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Colossians 1:14



14 In [en] whom [hos] we have [echo] redemption [apolutrosis] through [dia] his [autos] blood [haima], even the forgiveness [aphesis] of sins [hamartia]: KJV-Interlinear



14 in whom we have redemption, the forgiveness of sins. NASB



Redemption means deliverance, release, rescue, salvation.


Forgiveness means pardon, clemency, amnesty, absolution, expungement, to wipe out, erase as though it never existed.


The blood is not literal blood, but is symbolic of the work which Jesus Christ performed on the Cross in our place.


It was during those three hours on the Cross, from noon until three o clock, on that historic Passover day, on a Wednesday afternoon, that darkness, a unique darkness, a supernatural darkness fell across the land, and in which Jesus screamed and screamed in the dark, as no one could see Him, but only hear, the work of judgment.


And then it was over. Daylight returned, and Jesus asked for a drink to quench His thirst.Work, especially extreme work, generates a thirst in anyone and Jesus (His humanity) was no exception.Then Jesus exhaled for the last time and died physically.His work was of that of the Father, punishing Him for our sins, paying the price for our wrongs, redeeming us out of the slave market, and setting us free such that we would have the opportunity to be forgiven and thus saved. Other events also occurred, as well as three full days in the grave, and so forth.


Note, that forgiveness did not occur on the Cross, only the punishment of sin, which set the stage for our forgiveness. Forgiveness is the actual pardoning from sin, but that comes only when we accept the work of Christ, by believing in Him. Believe in Christ and you will be saved.


Even in our faith in Christ there is no work or effort on our part. Our belief and subsequent and simultaneous salvation come only because Christ went to the Cross in our place and paid the ultimate price for our freedom.


Those who refuse to believe in Christ, commit the unpardonable (unforgivable) sin, which prevents their forgiveness and sends them to the Lake of Fire forever. Mans work in not enough to save or pardon.


Conversely, for the believer, during his life after salvation, sins will be committed and thus the confession process recognizes Christ s work on the Cross and forgiveness is issued each time we confess to God the Father. That restores us into fellowship and thus back under the control of the Holy Spirit in our spiritual life.


Without the Cross, there would be no rescue, no salvation. Without the Cross there would be no forgiveness, no pardon.


Our entire future depends on the work of Christ, and without Him, we would have no life, and certainly no future.


And, I might add, without our obedience to Gods rules, we would have no blessing, or at least very little.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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Daily Bible Study
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