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Ephesians 5:31


31 For [anti] this cause [toutou] shall [kataleipo] a man [anthropos] leave [kataleipo] his [autos] father [pater] and [kai] mother, [meter] and [kai] shall be joined [proskollao] unto [pros] his [autos] wife, [gune] and [kai] they two [duo] shall be [esomai] one [eis] [mia] flesh. [sarx] KJV-Interlinear


31 For this cause a man shall leave his father and mother, and shall cleave to his wife; and the two shall become one flesh. NASB


Leave, 'kataleipo,' means to leave behind, to abandon.

Joined, 'proskollao,' means to glue, to adhere, to cleave.

Gen. 2:24 is quoted, that the man should leave his parents and be joined to his wife.

For this cause, is a referral to the previous verses, wherein Paul has been describing the relationship between a man and his wife as they relate to the relationship between Christ and the church. The church includes all believers collectively from throughout all of human history.

When history is finally completed, the numbers of believers will most likely be in the trillions of people, and that makes you a member of the single largest nation and family, that will ever exist.

God made but one man and out of man he made but one female. Thus the singleness of the marriage principle of one man and one woman are entrenched in the fundamental principles of Christianity.

He likewise made one man, namely humanity (not animals), and one truth, namely doctrine (not all philosophies), and consequently each when combined with each other, become one inseparable and united essence.

Man is united with his wife, being separated out away from his parents, for parents merely promote the biological aspects of perpetual biological life, while the marriage is the intended destiny and ultimate future of the individual.

The picture of the marriage is the symbolization of the spiritual principle of our relationship with God.

Man was never intended to remain in a biological relationship with his parents or the world, but he was intended to become a member of a greater unit away from the parents, with Christ.

Mans destiny in not of this earth, but of heaven. And that destiny requires a bonding, or marriage as it were, between God and man.

And that no man can put asunder, further guarantees the eternal security of eternal life for man. No one not even your own self, can destroy your eternal life.

Life in this world is fallible and full of flaws. But life in the spiritual realm is infallible and perfect.

The man is said to leave his parents. The wife is not said to leave her parents. For the man is born to live independently from the world, and the wife is born to join with him of the purpose of the completion of the two, which are now made into one person.

The marriage is intended to demonstrate the oneness of the purpose of the life that was once two, but is now one.

Likewise, the marriage between God and man, which is processed by means of doctrine learned and entered into the soul, which in turn forms the intimacy of the relationship between God and man. That marriage of doctrine, or consummation of doctrine in the soul becomes too, the permanency of unity that no man, and certainly no created being can destroy or even separate.

Once salvation becomes a part of your essence, namely the human spirit, then it becomes inseparable. You cannot lose your salvation.

Once doctrine enters your soul, it becomes inseparable, and no one can remove that doctrine from you.

The union between Christ and each believer is inseparable. The relationship between Christ and the believer is one in which Christ, who is God, will treat the believer as he would himself, namely with perfect and enduring love and security and wealth and all of the possibilities that are even beyond our imagination.

The concept of marriage symbolizes the perfect union that exists between God and man through salvation and through doctrine. In truth, Gods purpose is flawless and one, in its intent and design.

In marriage, the purpose should likewise be one of a singleness in design and function. Only two people working together can accomplish that. When there is a conflict between the married couple, then that too symbolizes the rebellion of man against Gods intended purpose, and disaster is the only result.

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