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Luke 4:14b

Lesson # Luke 4:14b
Study Material - Luke 4:14b

You must be in fellowship prior to your Bible study, so that the spiritual information you receive can become a source, of blessing to your soul and produce spiritual growth.

Luke 4:14b

14 And Jesus returned to Galilee in the power of the Spirit; and news about Him spread through all the surrounding district.

'... in the power of the Spirit.'

In the Old Testament days, certain people were given divine powers via indument. That is, the Holy Spirit would come over them and they would be able to perform extraordinary things. Things that ordinary people could not otherwise perform. Examples of this are Samson and his tremendous strength, various workers, or prophets, or kings like David would write scripture, have visions, construct the tabernacle or construct the temple, or make articles of the temple. And other similar things such as these. Indument was not universal, and not permanent. David would pray, 'please do not take thy Spirit from me.' Saul lost the Spirit due to his wickedness.

Jesus, from the day of his birth, had the Spirit in this fashion until the day and the moment of his baptism by John the Baptist. At that point the Spirit descended like a dove, was witnesses by John, and Jesus was indwelled by the Holy Spirit as well as the Father from that point on, except for those three hours of judgment on the Cross when both the Father and the Spirit withdrew from Him for the purpose of executing judgment of the sins of mankind.

In this manner, indwelling of the Spirit, Jesus set a pattern for us in the Church Age. Prior to the completion of the Scriptures, God communicated by way of verbal communication, visions, dreams, miracles and such. After John wrote the last word in Revelation, the only means we have of communicating with God is through the Scriptures. But there is a specific pattern and format for that communication. The Holy Spirit is the means of that communication.

At the point of salvation we receive a regenerated human spirit. This is the staging area for our processing of spiritual information. The Holy Spirit works in the background silently, unseen, and unfelt, transmitting all spiritual information from God to us, making it clear and understandable. When we believe it, that spiritual information is transferred into our soul constructing a tabernacle or temple or palace or fortress or whatever you wish to call it, within our soul. This becomes the structure from which we apply doctrine to our daily lives. As we use doctrine in our lives, then we are in effect furnishing that palace structure within our soul, bringing in gold, silver, and precious stones into our treasury as it were.

Without this spiritual mechanism we are left with the sin nature and its production of wood, hay, and stubble, or worthless things which are furnishing the palace of the sin nature. True strength is found in doctrine in the soul. Weakness is in the absence of doctrine in the soul.

There is a requirement before this function of the Holy Spirit can work for us, and that is, we are to approach God in a 'clean' state. If we commit a sin, we are in effect unclean. To clean ourselves we have to follow Gods command for cleaning ourselves. The Bible often refers to the removal of shoes, washing of the feet, washing of the hands and so forth. These are representations or teaching aids to help us learn about this cleansing process. I have often referred to is as getting into fellowship. Fellowship is the status of being clean and therefore standing before God. Being out of fellowship is the status of being unclean. The Levitical offerings of sin and fellowship teach the principle of getting oneself clean, and 1 John 1:9 teaches the mechanics of fellowship.

And those mechanics are very simple. Simply by naming our sins in the form of a list is necessary, to God the Father, both acknowledges our sins to ourselves and to God. We in effect judge ourselves. And God is faithful and forgives those sins, thus restoring us back into fellowship where the Holy Spirit functions in all his power with respect to our learning Bible doctrine, with respect to our living the Christian life, with respect to any and all of our security, blessing, spiritual growth, and so forth. Being in fellowship is where we are to live our lives. Anytime we commit a sin, no matter what kind of a sin it is, we lose that fellowship status and therefore we must name it to God in order to get back into fellowship. In this Bible study we simply call this our fellowship prayer.

Fellowship is not felt, not seen, nor tasted, nor heard, nor smelled. Our senses cannot detect fellowship. There is no physical reaction or response to fellowship. The Holy Spirit doesn't suddenly slam you to the floor or make you throw your head back and gargle nonsense. This kind of activity if false, phony, and a deceitful game played by fools who try to impress and win followers into some kind of false religious organization.

Jesus was in the power of the Spirit. Jesus never committed a sin, ever, in His entire life. He set aside His divine powers as God, and lived His life here on earth, strictly by means of the Power of the Holy Spirit. And this is the same mechanism and power that is available to each one of us today.

By living your life inside that fellowship state, God does all the work for you. News of Jesus spread throughout the district, not by what Jesus did, but by what God did. When you live in fellowship and are advancing in your spiritual life, then God brings all the things and events in your life, to you. You do not have to chase after life, or hustle for those things that you think you need. Psa 23, your cup of blessings will overflow.

Outside of fellowship, you are in effect standing outside of Gods palace, outside of Gods fortress, standing right in the middle of the jungle and exposed to all its dangers, unsafe and insecure. The fellowship prayer is not a license to sin. You cannot think that you can do a little sinning now and then, name them to God and get away with it. There is another law issued by God which is the law of responsibility and accountability, as the laws of establishment. If you flirt with sin, you 'will' get hammered in some fashion.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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