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Ephesians 4:26


26 Be ye angry, [orgizo] and [kai] sin [hamartano] not: [me] let [epiduo] not [me] the sun [helios] go down [epiduo] upon [epi] your [humon] wrath: [parorgismos] KJV-Interlinear


26 Be angry, and yet do not sin; do not let the sun go down on your anger, NASB


This is the devils world. This is not a perfect world. All of your thoughts and plans and expectations of yourself and of others and of things, will fail more often than not.

And disappointment and frustration and tension and anger and rage and outrage and the desire to take revenge or to get even or to simply hate life, will always place temptation for such infuriated emotions, in front of you more often than not.

To succumb to anger is easy, to rise above the ill feelings is more difficult.

And yet, here God is challenging you to not let the sun go down on your life while you support and feed and allow your anger to keep kindling hot.

The sun goes down regularly, therefore your mandate is to examine yourself regularly, not only at sunset, but throughout the day, to make sure that you are keeping yourself in check and under the review of your own self.

There are two self-checks described and mandated here.

The first is that you be aware of and in control of your own emotions. You need to recognize sin when it occurs within you. Getting hot and angry, for whatever reason, is a sin. And since this world is chalk full of sin opportunities, then God allows all of these situations to come into your life, in order to train you to be more in self-control over your life.

Training and practice and the repetition of it all, helps you to grow up. It toughens you mentally and spiritually.

Remember that this world is not your end objective. Eternity is. Your galaxy of gold and promise is not for now, but for eternity. Don't throw it away on the little things in this life. And remember the entire world is classified as a little thing.

Whether you are a billionaire with everything or a peasant with nothing, all of your things great or small, add up to nothing in this life. All of your wishes, all of your dreams, all of your hopes, all of your expectations mean nothing in this world. So do not place great value on the things of this life.

Place value on that which actually is of great value - Bible doctrine, and not on your day to day whims and expectations that for the most part are probably unreasonable expectations from this world.

To expect something, anything, from this world, to get upset over anything or anyone that does not measure up in your mind, and of which cannot fulfill your expectations, is a fools quest.

To pursue that, Bible doctrine and the spiritual life, which can fulfill your ultimate dreams and desires, is the act of the wise.

Which are you?

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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Daily Bible Study
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