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Matthew 6:10b

Lesson # Matt. 6:10b
Study Material - Matt. 6:10b

You must be in fellowship prior to your Bible study, so that the spiritual information you receive can become a source, of blessing to your soul and produce spiritual growth.

Matt. 6:10b

10 'Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done, On earth as it is in heaven.

There are two wills in this universe, two opinions. There is Gods opinion which is disclosed in the Bible, and then there are the opinions of everyone else (human and satanic). Currently Gods will is being done, with respect to His plan for humanity. His plan for our history is moving forward despite all our combined wills and attitudes which are contrary to His will. But it is mankind's opinions that screw up life for us all.

Just as His Kingdom will soon be here, so also, His will, will rule and all the philosophies of man will take a hike.

Mans opinions are driven by the mental capabilities that God gave each one of us. We have five senses to interact with the environment around us. We have mentality to conduct experiments and to discover the hidden things in this universe. Certainly our technology is far more advanced today than it was a century ago, and certainly far beyond several centuries ago.

If man were consistently objective, then we could collectively arrive at correct solutions, or explanations regarding the world around us. However, there is one sense we lack in our natural being, and that is spiritual sense. Also, there is one influence that distorts our objective evaluations to truth, and that influence is our sin nature.

In grained in everyone of us is a sin nature. Handed down to each of us through our physical birth, from Adam, our sin nature saturates our physical bodies. It does not exist in our souls, but our souls are influenced by the distortions to life that our sin nature leads us through.

Our soul is the residence to our human life. Just as our physical body is the residence to our biological life. Our body is the vessel in which our soul resides temporarily in this world. The third part of our being is our human spirit which is the residence to our eternal life. We receive this spirit when we believe in Christ. For most of us that was probably at the age of 10 or 12 years old. Perhaps younger for some, and even much older for others.

From the moment of our physical birth, our soul, like a sponge, absorbs information. We learn to think eventually. We learn to put all that information into perspective and we reach conclusions in life - who we are, what we like and don't like, philosophies we favor and disfavor and so forth. In all of this, and throughout the years, from the learning years through our old age, we are influenced by our sin natures as well as Gods Word. We have the ability to decide - volition was given to each one of us by God, in order to give us control over our destiny. We can either choose for Gods opinions, or we can follow the opinions of the world, or we can even come up with our own independent opinions.

By learning and following Gods Word we are able to see life clearly and arrive at correct conclusions with respect to our own life and the world around us. If we choose against God then we are left with our five senses and everything in this world that might influence our thinking. Regardless of how objective we might think we are, sooner or later we will always end up wrong. Because the influence of this world is so powerful, that no person can fight its influence off, especially when the single most important piece of information from your thought process is missing, and that missing piece is the spiritual component of life.

In heaven Gods will is done. There is no influence from any other source to taint it, or steer it off course. On earth, there is a huge hodge-podge of information that can misdirect anyone of us at anytime. Too often people say they reject God because they want to be in command of their own life, that they do not want to be controlled by some other outside force making their decisions for them. And they do not see that by rejecting God, they are actually subscribing to that very slavery that they want to avoid. They do not realize that accepting God is really the path to their independence. But the chains of slavery are so great that they do not see their own bondage.

Mans will ultimately leads to doom and misery and disaster. The second advent of Christ will see the world saturated with evil and warfare, and only after He destroys all enemies to truth, will there be happiness and prosperity. So also, in each one of our lives, only after we defeat our enemy within (the influence of our sin nature over our own soul) will we begin to discover the path to truth and the happiness that lies ahead.

Christianity is not a doom and gloom philosophy where we have to give up things in order to have some superficial placid happy faces. Christianity is freedom from slavery, a celebration, a party, a confidence, a security in life, a trusting that God will provide for everything we need and more. Christianity is not the poor house, but the keys to the bank vault.

So long as mans will exists on this world, there will be selfishness, war, lust, sin of every type. There will be competition between married couples which leads to destroyed marriages, there will be stress from everyday dealings in life - how to earn a living, how to pay the bills, what to do with kids in trouble, when to retire, how to survive, how to invest. The list goes on and on. When God is rejected, your life is in a jungle setting and the jungle is adversarial to everyone. You may be hot stuff for a while, but your time will come and you'll lose.

Gods will, on the other hand, is Bible doctrine. It is the learning process that brings spiritual growth and eventually spiritual maturity to your life. It is the recognition that God is really in control over life and that if you allow God to guide your life through the information He provides through your Bible study, then life will be the best it possibly can be for you, both now and in eternity.

Will mankind rule forever? Will we go to the stars and beyond? No. Eventually history will come to an end, and the failed opinions of mankind and Satan will come to an end as well.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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