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Colossians 2:18



18 Let [katabrabeuo] no man [medeis] beguile [katabrabeuo] you [humas] of your reward [katabrabeuo] in [en] a voluntary [thelo] humility [tapeinophrosune] and [kai] worshipping [threskeia] of angels, [aggelos] intruding into [embateuo] those things which [hos] he hath [horao] not [me] seen, [horao] vainly [eike] puffed up [phusioo] by [hupo] his [autos] fleshly [sarx] mind, [nous] KJV-Interlinear



18 Let no one keep defrauding you of your prize by delighting in self-abasement and the worship of the angels, taking his stand on visions he has seen, inflated without cause by his fleshly mind, NASB



At first glance you might think that this verse is concerned with someone out there, deceiving you or turning you away from doctrine, which of course it does, however, the word for prize, katabrabeuo, is a word used for a prize already won.


In those ancient times, competitions were conducted on a regular basis. And the competitions were well known to everyone.


Likewise, the winner was awarded a prize for finishing first in his event. And having won, there was a judge of the event, often times called the brabeus, or one who handed out the award already won.


What does this tell us?Well, not everyone who Paul is addressing has advanced to spiritual maturity. However, the prize for spiritual maturity is contingent on advancing to spiritual maturity.So, if we are at risk of losing a prize, then it must have already been awarded.


And if it is possible to lose a prize, then it is because of our failure to advance to maturity. Therefore, your loss is your fault.


God has already made provision for each and every person.You might want to review the Parables to reacquaint yourself with some of these principles.


To the victor goes the spoils, and to the loser, nothing.And in fact to the winner, goes all of the potential winnings of the loser, as well.So to the winner, the one who advances to spiritual maturity in all that it represents, goes a phenomenal prize.


Unbelievers lose their prize, obviously.Immature believers lose much or all of their prize, depending on the degree, or lack of it, of their spiritual growth. He receives his own prize, but also a share in all of the lost prizes that everyone else has lost.


We continue the description of the vastness of your potential reward in heaven, which sooner or later should boggle your mind, and then perhaps you will actually get serious about your spiritual life.


Some folks will be hot for doctrine from their emotions, but that soon wears off. Some folks have to be impressed, or have to analyze every little detail of doctrine. They have to have doctrine proved to them, as though they are some kind of prize themselves, that God must want.


Some folks will simply slip off the band wagon and lose interest. After all if Bible study does not result in some form of immediate blessing, then what good is it?


You can only be beguiled, charmed away, lured, enticed, fascinated away into the world, if you are not focused on Bible doctrine.


And those doing the beguiling, are those who possess an extreme and serious view of life, even to the point of demonstrating phenomenal objectivity, even to the point of demonstrating the tenacity of learning that the angels demonstrate. This is not a reference to angel worship, but to imitating angels.The angels look deeply into the things of this world in order to learn, 1 Pet. 1:12.


But as far a these deceptions go, they originate from the carnal mind, from the sin nature, and therefore take facts and draw wrong conclusions. Evolution, is a good example of this type of misdirection of truth. Evolution has become an almost universal truth for society, while creationism has become the object of jokes.


Almost every social issue is a potential trap for luring you away from truth.


The politics, philosophies and theories of the world, all elbow their way to center stage, pushing truth aside. Why?Because the object of evil is to distract you. And the more sincerity and integrity that evil can portray, then the more likely that people will adopt its views.


Without doctrine, without as daily dose of Bible study, then you will become a natural prey, subscriber, and member of those views.


Your only defense and guard against any distraction, is your spiritual life.


In eternity past, God established for you, a prize for eternity. Your prize is contingent on your believing in Christ, on your advancement to spiritual maturity, on your maximizing your spiritual production through living within the spiritual environment which God has designed.


In a competition, the trophy is held up for all to see.It is theirs for the taking, but they have to enter the race, and run it, and finish it, before they can receive the prize.


In life, too many do not bother to enter the race.Too many drop out of the race when they do enter it.


Too many listen to the rhetoric of the world, listen to the propaganda of their disabilities, listen to the enticements of immediate gratification offered, and adopt the excuses and indifferences and prejudices of the world.


Majorities become indignant and that is their arrogance.Minorities become convinced that they lack opportunity, and that is their arrogance. All use their own excuses or attitudes as justification for their approach to life.


And to what end? They gain or pursue some form of worldly prize which is nothing but a shadow, holding on to nothing but emptiness in effect, and losing a vast fortune, a galactic fortune, but never realizing it until it is really too late.


Professors can be convincing.Politicians can be convincing.Priests can be convincing.Celebrities can be convincing.Racists can be convincing.Anyone who advances some sin nature component of your life, something that entices you, can convince you easily, because if you lack doctrine, then you have no defense against their trap.And you walk right in, with your eyes wide open.


And then, you lose.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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