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Matthew 5:3

Lesson # Matt. 5:3
Study Material - Matt. 5:3

You must be in fellowship prior to your Bible study, so that the spiritual information you receive can become a source, of blessing to your soul and produce spiritual growth.

Matt. 5:3

3 'Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Blessing is the result of Christ. He came into this world to bless us all, Gen. 12:3. Blessings are intended for true happiness. As the Old Testament ended with a curse for the negative attitude of the people, so Christ speaks to each one of us and tells us that it does not have to be that way. Our decisions in life regarding God will determine the extent of our blessings and our happiness.

Blessings are usually thought of in terms of tangible wealth. Money, power, having things, or having talents or mental abilities that provide or pave the way for a higher lifestyle. Whereas the poor, the less able, the less intelligent, the less connected are considered to be cursed, and to such is little or no happiness.

But such doesn't have to be the case. Happiness begins with the soul. Happiness begins with the content of the soul. Not in terms of mental ability, but in terms of divine viewpoint verses human viewpoint. Divine viewpoint comes from the learning of Gods Word as human viewpoint comes from our environment around us.

Therefore, happiness comes from the source of heaven, not from the source of planet earth. The highway we travel is not of this world, but it is a holy highway, Isa. 35:8. Only those who walk in spirit will travel the highway. All others will not travel it.

Poor, comes from 'ptochos', a beggar, destitute, private poverty, to crouch from lack of, to fall, to toil for substance. Spirit, is the word 'pneuma', breathing, air, breath, involuntary action.

Bringing the two together means that we as mankind have no control over our destiny. We have no control over our current circumstances. We do not have any control over our birth, nor do we have control over our death. We cannot control the things that go on in this world either by other people, or even the weather. We are totally helpless, but some just do not see life in that way. They look at life in terms of their present surroundings - their job, their assets, their goals in life. Things that they think they have control over. But as we have already seen, God provides all that we have. He appoints and cancels our circumstances in accordance with His greater plan. It is not we who are in control.

So the beginning of blessings begins with the soul and what we take into it. Our breathing apparatus, our human spirit, and all the mechanics that we did not create, but have been given by God for our use in the spiritual life. Salvation begins this process. At that point in time (the moment when we believed in Christ) we receive a human spirit. Prior to that we were totally and completely destitute in our spiritual life. We had no future worth boasting about. But after salvation then our blessings begin. Still destitute and we always remain so with respect to this world - for the world can give us nothing that will make us any better off in terms of our eternal destiny - then we, as saved believers in Christ are blessed, in that our destiny is no longer the kingdom of the lake of fire, but the kingdom of heaven and an eternal existence with God.

Recognizing that there are two paths in life, that there is the path of learning Bible doctrine, and there is the path of ignoring Bible doctrine, then we recognize our worthlessness and poor state. In the spirit there is true happiness, true blessing. Out of the spirit there is nothing but temporary spurts of good times, but they will all go away.

So the spirit is the key to our future and present state of mind. Salvation (that is the moment when you believed in Jesus Christ), is when you received a human spirit. The human spirit is the third component of the human make up (body, soul, and spirit). The body is our mode of transport. With it we can walk, and talk, and eat apple pie, but it has its limitations. One day we will shed this mortal body and it will be replaced with an immortal one. One that will give us access to every corner of the universe and heaven. The soul is the home of your human life. Without a body it is really of no use. It floats free willie with absolutely no control over anything. The human spirit is our link with God, the one who created us all and the one who holds all things together in this universe. Without a link to God, we have no blessing and no future apart from doom.

Therefore, we not only need a spirit to have access to God but we need to be using it as well. Many believers have a human spirit that they do not use. They are out of fellowship, unwashed so to speak. And fellowship is the key to open access to God. By being in fellowship we are inside His sphere of power, protection, and blessing.

So to all who recognize their true state in this existence - total depravity (and by the way this has nothing to do with your economic status. Human environment is irrelevant). To those who realize that life does continue after the commercial, or after the end of the movie, or after our death. And that therefore, we need additional resources to be able to deal with that continued existence. Then salvation, fellowship, and spiritual growth all combine to give us blessings that far exceed and cannot be matched by anything in this world. To these people is the right to enter the kingdom of heaven, that kingdom that will never end.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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