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Luke 5:18-19

Lesson # Luke 5:18-19
Study Material - Luke 5:18-19

You must be in fellowship prior to your Bible study, so that the spiritual information you receive can become a source, of blessing to your soul and produce spiritual growth.

Luke 5:18-19

18 And behold, some men were carrying on a bed a man who was paralyzed; and they were trying to bring him in, and to set him down in front of Him. 19 And not finding any way to bring him in because of the crowd, they went up on the roof and let him down through the tiles with his stretcher, right in the center, in front of Jesus.

Those who perceive themselves as authorities or not in need of assistance (spiritual assistance), do not seek help as they do not perceive that they are in need of help. Those who have difficulties in life can readily see them because they live with them everyday. They can either react to their problems (bitterness, anger, blaming others), or they can seek help for the solutions they need.

Christ is present, and has the power to heal. Many are there to be healed of physical problems, but all are in need of spiritual healing, and the spiritual need is by far the more important.

There were those who were carrying a crippled man on a stretcher. Their combined faith drove them despite the crowds and apparent impossibility of getting into the home to see Jesus.

There was a large crowd present. Most of which were there to see the show, many to be cured of some problem they possessed. Some were there just to hear the teaching of Jesus. And of course there were some present who were to be critics, authoritative critics as they perceive themselves. The priests and educated folks of the law were not there to recognize and to bow down to God, but to offer their verification, or certification, as to the abilities that this 'Jesus of Nazareth' possessed. Of course nothing is real unless these priests types say that it is real. They sit in their elevated positions as experts on the events unfolding. Odd enough that they did not even see the birth of the savior as spelled out very clearly, in the scriptures in which they make themselves out to be experts.

Here is a paralytic who probably had no education, but had faith. The man was problem stricken during his life and could have been bitter concerning his situation - 'life gave him a raw deal' - , but here he is having traveled whatever distance and luckily he had good friends who were not intimidated by the crowds, nor by the design of the home where Jesus was teaching.

They tried as they may to get inside by normal entrances, and having no luck, they became innovative. A couple of the friends climbed up on the outer wall, lowered ropes to the ground and hoisted the man (on stretcher) up to the wall top. They proceeded to the center of the courtyard where there is generally a seasonal opening and lowered the man down into the center of the courtyard and right in front of Jesus.

One can imagine the crowd. Everyone is there waiting patiently in line for there turn to be healed. Waiting patiently and listening to the words that Jesus spoke. Then suddenly in the ceiling this stretcher comes down from above, being lowered by ropes, and comes to a stop on the ground right in front of Jesus.

You can just see that all eyes are on Jesus at first, then all look up to see the stretcher carrying this paralytic as it is lowered to the ground.

Desire for spiritual life comes in all forms. At birth God gave each one of us life, therefore as a result of receiving life, we owe God at the very least, a hearing. A hearing as to the truth concerning life and the truth concerning our potential course of life for the future.

God gives us a choice and even when we make the wrong choice, God respects our choice. He never coerces us in any way. Some hear God and desire deeply to know more. Some hear God and desire only that which will give them immediate relief. Others hear God and reject or are disinterested in His truth. Still others look to themselves and the opinions of other 'educated' people, for the truth that appeals to them the most. Interesting that man will look to man (who was not even present at the beginning of creation) for their source of truth, rather than to God who created all things and even guides history in every detail, annnd ... has been present for all of eternity!

Positive volition conquers all obstacles. For anyone who truly desires to know spiritual truth, then that knowledge will come to them. There is no obstacle under creation that can prevent Gods Word from getting to anyone who desires it. And the world will throw up a lot of barriers, including barriers of people who pretend to want to know Jesus, but really have anterior motives (a quick fix to problems).

In our life time we will see the 'experts' or hear from them, and they will try to convince us that what the Bible says is not really what it says, but something else. They will come up with various meanings and interpretations. This is how we get the many rituals and beliefs in all the various religions on planet earth. There is also family opposition to ones spiritual growth, peer pressure against ones spiritual growth, social pressure, fellow worker pressure, the call of the world in its various activities and entertainment's. And ones own problems can be a big hindrance to ones advancement in the spiritual life, if one gets bitter, or full of self pity.

Certainly this man has been through all those emotional gyrations and pressures in his life. But now Jesus is here in the flesh and nothing is going to stop him. Not people, not walls, not a closed up skylight, nothing.

We already know the jest of the conversation, 'If you are willing, then you 'can' heal me!' And the response is obvious. Jesus is always willing for those who have faith and a desire to know Him.

Note. The priests were present but the man sought out Jesus not them. He probably had already been to them in the past with obviously no success. The priests had their positions, their education, everything that the world deems as proper resume credentials, but they were powerless. Jesus had nothing recognized by earthly protocol, but had the power to do anything desired.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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