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Luke 4:15-17

Lesson # Luke 4:15-17
Study Material - Luke 4:15-17

You must be in fellowship prior to your Bible study, so that the spiritual information you receive can become a source, of blessing to your soul and produce spiritual growth.

Luke 4:15-17

15 And He began teaching in their synagogues and was praised by all. 16 And He came to Nazareth, where He had been brought up; and as was His custom, He entered the synagogue on the Sabbath, and stood up to read. 17 And the book of the prophet Isaiah was handed to Him. And He opened the book, and found the place where it was written,

Jesus was known as the son of Joseph. He did not begin His ministry in Nazareth, but in the Jordan valley, and in the regions to the north and east of Nazareth. In the previous verse we read that His fame spread throughout the region. Once Jesus has received His public reputation as a healer, as a teacher of scripture, as a doer of miracles, then he returns to Nazareth, His home town. Note that he has been out and about the countryside for over a year now. John the Baptist was out baptizing for an even longer time and is now in prison, so the gossip mill has to be churning about all of these events. People travel back and forth in their commerce, so talk gets around sooner or later about things that are different and certainly this is a time of amazing things happening. Especially with respect to John and Jesus.

So this is the background that exists when Jesus enters Nazareth. He had been entering synagogues and teaching as He traveled around the countryside. He treated Nazareth no differently. Note also, that these synagogues were accepted locations of worship. The temple in Jerusalem was not the only authorized place for worship. People gathered together wherever there was positive volition toward doctrine. They also gathered together for their social and political interactions as well. So people gather together in churches for the right and the wrong reasons. And here the people are hearing things that they had never heard before., note verse 22, which is a little ahead of ourselves, but anyway we should understand that these people have not been getting accurate teaching from the scriptures, therefore their spiritual lives are deficient to say the least. And people who are generally carnal in their lifestyle, that is without doctrine in their soul, out of fellowship, lacking spiritual growth, then we are not surprised at their knee jerk reaction when Jesus calls them wicked, which they are. He will tell it like it is, and they will get angry.

Jesus entered and stood up to read. But he did not read a random passage and then have everyone speak their minds saying what they thought it all meant, and getting off track as these round table discussions generally do, and nobody reaches any conclusion, nor do they learn anything. Teaching is best performed by means of lecture. The teacher gives the information, gives the examples, explains the process and so forth. The student listens, then applies, then learns. And the process is repeated all over again, because repetition is the basis for learning And feedback, or application of what you have learned is the basis for reinforcing and understanding what you have learned. Repetition provides mastery and possession of your knowledge. How many times does a musician go over a piece of music? Once? Not quite! An athlete repeats his tasks over and over again in order to perfect his timing, execution, coordination, etc. The same concept applies to knitting, cooking, singing, or digging ditches and laying pipe. You learn by repetition and you learn by mistakes.

Jesus stood up and found the exact passage which He wanted to read, Isa. 61:1-2. And He further shocks the people present by stating, that this passage has just been fulfilled with His presence in the world. He is Jesus the Christ, the Son of God, the son of David, the King of kings, the Lord of lords. Yet no one understood what he had just read.

Isa. 29:11, to those who are negative, or to those who are ignorant of Bible doctrine, the books of scripture are closed books. No man can read them and glean from them any understanding.

Here Jesus has been baptized not only by John, but by the Holy Spirit in John's presence, anointed by God to bring the gospel to mankind. What is the gospel? The work of Christ on the Cross. Who and what Jesus Christ is. He is the Son of God, the second person of the trinity, the creator of the universe, who came to earth to become man, humbling himself to the point of death on the Cross, spiritual death first wherein He was punished for the sins of all mankind, and then physical death second. He was humbled by becoming an infant, exiting out from a woman's womb, diapers changed, nursing as baby's do on his mothers breast, growing up as we all do with all of our personal hygiene problems. He was publicly ridiculed, laughed at, tormented, the victim of hate and violence . Yet in all of this, He never once committed a sin. For thirty years He lived under the influence of the Holy Spirit, and then for three years He was indwelled by the Holy Spirit, placing His whole life in the hands of God. Never once utilizing His divine power. To be the perfect sacrifice, He had to live as a man would live, endure as any man would. And of course, He was exposed to far more pressures than any of us could ever endure.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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