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Colossians 1:19



19 For it pleased [eudokeo] the Father that [hoti] in [en] him [autos] should [katoikeo] all [pas] fulness [pleroma] dwell [katoikeo]; KJV-Interlinear



19 For it was the Father's good pleasure for all the fulness to dwell in Him, NASB



Gods good pleasure, means just that. It was Gods intent to create humanity and angels, and to have them share the universe and heaven with Him forever.


If God is perfect, then by making man and angels He must have had a purpose in mind. God does not do things arbitrarily, since that is inconsistent with His character.


God has attributes.God has an essence, which we studied several days ago.That means that God has the highest of standards to live by, which are all based on truth.To compromise those standards, would mean that God would not be God.That is the approach of all religions out there. Man tries to make God in mans image and conform to mans ideas.


Unbelievers and negative believers alike, have no standards, except those which generate their own personal selfish desires, which are considerably lower than Gods standards.


Gossips want to gossip and destroy or bring harm to others, and in so doing they want to satisfy their own ego and promote themselves, but at someone else's expense.Criminals see nothing wrong in what they do, until they get caught, then they are soooo sorry (because they were caught). Tyrants are bullies and see everyone as expendable peasants to serve their whims. Tyrants can only be controlled by means of a greater violence than they themselves can bring. Remember Sadaams execution video online?With the rope around his neck he was still defiant.


So, mans standards are no standards whatsoever. Though man sees himself as being rational and reasonable, all human efforts end up in disaster, because all human intents are formed out of evil.How do we know this?Simply look at history! Why do you think that God goes to so much trouble to allow history to unfold? Because all of these arguments have been made throughout history.


What about this? What about that? And so history reveals mans failures and Gods perfection.Case closed. And as for those who simply refuse to see it, well look at Sadaam. Or, look in the mirror. Who among you can sustain the universe?


One by one mans arguments and logic collapse into a miserable pile of you-know-what.


So, God looks around to find someone who can pull it all together, and behold there is the next person of the Trinity.God did not have to look very far, to find someone perfect (who happens to also be God), and who could pull off the most sophisticated plan in all of history.


Man certainly cannot do anything to control history, or control anything for that matter. Can you keep the planets in their orbits, make the winds blow or cease, make your hair to grow or stop, make your right foot into your left or whatever? No.


There isn t much of anything that you can do, once you really begin to understand that it is God who has looked down the tunnel of time and has seen every thought and decision you and everyone will ever have.


It is God who gives life.If is God who coordinates every human birth, which will cause some kind of interaction with other humans. Of the seven billion people who are on the planet now, God placed us all here now, not a hundred years ago, not a thousand years ago, but now.And all of the intricate relationships that we all have amongst ourselves, no matter how insignificant, God placed us all here, now, to live our lives together with all of those relationships.


Do you sell? He put customers in the world who would make the decision to buy from you. Do you serve? He put people in the world to whom you could serve. Do you give or take?He put people in the world to whom or with whom you could interact. Are you a self made person? Think again.


So, God is pleased with Christ, of whom all the fullness of life, of creation, of history, of His plan, have come together. And despite man and angels attempts to screw things up with their better ideas.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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