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Mark 3:31-35

Lesson # Mark 3:31-35
Study Material - Mark 3:31-35

You must be in fellowship prior to your Bible study, so that the spiritual information you receive can become a source, of blessing to your soul and produce spiritual growth.

Mark 3:31-35

31 There came [erchomai] then [oun] his [autos] brethren [adelphos] and [kai] his mother [meter] , and [kai] , standing [histemi] without [exo] , sent [apostello] unto [pros] him [autos] , calling [phoneo] him [autos] .
32 And [kai] the multitude [ochlos] sat [kathemai] about [peri] him [autos] , and [de] they said [epo] unto him [autos] , Behold [idou] , thy [sou] mother [meter] and [kai] thy [sou] brethren [adelphos] without [exo] seek for [zeteo] thee [se] .
33 And [kai] he answered [apokrinomai] them [autos] , saying [lego] , Who [tis] is [esti] my [mou] mother [meter] , or [e] my [mou] brethren [adelphos] ?
34 And [kai] he looked [periblepo] round about [kuklo] on them which [ho] sat [kathemai] about [peri] him [autos] , and said [lego] , Behold [ide] my [mou] mother [meter] and [kai] my [mou] brethren [adelphos] !
35 For [gar] whosoever [hos] [an] shall do [poieo] the will [thelema] of God [theos] , the same [houtos] is [esti] my [mou] brother [adelphos] , and [kai] my [mou] sister [adelphe] , and [kai] mother [meter] . KJV-Interlinear

Mark 3:31-35

31 And His mother and His brothers arrived, and standing outside they sent word to Him, and called Him. 32 And a multitude was sitting around Him, and they said to Him, 'Behold, Your mother and Your brothers are outside looking for You.' 33 And answering them, He said, 'Who are My mother and My brothers?' 34 And looking about on those who were sitting around Him, He said, 'Behold, My mother and My brothers! 35 'For whoever does the will of God, he is My brother and sister and mother.' NAS

Several things come out in this passage. First, Jesus had a family, an earthly family - namely his mother, Mary, and brothers, and sisters. Mary was not a virgin all her life. There would be no point in her maintaining that status. What would it have gained her?

There is no purity in the state of virginity, not spiritual value, no advantage to her, no discredit to Jesus. Those who maintain that she was a virgin all her life want to impose some supernatural value on that status. It doesn't exist.

Second, the relationship that his earthly family had in that relationship did not gain them any special considerations. They, the mother, brothers, and sisters, were human as you and I are. They gain entrance into heaven in the same manner as you and I. They gain a relationship with God just as you and I do. They have to believe, and study, and grow up spiritually just as we all do. The Bible does not say, 'Believe in Christ unless you are related to Him, then you are automatically saved.' Doesn't say that. In fact Jesus' brothers and sisters were unbelievers until some later time in His ministry. They could easily have gone into the lake of fire if they had not believed. They eventually did believe in Him as the Son of God and so forth. Certainly none of us wants to think of going to heaven and not seeing our family members there because they did not believe.

This whole discussion regarding Satan and just who is serving him, and now the family arrives is not an accident of history. We can just see the scribes making a big deal about their being outside and that Jesus should go out to attend to His family as though they were in some special category of humanity.

But Jesus puts this idea in its place quickly. All who are interested in Him, all who believe in Him, all who sit around Him (in study as we do today) are His brethren. This applies to us all who have believed and remain positive toward His Word.

There is no reason for making any of the names of history into some special category like Saint this or Saint that. Any and every person in history goes through the same daily decisions that you and I have to face and make. There is no special class of people except for the distinction between believers and unbelievers. And within believers the only distinction is between the relative spiritual growth each may attain in their lives. That latter distinction will be recognized at the Judgment Seat of Christ immediately following the Rapture, wherein those who have advanced further in their spiritual lives will receive greater blessings, privileges, and such, than those who did not bother to advance themselves in their spiritual lives.

The scribes would have us think that they are of a special category of humanity because they are 'scribes', thus the implication of the higher positions of His immediate family. Not so.

There is no earthly state that gives anyone an edge into eternity. No cultural background, no credentials, no IQ status, no titles, no genealogy, no financial position, no race, no color, no talent, nothing of this world is part of the Plan of God with respect to our entrance into the Spiritual life, nor even our advancement into spiritual maturity. To place anyone onto a pedestal of celebrityship is the wrong application of doctrine. Jesus Christ is the only exception.

Just because we did not live in the time of Jesus, just because our names are not in the Bible, does not make us second class spiritual citizens. We have the same opportunities as anyone in the Bible has had. We face the same daily decisions with regard to our Bible study as everyone in the Bible did. In heaven there are many mansions and if you make the right decisions in life, then one of those will have your name on it.

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End Of Lesson

Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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