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Matthew 5:8

Lesson # Matt. 5:8
Study Material - Matt. 5:8

You must be in fellowship prior to your Bible study, so that the spiritual information you receive can become a source, of blessing to your soul and produce spiritual growth.

Matt. 5:8

8 'Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.

Pure, 'katharos', clean, clear, pure, uncontaminated, purged of impurities. Heart, ' kardia', refers to thoughts, feelings, the thought activity that is moving through your soul.

Here is the culmination of the spiritual life. Bible doctrine resident in your soul, and even more than that, it is the activity of using that doctrine within your soul and applying it to your life. And even more than that, this is the concept of having a pure soul, a soul that is uncontaminated with the production of the sin nature.

This is the fellowship state with God.

This is where most believers in this world fail in their Christian, or spiritual (if you will) life. They are not in fellowship. They do not understand it, or they have some of the most weird ideas as to just what fellowship really is.

First we need to cover why we need to have a common ground in order to have access to God. God is pure, perfect, perfect righteousness (there is no sin in Gods life, never has been, never will be). In our life there is the constant state of sin. We are the created. We were formed of the dust of the world (our bodies that is), we have sin natures contaminating every cell of our bodies. This 'sin' was passed down to each one of us from Adam - genetically. It is a thorough saturation of our physical being, and we simply cannot get away from it.

What about Jesus? He was born of the seed of the woman (virgin birth), not of the seed of the man. God the Holy Spirit provided a perfect uncontaminated sperm to impregnate Mary, thus the virgin pregnancy. Jesus was born without a sin nature, just as Adam was created without a sin nature. But there was a big difference between the two of them. Adam failed and that is how the sin nature was introduced into the human race. A perpetual contamination that passes down through the man to all offspring, in all generations.

Jesus lived on this earth (33 years) for at least as long as Adam existed before his fall, thus the test was complete with respect to whether or not Jesus could survive (at least as long as Adam) without failure and be qualified for the Cross. Which He did. Of course Jesus is God, but for the purpose of becoming true humanity, He did not utilize His power as God to sustain Himself. He used the Holy Spirit alone and Bible doctrine which He learned, and from that aspect He survived in this world, despite tremendous attacks from Satan. Attacks far beyond anything that you or I will ever be subjected to.

Jesus Was in fellowship with God continually from the very moment of His birth and throughout His entire life. So now we have that same sphere of power in which we can and should live our lives.

So what is fellowship? It is not, repeat, is not all this phony stuff about getting the Ghost, or getting the tongues, or having some kind of seizure, or having some kind of emotional holy experience, or throwing your head back and gargling gibberish. This is all nonsense, and Hollywood show for the ignorant.

Your human senses have nothing to do with your spiritual life. Anything that an unbeliever can do is not spirituality. Remember that an unbeliever can read the Bible, even memorize it, but it does nothing for them when they reject the very basis for which God gave us the scriptures in the first place - Jesus Christ (the only means of salvation). The priests (most of them, not all) were in charge of the functions of the Temple in Jesus day, but they were all unbelievers. They knew the Bible text academically, but they did not understand it spiritually. They lacked the human spirit first of all, through which all spiritual information is routed through and into your soul. With no human spirit, there is no means of getting spiritual information into your soul, as spiritual information.

Further we must be in fellowship before this link (the human spirit) will function and allow the flow of spiritual information to proceed into your soul. So what is fellowship?

The Old Testament teaches the concept of fellowship through the concept of washing or removal of uncleanness. To wash the feet, to wash the hands or articles of the temple, to remove the shoes in order to stand on Holy ground. This is the instruction to Moses - 'remove thy shoes, for you stand on Holy Ground'. So do we wash our hands and feet, do we take a shower or bath, do we change our socks, or what? What is it that we do in order to gain access to God? To see God? This is where confession comes into play in our individual lives.

In our life, sin makes us dirty, so we need to be cleaned up before God will accept us into His presence. What is the filth? Well, various passages describes it as filthy rags (menstrual rags), dog vomit, human waste and so forth. Now if you were to go into your boss, or if you were invited into see the King, then wouldn't you clean yourself up first? Of course. And God will not see anyone who does not clean themselves up first before coming into His presence.

Confession is this cleansing function. Who do we confess to? Not to people, certainly. We confess to God the Father only and to no one else. Not to your spouse, not to your momma, not to your priest, and certainly not to me. No person can forgive you. Only God can forgive. The mechanics of fellowship restoration is given in 1 Jn 1:9, if we confess, then He (God the Father) will forgive and restore.

That is the function of getting into fellowship. And it is very simple to do. Father I did this and that, and this and that. Period. In Christ's name I pray. The confession to God is really a prayer offered and God automatically grants your petition of restoration to fellowship. You merely name our sins in a list format. That's all. You do not feel anything. No rainbow appears. No ray of sunshine appears. Life just goes on as usual, except you are now cleaned with respect to the sin in your life and you are now:

'... pure of heart...'

The sin is gone and you are in fellowship. This is where you really need to live your life. Inside that invisible bubble that we call fellowship with God. For while in fellowship our human spirit functions, Gods protections for your life are in force, you are in effect online with God. Your link to God is active and open for two way communication. You speak to God through your attention to Bible study, through prayer, through your application of Bible doctrine to your life, and God speaks to you through His Word (sorry there are no voices in the sky).

As you learn, you come to an understanding of God, of life. You become oriented to life, to God, to grace, and so forth. Then sooner or later, you begin to see (grasp the concept and the reality of ) God.

To be pure in heart is the whole key to your successful Christian life, or to your whole spiritual life, if you prefer to refer to it in that way.

There are two keys to life. The first is through believing in Christ. This is a one time decision which obviously will make a tremendous difference in your future (heaven or hell). The second key is fellowship - your utilization of the confession concept which allows you into the presence of God and gains you a residence in His palace. It is far better to live in Gods palace, than to live in the jungle. Confession is a repeated process of daily decisions. You must continually evaluate your life, 'If we judge ourselves, then we will not be judged'. Out of fellowship we are open and subject to God discipline. Inside fellowship, we are clean and in us there are no impurities, no basis for discipline, only blessing. You should begin each and every day when you wake up in the morning with your confession prayer to God. If you cannot think of anything, then certainly confess arrogance (that is the granddaddy of all sins). Better to start of the day right. Throughout the day, you constantly watch yourself, your thoughts, your actions. You begin the process of self disciplining what you think and do. You catch your errors and confess them immediately. This is not a public prayer, but you offer it to God in the privacy of your own thoughts. Should only take a couple of seconds to think through the prayer in your mind. Certainly before Bible study you confess your sins to clear the decks for your study, so that all spiritual information will be funneled through your human spirit and into your soul, and then you will gain full access and benefit of the spiritual nourishment it contains.

Remember, anything you learn academically (learn while out of fellowship) does not help your spiritual growth. Only that which you learn and believe while in fellowship will be useful to your spiritual life.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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