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Luke 1:56

Lesson # Luke 1:56
Study Material - Luke 1:56

You must be in fellowship prior to your Bible study, so that the spiritual information you receive can become a source, of blessing to your soul and produce spiritual growth.

Luke 1:56

56 And Mary stayed with her about three months, and then returned to her home.

This is a short verse, but an extremely important verse. Mary stayed with Elizabeth for three months. It was at this time that she became pregnant and she was to miss three of her menstrual cycles as proof of her pregnancy. Witness of this would be Elizabeth as well as probably millions of angels.

But why would this be important? Joseph was back home in Nazareth. So he was physically and geographically removed from Mary. He could not have been involved in the pregnancy. Mary was engaged with Joseph and therefore had no other men in her life, otherwise the Bible would have recorded it. Satan would have jumped at any opportunity to discredit the pregnancy and claim victory in the angelic conflict. But this did not happen.

God is not a God of disorder, or ambiguity. Everything is made very clear and without question. God, by His communication to Mary by way of Gabriel, encouraged her to go and visit Elizabeth. Mary was some distance from Elizabeth, so she could not have simply traveled back and forth between her home and that of Elizabeth's on a daily basis.

The separation of Mary from Joseph further proves the authenticity of the pregnancy as being from God, and not from man.

Also the Holy Spirit was the mechanism of this particular pregnancy, rather than Christ. In all of the creations performed by God, Jesus Christ performed them all, except this one. Jesus Christ did not create himself, or rather his sperm component of the conception in Mary. The Holy Spirit performed this function. Why? Because there is going to be a new prototype which Christ will live, and demonstrate to each of us, wherein He will rely totally on the Holy Spirit for His spiritual and temporal support during His entire life, except for the three hours on the Cross.

We will get more into this later, but suffice to say, we need to learn to rely on God, and specifically on the Holy Spirit, for our day to day needs. This reliance is by means of fellowship with God, where the Holy Spirit is in control of your soul. This only occurs while you are in fellowship and it is not something you can feel or experience. Move away from those who get into some kind of gyration and want you to think they are getting the 'ghost'. What they need is probably a sedative or something. Their 'act' is phony, so do not be fooled. The Holy Spirit is the unseen and unfelt member of the Godhead.

When the angel Gabriel told Mary about her future pregnancy, he mentioned that she would be covered by the Holy Spirit, overshadowed was the word. Mary did not experience an ecstatic experience. Her first knowledge of her pregnancy would have been her morning sickness, if any, and certainly her missing her cycle.

In Matthew 1, Joseph was notified as to her condition, and he made the decision to keep her as his wife, believing the message given to him from God. Note that Joseph was not spoken to by Gabriel, but the Angel of the Lord, who was Jesus Christ. And Joseph was communicated to by means of a dream rather than in person. He must have had tremendous spiritual growth with which to draw on and make the right decision. He required very little instruction. And his instruction came Christ himself and not an intermediary. Authority instructed authority, and obedience comes from obedience. Christ obeyed the Father, and Joseph obeyed the Lord. Both obeyed through voluntary decisions of their own. Mary on the other hand obeyed by accepting her role in this event, and subordinated herself to Gods will.

The pregnancy was of major importance in that the conception had to be of a virgin, therefore, the isolation of Mary from the man in her life. And from Joseph's desires for her, even during her pregnancy.

'Then Mary returned home'. Mary came to visit Elizabeth. Likewise Jesus would come to meet John some 30 years later. Then Mary would leave Elizabeth, as Jesus would leave John. As the greater must replace the lessor, so Christ would leave behind the old ways, the Levitical ways and move on to new covenant, the covenant of the spiritual life and the reality of the glorified Christ.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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