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Luke Introduction and Outline

Lesson # Luke Introduction, Outline
Study Material - Luke, book introduction and outline

You must be in fellowship prior to your Bible study, so that the spiritual information you receive can become a source, of blessing to your soul and produce spiritual growth.

Luke Introduction

We have followed the introduction of Jesus as born King of the Jews in Matthew. Beginning in chapter three of Matthew some 30 years have passed when John the Baptist is introduced. Now we will digress back to the time before Christ's birth in the book of Luke and follow as Luke introduces Jesus as a man. Mark will introduce Jesus as a servant and John introduces Jesus as God. Thus all four books of the beginning of the New Testament present a complete picture of Jesus Christ as the unique person of the universe the God/man and the King/servant. But first service must come before glorification.

Luke presents the perfect humanity of Christ, the son of man and traces his genealogy back to Adam. Christ is presented from the perspective of His human mother, Mary, the mother of His humanity, and tells of His boyhood and early prayer life more so than the other three gospels of Matthew, Mark and John.

Luke emphasizes the tremendous compassion that Christ has for mankind, for the difficulties that people must endure in human history, but with the promise of closure at the end of human events, and a new beginning.

The outline of Luke includes the birth and baptism of Christ, the public ministry of Christ as the son of man, the triumphant entry and rejection and death, His resurrection and commission to the disciples and His ascension. A detailed outline is found below.

We will follow the beginnings of Jesus again from prior to birth to the beginning of his public ministry before resuming in Matthew. I think that this will give a better and more complete picture of the one who in Genesis created and restored the world, and was born in total helplessness as an infant in this world, but still held the universe together in his hand.

Luke Outline

I. Introduction. 1:1-4.
II. The announcement of the Savior. 1:5-2:52.
A. The annunciation to Zacharias. 1:5-25.
B. The annunciation to Mary. 1:26-56,
C. The birth of John. 1:57-80.
D. The birth of Jesus. 2:1-20.
E. The presentation in the Temple. 2:21-40,
III. The appearance of the Savior. 3:1-4:15.
A. The introduction of John the Baptist. 3:1-20,
B. The baptism of Jesus. 3:21,22.
C. The genealogy. 3:23-38.
D. The temptation. 4:1-13.
E. The entrance into Galilee. 4:14,15.
IV. The active ministry of the Savior. 4:16-9:50.
A. The definition of his ministry. 4:16-44,
B. The proofs of his power. 5:1-6:11,
C. The choice of the apostles. 6:12-19.
D. A digest of his teaching. 6:20-49,
E. A cross section of his ministry. 7:1-9:17.
F. The climax of his ministry. 9:18-50.
V. The road to the cross. 9:51-18:30.
A. The perspective of the cross. 9:51-62.
B. The ministry of the seventy. 10:1-24.
C. Popular teaching. 10:25-13:21,
D. The beginning of public debate. 13:22-16:31.
E. Instruction of the disciples. 17:1-18:30,
VI. The suffering of the Savior. 18:31-23:56.
A. The progress to Jerusalem. 18:31-19:27,
B. The entry into Jerusalem. 19:28-44.
C. The teaching in Jerusalem. 19:45-21:4.
D. The Olivet Discourse. 21:5-38,
E. The last supper. 22:1-38,
F. The betrayal. 22:39-53,
G. The arrest and trial. 22:54-23:25,
H. The crucifixion. 23:26-49,
I. The burial. 23:50-56,
VII. The resurrection. 24:1-53.
A. The empty tomb. 24:1-12,
B. The walk to Emmaus. 24:13-35.
C. The appearance to the disciples. 24:36-43,
D. The last commission. 24:44-49.
E. The ascension. 24:50-53.

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End Of Lesson

Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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