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John 5:36

Lesson # John 5:36
Study Material - John 5:36

You must be in fellowship prior to your Bible study, so that the spiritual information you receive can become a source, of blessing to your soul and produce spiritual growth.

John 5:36

36 'But the witness which I have is greater than that of John; for the works which the Father has given Me to accomplish, the very works that I do, bear witness of Me, that the Father has sent Me.

There are many witnesses of Christ, His true nature and identity. These people who stand before Him in this discussion, or rather debate, stand before Him in antagonism, ridicule, and now we have already seen, hate. They want to kill Him. This will intensify over the course of His remaining months until it culminates on the Cross.

The ones who wish to get rid of Him will stop at nothing to attain their revenge and attempts of ridding themselves of Christ, even to the point of rewriting and openly violating the laws of the land for their convenience to gain their objective of killing Christ.

People who are negative toward God and Christ, people who neglect their spiritual lives (this neglect includes their phony appearances and speeches for the public's benefit) will stop at nothing even to the violation of legitimate law to keep or gain what they perceive belongs to them. This is generally related to power lusts, approbation lusts, status lusts, and so forth.

These people will play the public, pretending that they seek the better interests of the public, but all the while patronizing those masses, taking advantage of their social or economic or whatever problems to launch themselves into positions of power at the expense of those who they deceive.

The people who are negative among the masses will be deceived. The people who are negative among the leadership lust driven crowd are in fact out of touch with the masses, fooling only themselves and after a lifetime of creating chaos out of their pursuit for power, will go to their grave never knowing their flaws.

They will begin their careers in power, whether politics, business, social leadership, or whatever high ranking position they seek, with the full knowledge and intentions of getting what they want, whenever they want, and at whatever cost. They will deceive, manipulate, maneuver, debate, and commit outright violations of the law to get what they want. They would play games with the truth, even destroy the very foundations and fabric of society to keep their power. Sooner or later their deceitful tactics which they use on those they wish to lead, become their own deceit and trap, and they conclude their lives fully convinced by their own deceit. They in effect deceive themselves and thus die in the very lie they themselves created. This was true then and is true even today in our current century. Look at the politics of the day and see how the various groups (which happen to be on the liberal side of politics) follow these same patterns of public media game playing.

Here Jesus has been performing miracles, which no man could possibly duplicate. He has been performing them for many months now, for a year give or take some days.

For people who have higher education's and full access to the scriptures, these people know less than those who have less access to the scriptures, and certainly less education. We have already seen the cripple, the leper, the blind and the deaf, just to name a few.

Normal people would look at the evidence's given by Christ and come to the conclusion that this was indeed the Son of God, El Shaddai, the Lord of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the creator of the universe and all that is, standing right in front of them. Their knees should buckle and heads should be on the ground in total humility of Christ, but their arrogance prevents their seeing the truth. They do not want to see the truth. They only want to maneuver their way through the politics of the day, get rid of Christ, and elevate themselves in their careers, even if this meant destroying every possible advantage people on earth would have for bettering their lives both now and in eternity.

This is a pattern begun by Satan when he rebelled, is a pattern continued by these Pharisees and various others who were there, present, and also negative. And it is a pattern that exists today by politicians, social club leaders, business leadership and so forth, who all are negative toward Bible doctrine and wish to propel themselves to the top of whatever lust pursuit is on their agenda, and at the expense of the very people who they need to elect or appoint or get them to their high positions.

By the way, this pattern of a false life's pursuit is not limited to those who would lead large organizations, but applies to each and every individual who is single or married, young or old, etc. Marriages fall apart because of this self deceit of pursuing greener grass. Lack of Bible doctrine in the soul poses the greatest risk with which we could all face life. Maximum Bible doctrine in the soul by means of a daily Bible study program is our greatest defense and asset for prevention and avoiding a miserable life and the loss of our eternal destiny.

Jesus has already given a lesson in history. There is a plan, a divine plan. Not a plan of human making, not an empire building map for great leaders, but a plan for the creation, continuation, and conclusion of human history. This does not include mans evolutionary rise to some higher form of perfection, but does include the opportunity for mans elevation (through Gods efforts) to a higher plane in the spiritual life. This is grace. Man does not earn, nor can he deserve anything that God gives to us, or otherwise makes freely available to us.

There is a birth, and there is a death, over which man has absolutely no control. There will be a resurrection for everyone, and here man has a choice as to which result he will receive from this resurrection - heaven or hell. There too, is a destiny in heaven for those who have believed in Christ, and that destiny carries with it various forms of blessings and privileges (see the first three chapters of Revelation). Of these blessings and privileges man too has some degree of control. We can either be positive toward God and learn and advance in our spiritual life, or we can ignore our spiritual life.

Jesus has given us a picture of history and two possible destinies. These are set and appointed such that they cannot be changed. Our choices are clear. He has given us many proofs that what He says is true. Back then in those days, folks could see Him in person and see His miracles. Today we have His written Word with all its credibility from centuries upon centuries of consistency and accuracy. We can either listen and believe or we can disregard the Bible and look for something better. The problem with that something 'better' is that there is nothing that bears the degree of independent verification and substantiation of its validity as does the Bible. We can pursue our quest for a career and then retirement, we can pursue our quest for that house facing the sunset, we can pursue our quest for whatever it is we desire out of life, but if we follow those pursuits without Gods guidance, then they are worthless pursuits and will lead us into miserable lives, and finally at great loss with respect to our personal destiny.

We are not going to change the world to any great degree, but we can change our own lives, and if it is Gods will, then the world will either be prosperous because of its adherence to God taught principles, or the world will suffer because of its rejection of or disregard of God.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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