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Phil. 3:2a

Lesson # Phil. 3:2a
Study Material - Phil. 3:2a

You must be in fellowship prior to your Bible study, so that the spiritual information you receive can become a source, of blessing to your soul and produce spiritual growth.

Phil. 3:2a

2 Beware [blepo] of dogs [kuon], beware [blepo] of evil [kakos] workers [ergates], beware [blepo] of the concision [katatome]. KJV-Interlinear

2 Beware of the dogs, beware of the evil workers, beware of the false circumcision; NASB

Beware, 'blepo', be aware, see, perceive, take heed, be alert, look, behold. Here while we are looking out for our own soul by committing ourselves to a consistent daily Bible study, we really need to be aware of the possible negatives around us. Those things, or events, or peoples who would take us away from our Bible study. And Paul describes them without pulling any punches.

Dogs are self centered people, false prophets. Those who look out for their own interest making you think they care about you, but in reality will sell you down the river in a heart beat. Isaiah describes dogs, as dumb dogs, selfish, self centered, never satisfied. They are the prophets, the priests, the teachers of false doctrine. Promoting themselves as experts and authorities, but in reality are promoters of false philosophies. They appeal to the sin nature and the senses of the world with respect to observed truth, verses Biblical truth. If you cannot see it, then it probably does not exist. This also applies to the concepts like evolution, which we cannot see either, so the philosophy contradicts itself, rejecting Gods version of the creation of Adam (the creation of every living thing after its own kind), and embracing the concept of mush evolving into mankind and so forth.

Beware the evil workers, those busy bodies who reject God and elevate themselves to their own perceived level of importance. Look at the world! They can improve on this world by their plots, or plans, if only all will subscribe to their ideas, their standards. What is evil and who is evil. Well, we are all potential evil doers. Actually we all have been in that category more than we even realized. There is only two kinds of production in this world - divine production or works as it is sometimes called, and the second is evil production, or human good, or wickedness, or carnality which are other phrases for evil.

Evil is the policy of Satan. Grace is the policy of God. There are two sources of works. Works are basically anything in life that you think or do. Works are not limited to just doing things, but include thinking things as well. Evil doers plot, plan, and then act. The first source of works is the sin nature, which is the phrase I use in this study, but it is often called the 'old man in you', the 'carnal man', and so forth. The sin nature is in us all. Its origin was Adams original sin. When Adam sinned, he died spiritually. He did not die physically. He lived another 900 years plus. But he died spiritually and the rot of mankind began in him. From Adam, descended the sin nature in a genetic fashion. When our moms and dads got together to discuss family planning in the back seat of their Chevy ... They didn't do that ... did they? Anyway, their activity produced you and me respectively. That is, your mom and dad produced you, and my mom and dad produced me, and so forth. Your folks did not produce me ... Anyway, they handed off to us a genetic defect called the sin nature. It permeates every cell in our bodies. It effects out bodies, our thought patterns, etc., and it has but one policy - evil. It has but one production from evil - wickedness. Why? Because anything that is not of God, is evil. And it is really as simple as that.

No room for do gooders, Cain tried that. Remember? He tried to give his own sacrifice, but God rejected it, because Cain rejected Gods prescribed sacrifice. We cannot do things our own way in this world. Mans works were rejected on the Cross. If man could get into heaven on his own, then there would have been no need for the Cross.

So anything you do, while apart from Bible doctrine, and more specifically out of fellowship - is from evil and is wicked. Two people can help a little old lady across the street. Both do the same thing, the same good deed. One is in fellowship, has some spiritual growth under his belt, while the other is either an unbeliever, or just a negative believer who is out of fellowship. The first has done a good deed termed divine good, divine production. The second though having done the same exact deed, is producing wickedness. Good deeds do not alone get you into heaven. Bible doctrine provides a foundation upon which good deeds can promote ones spiritual life. Note, good deeds do not produce spirituality, but the reverse. Spirituality produces good deeds and more specifically divine good (gold, silver, and precious stones). Absent Bible doctrine in the soul, one doesn't have any foundation to produce divine good, so the production is wood, hay, stubble, or wickedness, worthless works. Certainly criminals produce wickedness, but nice people produce worthless works as well

Paul warns us regarding the dogs, those who promote their own selfish moralities, their own false philosophies in life. Paul warns us regarding evil workers. Those who think and do wickedness, which can include just about every person and organization on earth. The advertising you see, the liberal education you receive, the social pressures you are exposed to, the politics of life whether at work or elsewhere. This is a broad area comprising many different types of threats against you. Threats that try to get you distracted away from your Bible study, and consequently get you wrapped up in the same programs that those distracters are wrapped up in, and their dead ends.

With Bible doctrine in your soul, you have the ability to recognize and discern between the true and the false. Without Bible doctrine the issues become more clouded and indistinguishable. If things sound right, then they must be right. Just live a good life and you'll go to heaven. Sounds good. But is wrong. Believe in Jesus Christ is the only way of salvation and the only ticket into heaven. Evil workers would argue that God is not fair in allowing you your individuality, your right to choose and do what you think best. Bible doctrine states that you have not the ability to see truth apart from Bible doctrine, and you cannot get Bible doctrine into your soul and therefore possess the knowledge unless you have a human spirit, unless you reside in fellowship. Otherwise you walk in darkness and can never determine your path.
God provides the light and the only means of surviving in this world and into the next life in eternity. Consistent study keeps you alert to the false pretensions of the world, and safeguards your life.

Circumcision is not just a 'guy' thing, but is a contrast to concision, which we will get to tomorrow.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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