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Ephesians 1:14


14 Which [hos] is [esti] the earnest [arrhabon] of our [hemon] inheritance [kleronomia] until [eis] the redemption [apolutrosis] of the purchased possession, [peripoiesis] unto [eis] the praise [epainos] of his [autos] glory. [doxa] KJV-Interlinear


14 who is given as a pledge of our inheritance, with a view to the redemption of God's own possession, to the praise of His glory. NASB


Earnest or pledge, 'arrhabon,' refers to a payment, 'earnest money,' which is paid in advance as security toward the purchase of property in a larger transaction.

This is more than a deposit placed, but a non-refundable payment with the promise that more is to come.

From the previous verse, the Holy Spirit is given to each believer, and becomes resident inside each believer, which is a permanent residence, inside each and every believer, at the moment of salvation.

The Holy Spirit serves as a seal, which cannot be broken, on the promise of eternal life, which God has provided.

This giving of the Holy Spirit becomes among other things, a seal as we saw in the previous verse, and also a partial payment, which secures the inheritance of the believer, which will be received in heaven.

In our verse that security is for salvation, which is a part of our inheritance.

Until the redemption, means we have the Holy Spirit resident inside of each one of us, securing our salvation, until that salvation is made perfect. Or, in effect, when we finally enter into heaven as saved believers.

In other words, during this life on earth, we have the Holy Spirit inside of us as our security, until we enter into heaven. We enter into heaven when we die and leave this world.

The Holy Spirit in us, means that we cannot lose that salvation. Some believe that it is possible to lose ones salvation. That concept is a false concept and presumes that our ability to cancel out our salvation, is somehow greater than Gods ability to retain our salvation. And that is complete arrogance.

Therefore, your salvation is secure. There is no way you can lose your salvation. There is no way you can have your salvation removed.

The Holy Spirit is a non-refundable payment, which cannot be taken away not removed. To lose ones salvation would mean that this earnest payment was not in earnest at all, and that God has just lied. Such is of course not the case. God cannot lie, nor deceive, nor change His mind when He has declared a promise.

This promise is not negotiable, and not dependent on anything or anyone. You neither earn it nor deserve it, and you certainly cannot lose it.

Purchased possession, means that salvation was purchased by God for your benefit. Jesus Christ went to the Cross and paid the price for salvation. He purchased your future, which is eternal life, and therefore He owns your future.

And as a promise of that life for you, He gave us the Holy Spirit as a resident in us, as a down payment toward that eternal life.

To the praise of His glory, is a repetition from verse six, in that we have an obligation to be grateful to God, and to demonstrate our gratitude of that which He has provided for us. He provided us with life, purchased us out of the slavery of sin and death, made provision for salvation and secured it, and has made a provision for a phenomenal inheritance for you. And prior to your life, you did not even exist.

His gift is nothing short of miraculous and infinite.

Where else can we get that kind of blessing in this world, in this life? And have the security and assurance and confidence that it will be as promised? Nowhere.

God planned the work, did all of the work, made the promise, secures the promise, and will one day make that promise real.

You neither earn nor deserve this gift, and you did nothing to gain it or hold it, except by believing in Christ. No credit comes to any one of us. All of the credit and glory and gratitude belong to God, through Christ.

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