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Matthew 5:7

Lesson # Matt. 5:7
Study Material - Matt. 5:7

You must be in fellowship prior to your Bible study, so that the spiritual information you receive can become a source, of blessing to your soul and produce spiritual growth.

Matt. 5:7

7 'Blessed are the merciful, for they shall receive mercy.

Notice that all of these verses begin with blessed. Blessed is true happiness. Happiness belongs solely to positive believers in this world. Anything else, and everyone else may have temporary spurts of something they call happiness, but it is external from their lives. They may enjoy a party, a good joke, a good meal, a good movie, a vacation, or something that they do or something that excites their senses. Note, that anything that excites the senses (things that taste good, look good, smell good, feel good, sound good), belong to all of humanity. These are merely the result of your interaction with something or someone. These are events that excite your emotions, and are things that your emotions respond to or react to. They are not happiness, but transient sensational ties to the world.

True happiness is a mental attitude, something that we call in our Bible study - inner happiness. Who is blessed or who does happiness belong to? Believers who are advancing to spiritual maturity. No one else can ever achieve inner happiness - happiness which is permanent in the life. Everything that people call happiness in life is really an emotional high which lasts for a short period of time.

The merciful again are believers who are grace oriented. Only positive believers in Christ, only those believers who are advancing in their spiritual life, only those who are learning Gods Word because they are studying it, only these people will become oriented to grace, and as a result they will receive an extraordinary amount of grace from God.

Grace. What is it? Mercy is the Greek word 'eleeo', mercy, compassion, compassionate, to receive, to obtain from a greater source. Mercy is grace in action. Grace, 'charis' is Gods policy toward mankind, and toward all living creatures throughout this universe, either man or angel, for that matter. Grace is the policy of favor, of giving freely, of provision, and of generosity. All things come from the source of God, and it is He who gives and provides to us freely all things in accordance with His plan. His plan for us was set out in eternity past and utilizes the best possible result for each of our lives. God set out a perfect plan. Only each one of us can screw up that plan for ourselves, by being negative toward God.

Grace is the policy, and mercy is the action of that policy. For mankind, God gave human life and the option for eternal life. These gifts were given freely and without strings attached. We can either accept them or reject them. To reject them is the quintessence of human stupidity. If you are alive and breathing, then how can you reject your own life? If you have information for eternity, then how can we reject that? But many do. And to those who accept Gods faith salvation plan, then how can we reject His provision in our life after salvation? But many do that too.

Once you are saved, life does not end. You are not suddenly whisked off to heaven a winner. You remain here on earth, still tied down by this human body, by your sin nature within. Gods policy of grace takes on a whole new meaning. You are not threatened with condemnation any more, because for all who believe in Christ, there is no further threat of eternal death. That is security. Once saved, always saved. There is nothing that you can do to lose your salvation. Now your choice in life is to either advance in your saved life (what we call your spiritual life), or not to advance. Not advancing is easy, simply ignore God and don't study your Bible. You'll go to heaven when you die, but you will live a miserable life here on earth, and when you die, you'll discover that all those eternal blessings that God offers to mature believers, will not be there for you. But then you make the choice.

To go on to positive signals in life and actually learn something of God, and even advance in your spiritual life, then you have to study every day. And that is not really that difficult. Ten or fifteen minutes a day, now who cannot spare that amount of time? Hummm!

And as you learn a little bit of doctrine each day, and learn a little bit more each day, and build on what you learned from the day before, and then begin to apply it to your life. Then you begin to understand what life is all about. You become oriented to life, oriented to God, oriented to His plan in general and to your life as well in general, and finally you see His policy of grace and you begin to practice it yourself.

We call that practice the 'love everyone' policy or impersonal love, or you simply become more tolerant toward other peoples in your life. You are less on the defensive when people rub you the wrong way. You have nothing to prove to them anyway. You are more empathetic toward the needs of others, even when you realize that other people have problems because they have been negative toward God most of their lives. People are stubborn when it comes to smoking cigarettes despite the abundance of publicity against them, so they can obviously be negative toward God. People practice weird things in life, but you are not judgmental. You do not point out their sins to their face, 'Better stop your sinning!!!'. In fact their sins are none of your business, and so you do not focus on them in conversation, but you do focus on God and the positive aspects of Bible study. If they choose to begin their personal study, then God will take care of the sin issue from within their own soul. They'll learn.

In practicing mercy, you share your excesses with those who might be in need. You give to charities. You tell everyone of your Bible study. You form your own Bible group if that interests you (not a requirement ya know though). You offer help when help is requested. You stand back when help is rejected. Some people just need to learn the hard way, and believe me, God will help them out there.

You look around life and see people hustling through life. Nothing wrong with a little hustle you know, but hustle without God is a big waste of time. Everything gained will be lost.

To those who are grace oriented (mature believers are grace oriented), then God gives greater grace. Happiness is not a consequence of practicing mercy, but a result of having a significant amount of Bible doctrine in your soul. That doctrine which has constructed a spiritual palace inside your soul, which has been used by your daily application of same to your life, which has produced in you an understanding about life and God and grace.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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