber those who are trying to help.

We all face mountains in our life. Whether we face the mountain by our self (some personal problem), or whether we face it collectively with others in some event in life (helping others), the problems of life are almost never solvable.

These simple facts in our life should open our eyes and make us see that we need something greater than ourselves in our lives. And of course that greater 'thing' or 'resource' is Bible doctrine.

We have looked at each of the Apostles, and will look at Paul later, but we saw that these eleven men came from varying backgrounds. None were poor, some were very well to do with families, homes, businesses, servants and so forth. Some traveled greatly, but as we now discover in the above mentioned burial box recently discovered of James (not the Apostle) the brother of Jesus, was buried and then, as was the custom of the time, his bones were removed from his burial cave and placed in a burial box. The poor of the land could not afford this.

These Apostles could not keep up with the tireless energy of Jesus, and on several occasions they simply gave up. Jesus never gave up, and indeed kept on helping everyone who came to Him, without question, without bias, without hesitation.

We need to understand that God intends the better life for each one of us. We will see later on that Paul had a problem and God told him that Gods grace was sufficient for him. That is true of us all. Grace has given us all a unique talent and ability in life. Most people pout over their lack of 'more.' And we should all look at what it is that God has given us - talent, ability, education, a career, whatever it is that you have, and pursue what you have rather than chasing after rainbows. Gods grace includes a support structure which is designed to provide you with the needed resources of your situation. If you abandon your ability and pursue something that you really do not have, then you sabotage your own life by chasing unreasonable dreams.

This crowd was doing just that. They were chasing something they could use for the short term, a cure of a fever or whatever, but they should have pursued a cure for their long term need - a spiritual life. Jesus taught and gave them what they needed. He also gave them assistance in the unimportant things of life too, out of courtesy. The miracles are good, but the doctrine is far better.

We all have our eyes opened. It is for us to realize what our life is about and to get with a program of daily study. With that commitment comes a great spiritual life, and the support of the necessities of life will naturally follow. So by pursuing doctrine we win both ways. By pursuing schemes or just crying about life - you will always lose.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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