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Colossians 3:13



13 Forbearing [anechomai] one another, [allelon] and [kai] forgiving [charizomai] one another, [heautou] if [ean] any man [tis] have [echo] a quarrel [momphe] against [pros] any: [tis] even as [kathos] [kai] Christ [Christos] forgave [charizomai] you, [humin] so [houto] also [kai] do ye. [humeis] KJV-Interlinear



13 bearing with one another, and forgiving each other, whoever has a complaint against anyone; just as the Lord forgave you, so also should you. NASB



Because of what you have learned.Because everything that you have comes from the Lord.Because everything that you are or have is courtesy of Gods grace.


Because your entire future blessings are so vast. Because there is nothing that you can do in this life to earn or deserve anything.


Because any and all obedience toward God gains you everything imaginable and more.


Because you understand, or should understand, that this world is the devils world and as such, designed to cheat you out of anything and everything, even by placing you in an unfair position or placing you in an elite position.


Because you understand that this world and all of its contents are temporary at best, that things will and do break, that things will not and do not hold up to expectations.


Because you understand that all of your best made plans and expectations, hopes and dreams, for this world, most likely will not occur as you would wish them to.


Then, because of all of these things and more, you should never get upset, never hold a grudge, never sit in judgment against another, never complain, and certainly never worry.


Your life and your future are far greater than anything that you can even begin, repeat, even begin to imagine from this world.


We can look around and see people with extreme beauty.We can look around this world and see people with vast riches and wealth. We can look around this world and see people with unbelievable intellect, talents and abilities, even savants who possess talents that seem to be superhuman.


If you alone, possessed all of these characteristics, talents, and possessions, these things would not even collectively, begin to match the blessings that await you in heaven.


And by committing sins habitually, by committing sins just because you get tired or angry, or upset, or just because you get frustrated or worried or afraid, or by assuming an indifferent attitude, then you stand to lose blessings whose value you and no one can even begin to calculate.


Is losing a fortune, because an emotional reaction, or desire to hurt someone, worth it? And especially when you gain nothing by thinking or doing whatever it is that you do from within the carnal world!


Is losing a fortune, worth holding a grudge?

Is losing a fortune, worth gossiping about someone?


Is losing a fortune, worth getting angry when you have been cheated?


Is losing a fortune, worth getting even?


Would you prefer to hold on to your carnal nature, knowing that you risk losing everything?


Christ created all living things, even knowing before hand, that all living creatures would reject Him.


Christ went to the Cross knowing that humanity would reject Him.


Christ established a divine plan knowing that humanity, would fail miserably at every turn in history, and fail in the individual lives of each and every person.


Christ paid the ultimate price for humanity, who could not and did not earn or deserve His help.


And Christ offered forgiveness to anyone and everyone, who would believe, at the point of salvation, and He even offers forgiveness to any believer, who, after salvation, sins and acknowledges their sins (confession).


Now, man (male and female), are formed out of the dust of this earth. The word for dust is adam. This is no ordinary dust, but the most useless dust, out of all types of dust.


Therefore, being a speck of dust, a speck of useless dust, then how can we look at life with impunity, with arrogance, with complaints, with self-righteousness s, and expect that we know it all, or deserve better?


How can we bring harm to anyone, knowing that all that we have, comes from God and not from this world?That everything that we do, in defiance toward God, serves to cause our loss of greater things?


So, wouldn t it be far greater to forgive, to forget, to hold no grudges, to lodge no complaints, to terminate our attempts to advance ourselves at the expense of others?


And even if we get taken advantage of by people, by circumstances, by this world, we can look to God, through Christ, and know that He will always be there and our life and future is absolutely and completely secure.


And, that we have the opportunity, in Christ, to advance ourselves to blessings beyond imagination. Something that we can not, nor ever will, be able to obtain from this world.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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Daily Bible Study
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