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Luke 1:23-25

Lesson # Luke 1:23-25
Study Material - Luke 1:23-25

You must be in fellowship prior to your Bible study, so that the spiritual information you receive can become a source, of blessing to your soul and produce spiritual growth.

Luke 1:23-25

23 And it came about, when the days of his priestly service were ended, that he went back home. 24 And after these days Elizabeth his wife became pregnant; and she kept herself in seclusion for five months, saying, 25 'This is the way the Lord has dealt with me in the days when He looked with favor upon me, to take away my disgrace among men.'

Zacharias has had his encounter, he is now without speech, communicating by means of sign language and writing on tablets. Note verse 63. So for the remainder of his shift and work rotation, he most likely spoke only to his wife. At least I would assume that would be the case. One would think that she would be concerned with his sudden inability to speak. Once she learned about the angelic encounter, she may have been shocked at first, but then that changed to thoughtful pondering.

She makes a comment in verse 25, mentioning the Lord has found favor with her and has given her a child of her own. Not an adopted child, but one she will conceive and give birth to.

Elizabeth seems to be more open to the possibility of this gift then her husband was. He had to be shut up for the entire nine month period. Wouldn't it have been enough to silence him for a few days or so. But God has a purpose for the length of the period. God does not do things arbitrarily. Later we will see that the people will want to name the child after the father, but it is Elizabeth not Zacharias who first objects to the name and states that it will be John, in accordance with the command given by the angel.

So possible Zacharias had to be silence for the entire duration of the pregnancy and then some in order to help him maintain some perspective of the source of the pregnancy and his own renewed sexual life.

Sometimes God will humble you in such a way so as to get your attention. Often we will not humble ourselves because of peer pressure, social pressure, our environment that we live in, and such. We cannot bring ourselves to do that which we should do because we feel embarrassed or shy and unfortunately pay too much attention to what others will think. We should think of Gods opinion rather than the opinion of people. The opinion of people is worthless. Just look at all the opinion polls that the news media seems to take constantly. In an attempt to shape public policy based on the intimidation of voter attitude and such. This resulted in the burning of witches in an earlier time. Beware of public opinion. Do not shape your life based on what others think. Instead shape your life based on what God thinks. And of course you learn this by studying His Word on a regular basis.

Zacharias resumed his normal course of life after the encounter. Life doesn't simply end after you have received some new insight from God. Life goes on. You still have to resume your job, take out the trash, do your chores. You still have to be true to your responsibilities. You do not have the right to sit back on the porch with your hound dog and exit the human race. To whom much is given, much is expected. Growing up spiritually does not end your life. You merely continue in your life, but under the guidance of God. Everything you do probably will not change much, only you are now functioning in your daily life while in fellowship, hopefully, and making the decisions you always make. But with a new perspective, with a new outlook on life. The worries will eventually vanish from your life. God is now running your life.

Zacharias was silenced, yet his life went on. And probably his wife had even more responsibility placed on her as a result. At least Zacharias could not talk back to her!! That might appeal to some women. Elizabeth became pregnant and probably not with only one night with Zacharias. Lets assume they both had a good time for several nights or even months perhaps. People still fool around even during pregnancy, at least early on. She would not know she was pregnant until the morning sickness started. And this being her first child and at her advanced age, she most likely had it, but good.

She stayed in seclusion for five months. Her normal daily routine was changed due to her pregnancy. She was not embarrassed because of the pregnancy and her advanced age, because she thanked God for removing her indignity for not having any children all these years. It was considered an insult or degrading in a manner of speaking when one could not have children. So now this deficiency in her life had been removed, and the promise of a remarkable child to come was a plus.

She felt no longer in disgrace. But none of us should feel disgraced for anything or any circumstance in our life. Many of us have made bad decisions and have paid the price for them. Many of us have been born with some physical defect, or perhaps some mental defect at least by human standards. But in God's eyes, we have only one potential defect and that is the lack of doctrine in the soul. Everything else is meaningless and unimportant.

The only thing that is important to God is that you have spiritual growth to maturity. The content of your soul as a believer in Christ is the priority in your life. From that spiritual status, comes everything from God. Do not focus on the things you have or don't have in life. They are unimportant and will have no impact on your eternal life. Concentrate instead on your spiritual life and spiritual growth because that is the mechanism for securing the extremely valuable possessions of eternity. After you depart from this life the only thing you take to heaven with you is your soul and spirit, and the content you have in your soul.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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