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Matthew 6:10a

Lesson # Matt. 6:10a
Study Material - Matt. 6:10a

You must be in fellowship prior to your Bible study, so that the spiritual information you receive can become a source, of blessing to your soul and produce spiritual growth.

Matt. 6:10a

10 'Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done, On earth as it is in heaven.

Gods kingdom is the acknowledgment that it is His plan for history, not our own hope for some man made destiny, that will prevail. This is a recognition that God is real, eternal, and that all that exists within the covers of the Bible are true. That theories of evolution, theories that man somehow came into existence by chance rather than by design, theories that man will eventually rule the universe by means of his own ingenuity, all these are false.

'Thy kingdom come...', is a reference to the certainty of a coming kingdom. Not some fairy tale, not some story that we read and forget as though it has no meaning, purpose, or truth in the real world.

This is a recognition that the angels had their chance and they blew it. Man has had his chances throughout history and man has failed utterly. There is no means of bringing righteousness and justice, and therefore happiness into this world unless we bring it into the world by means of God.

John the Baptist said, 'Behold the Kingdom of God is at hand.' He was referring to Jesus Christ, the savior in one sense, and to the fulfillment of prophecy in another. In eternity past God set out a plan for history. It began with the creation of angels. It continued with the creation of the universe in their presence, and continued with their rebellion, and the judgment of those 1/3 that refused to repent their rejection of God. History has continued with the angelic destruction of the universe, Gods restoration of planet earth and finally the creation of the last creature in His plan - mankind.

Man has his periods of history which we call dispensations. Man began in the Garden in an era of innocence, but man failed. Man continued in the pre-flood era and was influenced and infiltrated by angels, and failed. Man continued in an era of family leadership from Noah to Abraham, and failed. Then the age of the Patriarchs followed, then on to the age of the nation of Israel, and that age was interrupted by the first advent of Christ, then the Church Age, wherein the Royal Family of God is currently being created.

We are now in that current age, the Church Age or the Age of the Royal Family. It began with the first Pentecost following the Cross, about 30 AD and has continued for some 1971 years now (our current year being 2001), and will continue to the conclusion of the Church Age. That conclusion being the Rapture of the Church.

Then the Age of Israel will resume, having still seven years remaining in that era. This last seven years has been called the Tribulation. We will be getting into that period in our study when we resume in Revelation. The Tribulation is future and will be the worst period of history that the world has ever seen. The disasters will be far worse than anything before. The adversity will be far worse than anything before. The prejudice, the harshness of treatment, the utter vulgarity of mankind will be far worse than anything that has happened before in history.

Then, and only then, after all these events of history have occurred, then will the Second Coming of Christ occur. Death will rain down upon His return and then peace and prosperity will begin and continue for 1000 years. This is the first reference of the Kingdom of God - the Millennium, the reign of Christ.

During this period there will be peace, prosperity, and happiness as never known before in history. It will begin with believers only. All unbelievers will have been executed upon Christ's return. There will be so many that it will take six months to bury the dead. In fact there will be so few people to do the burying, that the birds will have to come and feast on the dead in order to help clean up the mess. Why doesn't Christ simply snap His fingers to clean it all up? Because people need to have a reminder of what rejection of God leads to, and this will leave a deep impression in the minds of those going into the Millennium. What is our reminder? 'Thy Kingdom come...'.

What does it mean? There is a termination to human history. We did not come into being by accident. We did not come into existence for no reason. It is mans destiny to rule with Christ, and to that end history is fast moving. Man will not improve himself such that he will reach out and explore the stars and someday rule them. To travel the length of the our own galaxy which is supposed to be some 100,000 light years in diameter, would take 100,000 years if we traveled at the speed of light. If we traveled at 100,000 times the speed of light then it would still take a year to make the trip. To make the trip in a day (that's a 24 hour trip) we would have to travel 36,500,000 times the speed of light. Now what is the likelihood that we will someday travel throughout our galaxy let alone the universe, which is billions of times greater in distance?

There is a termination to history coming and it is on the horizon. Christ's arm is flexed on the lever of history which we have already studied in Revelation, and that lever is going to be thrown one day.

'Thy Kingdom come...' Is a recognition that God and God alone rules history and that with certainty, at some point in time in the future, whether near or far, His Kingdom will come and replace mans failed kingdoms.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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