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Good Shepherd - John 10:19-21

Lesson # Good Shepherd - John 10:19-21
Study Material - Good Shepherd - John 10:19-21

You must be in fellowship prior to your Bible study, so that the spiritual information you receive can become a source, of blessing to your soul and produce spiritual growth.

Good Shepherd
John 10:19-21

19 ¶ There was [ginomai] a division [schisma] therefore [oun] again [palin] among [en] the Jews [Ioudaios] for [dia] these [toutous] sayings [logos] .
20 And [de] many [polus] of [ek] them [autos] said [lego] , He hath [echo] a devil [daimonion] , and [kai] is mad [mainomai] ; why [tis] hear ye [akouo] him [autos] ?
21 Others [allos] said [lego] , These [tauta] are [esti] not [ou] the words [rhema] of him that hath a devil [daimonizomai] . Can [me] [dunamai] a devil [daimonion] open [anoigo] the eyes [ophthalmos] of the blind [tuphlos] ? KJV-Interlinear

19 There arose a division again among the Jews because of these words. 20 And many of them were saying, 'He has a demon and is insane. Why do you listen to Him?' 21 Others were saying, 'These are not the sayings of one demon-possessed. A demon cannot open the eyes of the blind, can he?' NASB

Now there arises a serious division among those who were listening to Jesus. And by the way, by the time we get through this parable, you should notice that there is no formal explanation of it. Want to take a guess as to why?

I'll let you think on that for a while.

Now on the one hand we have the words of Jesus which represent truth. On the other hand we have the words of the Pharisees who represent the liberal thought of the day. They reject truth. By the way again, in our Bible study we define any deviation from doctrine as liberal thought, or human opinion containing distortions of truth or absent of truth.

Note some facts. Liberals generally ignore or distort facts. Here is Jesus, the Son of God, born in accordance with the many prophecies of Isaiah, and Daniel. Daniel even fixed the date of His birth. Other passages fixed the year of His birth and the star which would guide certain foreigners from the east and so forth. These are all spelled out in the scriptures and we listed them all in detail in our study of the 'week prior to the Cross' study.

Facts: Jesus is performing many miracles. He is doing things that no one in history could possibly do. People who are blind now see. People who were deaf can now hear. People who had lost their limbs had them fully restored. People with diseases were cured. The dead came back to life. Hummm, anything here that we can accomplish even in our current day of technology? And again, all these things were foreseen in prophecies from centuries before. Then why the debate?

But that is the power of the lie and the distortion of the truth, and the defiance of a negative attitude. People who will refuse to listen, will never turn to the truth even when it smacks them in the face.

What do the liberal minded Pharisees do? They ignore the truth and they surmise an explanation (without proof by the way). They simply make up an explanation so as to convince those who were intently listening to Jesus, to stop listening. 'He is of the devil!' Obviously.

Some, the naive, will listen to the lies of explanation. They won't analyze the facts and come to their own independent conclusion. Others (the Pharisees) will think for them.

Some who are more astute in their thinking will challenge the lies, 'Can the devil make you see?' They will come to better conclusions and they will see the truth.

Now what happens when the lies of life predominate human thought? That will occur in the future when the Rapture occurs and all who remain will be unbelievers and most of those will succumb to the lies of the anti-christ and his cohorts. Many will not, and many of those who contest the lies will die for their efforts. Lies never accept the truth, and lies will do whatever it takes to get rid of those who reject the lies.

Back in Christ's day, they took Him, the Son of God, to the Cross. Such is the defiance of the liberal thinking person. It has been true throughout history and even in our current day, there is the ever presence of lies in power struggles for leadership in nations, in social clubs, in office settings, in marriages, in everyday life.

So now the argument against the lies. How does one know whether the lie is indeed a lie, or it is the truth?

That requires a knowledge of Bible doctrine. Bible doctrine provides discernment and that is the ultimate source for discerning the truth from the lie.

Then there are the facts of history. Is what is happening good or bad? What are the real facts, not just the interpretations of facts?

Then there is the outcome of the debate. Will those who support the lie prevail or will those who support the truth prevail. That is in Gods hands. When the thought of the day is predominantly negative, then God can allow the negative people to have their way. Ultimately they will suffer for their indifference.

Then again Gods plan for the overall direction of human history can overrule and there will be overriding blessing for the benefit of those who pursued the truth (in spite of the victory of the lies), and history will take a course which God intends.

Lies will celebrate their victory, but that celebration will not last long.

All in all, man does not determine the direction of his own history. Have you known of a time when things have ever been perfect in our country or anywhere in the world? No. It has never occurred and no one can accomplish it, though politicians will make you think that they have the answers. Politicians will make you think that now is the worse time in history and so a change is required.

But we know that there will never be perfect times, so we look to more facts to determine if a change is necessary. Is the war on terror being won? Yes. Two countries have been liberated and fifty million people have the opportunity to have freedom. Did that freedom come free? No. No struggle for freedom comes without a price. Is the economy of the country in sad shape? No. When have interest rates been lower for so long a time? When has unemployment been so low for such a long time? When has the economies rate of growth been so high? What other country is doing it better than we in the USA? No one.

Are we in a perfect state? No. That will never occur in human history. Not until the Millennium that is. We will always have the unemployed, the poor, people who have problems.

Remember that the leopard cannot change its spots and conceal its identity. It is true of leopards, and it is true of liberal politicians. A predator is a predator regardless of its cry.

Can mankind really change history? No. Jesus Christ controls history. Recall our study in Joel, Zephaniah, and Revelation - the winds of heaven. History is driving to one single event at the moment - the Rapture.

When the conclusion of the creation of the Royal Family occurs, when the nations are fully assembled into the pattern they will have at the moment of the Rapture, when the last generation of Jewish people who will turn positive toward Jesus Christ immediately after the Rapture comes into existence, when the evil of the world reaches a saturation point, then the Rapture will occur. And there is nothing that mankind can do to change it. Why? Because it is mankind who will bring about all of these circumstances by his own attitude and decisions.

Has that time occurred yet? No. We are all still here. The Rapture has not yet occurred. Terrorists who wish destruction and chaos in the world, are being systematically defeated. They want the end now, but God has postponed the end by their defeat.

Will there be a time when the terrorists and the liberal thinking people of the world are really successful? Yes, when God is ready to pull the lever of history (Rev. 1-3) and shift it intro the next phase - the Tribulation.

Until then, there will be those who challenge the truth of life (the Pharisees) despite the truth of facts which exist before them. There will be those who are not sure of what the truth is. And there will be those few who are sure.

Now, have you guessed why there will be no explanation of this parable? God explains to those who want to genuinely hear and know. God withholds explanation to those who just are not interested no matter what is said.

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End Of Lesson

Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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