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Matthew 5:6

Lesson # Matt. 5:6
Study Material - Matt. 5:6

You must be in fellowship prior to your Bible study, so that the spiritual information you receive can become a source, of blessing to your soul and produce spiritual growth.

Matt. 5:6

6 'Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied.

These are all promises that we have been studying lately. Who gains access to heaven? Those who believe in Christ. The poor in spirit. The human spirit goes to only those who have believed in Christ. At the very moment that anyone believes in Christ they receive a human spirit. The human spirit is a container, just as your human body and human soul are containers.

The body houses biological life. That is life that exists in the cells of your anatomy and came from the dust of the earth - chemicals if you will. One day this mortal body will be replaced with an immortal one, a resurrection body, indestructible. But for now we have to put up with the limitations and handicaps of our current bodies such as they are.

The soul houses human life. That is life that is imputed into the soul at the point of human birth. We studied that Hebrew word - 'neshamah', the spark of life, which is breathed into the soul by God when we are born. Human life comes from God.

The human spirit is the home of eternal life. That life which gives us access to heaven and a link to a permanent relationship with God. Those who have life in the spirit, gain heaven forever. Our souls are poor because alone the soul has nothing and no ability to have eternal life.

In this world we grieve for many reasons, but as believers in Christ, we have access to His power sphere, and doctrine. We study and advance in our spiritual life. This is not a weekend event, but a steady growth pattern that takes our entire lives. Arriving to maturity should not take long. Perhaps a few months or a few years depending on many factors - your age, your consistency in daily study, your consistency of being in fellowship, and so forth. But we are to continue in our daily study for all of our lives, not for just one semester or a year, then off into the world, but for everyday of our lives no matter how long we live.

Once we arrive at a point of maturity, we are responsible, we are truly humble, confident (not arrogant, not cocky, not rude, not abusive toward others), but confident and wise in our understanding of life and all of its components. Only a mature person has poise in life and is able to face hardships straight on with dignity, and without falling apart in a slobbering cry baby state.

Now to verse 6. The hunger and the thirst is the positive attitude toward Bible doctrine. The desire for Gods word. To learn it, to grow up with it, to understand it, to advance in ones life as a master of what you know.
This then is the greatest promise of all. If you hunger, desire to learn Gods Word, then you 'will' learn it and you 'will' advance to maturity, and you 'will' arrive there in due course. That is a guarantee from God to you.

How many times have we all tried to do things in life and failed? How many of us have failed in life? How many of us look back on our lives and see failure after failure, either because we made the wrong decisions or we just were not good enough for the task whatever it may have been. Did we fall short of the top score in school? Did our marriage fail somewhere along the line. Did we fail in work or business, or even in the social circles that we wanted to so badly be a part of? Do we have the things in life that we have always wanted? Or is there something missing? If you are alive and breathing then there had to have been a yes answer to one or more of these. If you think that you have been totally successful in life then you are probably dead, right now. Somebody needs to clue you in!

Do you read the headlines of the grocery store stand news rags? Can't hardly not see them when you walk through the checkout. There are stories of successes as well as the gossip. People make it big in Hollywood, in business, in politics, in some aspect of life. I was helping our 4-H group compile a list of foundations that provide grant monies for their charitable activities. In the United States alone there are 61,000 Foundations. That is a lot. There is a lot of wealth out there in the world, and you may or may not be apart of it. No matter. Life is not going to pass you by. Everyone made their wealth in the jungle of this world. You and I live in that environment, but we have something that everyone else ignores - Bible doctrine.

We have a chance at tremendous success in our physical life, in our spiritual life and therefore in our eternal life, that others in this world cannot match. Our wealth will far surpass anything that has ever been accumulated in this world, or even in history. And though we, each of us, may have had our disappointments in life, though we may not be swinging with the rich and famous of the jet set, nor flying first class, we do have a promise of success that is not contingent on our effort in work, in school, in business, in marriage, in social activities, or in anything of this world.

If we are positive toward our Bible study. If we are consistent in our daily commitment to studying Gods Word. If we maintain our fellowship link with God through all of this and indeed during every moment of our lives (as best we can). Then we 'will' advance to spiritual maturity, we will be spiritually satisfied, we will pass the various tests that life has to throw at us, we will receive the rewards and blessings that far surpass those of other believers (those who are saved but ignored Bible study during their lives).

Too often people give superficial time to God. Many people just do not think much of God. They are too busy filling in the time they were given between birth and death with other 'more important' things in life. We all have responsibilities. God does not take those responsibilities away from us. We still have to go to school, to work. We still have to take care of the family. We still have obligations to charity or church. Life does not stop just for your advancement to maturity. In fact life gets better.

Gods promise is certain. Seek God and He will greatly bless you. You will arrive a winner in life, and you'll be an even greater winner than any success story that comes out of the jungle.

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End Of Lesson

Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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