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Luke 2:21

Lesson # Luke 2:21
Study Material - Luke 2:21

You must be in fellowship prior to your Bible study, so that the spiritual information you receive can become a source, of blessing to your soul and produce spiritual growth.

Luke 2:21

21 And when eight days were completed before His circumcision, His name was then called Jesus, the name given by the angel before He was conceived in the womb.

Gal. 4:4, we know that Jesus was born of woman, not of man. We have reviewed this issue and noted its importance in excluding the seed of man which carries the sin nature and transmits it down through the human race. Jesus Christ was born without the sin nature that we all have in us.

The next important issue was the law under which Jesus was born. He was not born in our Church Age, but in the Age of Israel. See the dispensation chart on the Bible Index page under Images. Jesus was born under the Law of Moses. Therefore on the 8th day he was presented for circumcision as required by the Law. Some rejected the practice as did Zipporah, Ex. 4:25, when she called Moses a bloody man.

Gods commands are for a purpose, and to teach each of us a lesson. Sometimes He has to get out attention. Even the most self righteous of people will stop and look when the magnitude of the demonstration is great. Such as the sacrifice of a live bull. This is a gruesome affair if you consider the tieing down of the bull, which is not an easy task.. A yearling bull can weigh in at 800 to 1000 pounds. And if they choose not to cooperate, then a single man cannot handle them. Then there is the cutting of the throat and that produces a mess of blood, as well as the kicking of the bull which is fast dying. The demonstration is certainly graphic and meant to impress on the minds of those watching, the tremendous sacrifice to which Jesus Christ submitted himself freely on the Cross.

Jesus was born under the Law and lived by the Law so as to make himself presentable without blemish for the sacrifice which God the Father would accept. He did this also in order to abrogate the Law of Moses. For that Law could not and did not save anyone, ever. It merely pointed out to us that we are lost and our only hope of deliverance from sin and death in through God, who is Jesus Christ.

Rom. 8:3, Jesus was not sinful in anyway. Circumcision was a sign of faith, indicating that we who are human must be circumcised in order to demonstrate our faith. Jesus was not born to sin, nor had he sinned, but the God the Father allowed him to be identified with sin in order to be in complete conformity with the Law and mankind. Gal. 5:3, Jesus made himself a debtor to sin, even though he was free born. He did this of his free will by means of his parents, just as he would go to the Cross of His free will about 33 ½ years later. Therefore Jesus was circumcised again signifying faith in God and the savior, just as Abraham did almost 2000 years before, and compliance with Gods plan. Heb. 2:16-17, Christ was here to help man, not angels, and in so doing he had to become like man in all ways.

He was given the name Jesus, which is very similar to Joshua, and is a very common name in those days. This is the common format which Christ was surrounded with. From the poor status of his parents, the humble place of his birth, the commonness of his name, and we will see shortly that pigeons which were offered as sacrifice. Only the poor offered pigeons, because that was all they could afford or catch for the sacrificial ritual.

Joshua signifies a greatness as well. For it was Joshua who took over the reigns from Moses and conquered the land. Even though it was Christ who stood before Joshua to remind him that he was not in charge, but Christ was the real commander of the armies, not Joshua. Also it was Joshua in Zechariah who as high priest was crowned in the pattern of that honor which Christ would eventually take over the priesthood as well as the throne of David.

Jesus was named in accordance with the instructions of the angel Gabriel and in accordance with Gods plan. For it means Savior and that is exactly why Christ came into this world. His purpose was to go to the Cross. Not to take over the world. Not to conquer the Romans. But to go to the Cross and provide a means of salvation for all mankind. He submitted himself as a servant first so that after his work had been accomplished, he then could be glorified and promoted to rulership.

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