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Ephesians 5:29


29 For [gar] no man [oudeis] ever yet [pote] hated [miseo] his own [heautou] flesh; [sarx] but [alla] nourisheth [ektrepho] and [kai] cherisheth [thalpo] it, [autos] even as [kathos] [kai] the Lord [kurios] the church: [ekklesia] KJV-Interlinear


29 for no one ever hated his own flesh, but nourishes and cherishes it, just as Christ also does the church, NASB


In other words, everyone has their own best interest at heart, and if one does that which is best for himself, then that overflows to all that is a part of his own essence.

Now, thus far we have been studying the husbands role in the marriage. The wife also has a role, but it is subordinate to that of the husband. And why is that?

Why is the wife's role not being emphasized more here than that of the husband?

Why the emphasis on the husband and his responsibilities and the nature of the relationship through him?

Well, we are studying the Bible, are we not?

Then this study must have some spiritual principle driving the human principles we are studying.

And since we have only four more verses in this study, there is not a whole lot of room left for figuring it all out.

Even in verse 32, we are told that this is all a great mystery. Great, 'megas,' means large, lofty, huge, and it is in the plural (why is that).

Most folks when they read these verses, get upset if they are female, figuring that they are trapped in a life and there is no way out, so they don't agree with it and they get all messed up in their attitude toward in their marital relationship - don't' tell me what to do! Or if a man, they figure that they have struck gold and they are the boss - fetch woman!

And, both of those views are totally wrong, totally off track, and totally out of line.

If you have been following the responsibilities and obligations rather than the advantages or disadvantages of your respective positions, then you might, and that is a pretty iffy, just might, be able to figure this all out.

If you think that this passage is just talking about how husbands and wives should get along, then you have fallen completely out of the boat.

Hopefully you will crawl back into the boat of the study and stop grieving or gloating over your predicament and begin to learn the phenomenal principle that is going to catch you by complete surprise.

Marriage or the concept of marriage is not a new topic and we can all relate to it in some fashion, but there is a greater mystery, and we are piecing the pieces of the puzzle together very slowly. Can you figure it out?

Now no man has ever hated himself. And that is speaking of a normal person, not some nut case.

Under all normal circumstances people will think relatively highly of themselves and they will do whatever it takes to keep themselves comfortable in life. So, when yourself includes others, then they naturally must be included in that self -care.

'Even as the Lord,' is the phrase for the example. Christ cares for all believers. Granted all believers are not spiritually mature, and not all believers even care much for doctrine, but they are still members of Gods family.

Christ went to the Cross for all people. Some will accept that work and some will not. But all have the opportunity for eternal life merely by believing in Christ. Anyway, the work was Christ's and the object of His work was humanity. He did it for everyone.

Doctrine is the written Christ, and that places Him in us when we study the Word, and having Him inside of us through the knowledge we learn, then He is an even greater part of our life as we learn and live by His standards.

But the point here is that Christ did for the Church, and the husband should also take this cue and care for his wife just as he would himself, even before himself.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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