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Matthew 4:5-7

Lesson # Matthew 4:5-7
Study Material - Matthew 4:5-7

You must be in fellowship prior to your Bible study, so that the spiritual information you receive can become a source, of blessing to your soul and produce spiritual growth.

Matt. 4:5-7

5 Then the devil took Him into the holy city; and he had Him stand on the pinnacle of the temple, 6 and said to Him, 'If You are the Son of God throw Yourself down; for it is written, 'He will give His angels charge concerning You'; and 'On their hands they will bear You up, Lest You strike Your foot against a stone.' 7 Jesus said to him, 'On the other hand, it is written, 'You shall not put the Lord your God to the test.'

After the first tempt, where Satan tested Jesus' trust in the provisions of God, trying to get Jesus to use His own powers to feed himself, rather than relying on the provisions of the Holy Spirit, which is what we all rely on even to this current day. So now Satan comes right back with a mis-quote in an effort to twist the meaning of doctrine.

If we read the Bible, then have our own interpretation, one which is convenient to our whims, and then set off on our own, we are no different than Cain, who rejected God and was rejected by God in turn.

Psa. 91:11, God has His angels doing extra work caring for each of us in accordance with Gods plan for our lives, but they do not interfere with our stupid decisions. We can rationalize for ourselves that God Has a plan for our life and then run out into traffic, or stay at home and not work, or not change the oil in the car, or not go to the doctor when sick. We can do a lot of things, even jump off of a building, and test God to take care of us. Surprise! If you don't work, you starve, you lose your home. If you don't go to the hospital, you suffer, maybe die. Do you think your appendix will heal itself?

Satan tempts Jesus to jump off of a high pinnacle. Certainly God would protect Him, people would see that He was someone special, His career would get a huge boost. Think how it would look on His resume'. He was destined for the Cross, destined to be crowned king, so He could do anything, right? And be safe. Wrong. We each of us have to be responsible. Certainly we have doctrine to help us grow up and to guide us toward Gods blessing, promotion, and so forth. But part of that spiritual growth is responsibility to self, to family, to the community, and to God.

So we don't make dumb mistakes. We don't temp God, lest we get a big surprise. Don't think that you can sin, confess it, and be safe. Technically you may still be in fellowship after your confession to God, in private of course, but you may get surprised and be hammered with the repercussions of your sin. The world is unforgiving. An injured spouse may take you to the cleaners for your infraction, the law may cost you time or money, or both. Your reputation as a cheat, or as unreliable, may cost you in social circles, or in the business community. Don't think that just because you are advancing in doctrine, maybe enjoying some prosperity, that you have a license to 'have some fun', or be a 'sneak' from time to time.

Satan implies that no matter what Jesus does, He will be safe, but that is the mis-quote. We are kept safe if we comply with doctrine. That is if we are positive, in fellowship, study daily, grow up spiritually in our souls, and make the proper application of doctrine to our lives. If we go out of our way and take unreasonable risks, or take obviously wrong paths, like running with the wrong crowd, then this promise of preservation by the angels is forfeit.

Advance in doctrine and become prosperous, but don't think that you have outgrown the need for doctrine. God will humble you to your embarrassment, and the road back could very well be a tough one. Jesus allowed this temp from Satan. Jesus was courteous and patient. Satan was given a chance to test Jesus, and Jesus demonstrated His complete preparation for these tests and superiority over Satan. Jesus came to this world for one reason, and that was to go to the Cross. Satan tried to prevent that. Jesus could have taken the easy way out. Bow to Satan and all would be rosy. Satan would even give Him the planet to rule, but Jesus was not fooled by the empty promises. Evil demands loyalty, but cannot deliver its promises. God is the only one who has the ability to deliver on His Word.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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