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Matthew 7:6

Lesson # Matt. 7:6
Study Material - Matt. 7:6

You must be in fellowship prior to your Bible study, so that the spiritual information you receive can become a source, of blessing to your soul and produce spiritual growth.

Matt. 7:6

6 'Do not give what is holy to dogs, and do not throw your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces.

Dogs, now those are mans best friend. And as for those cute little piglets, who could ally with the big bad wolf against the three little pigs? We all have our pets, muffy or fido, and maybe someone out there has a little (or big) pot belly piggy. Not sure what you name them. Maybe porky, or ham bone? Anyway how could anyone even be against these cute little pets who generally become a part of our families. We walk with them, talk to them, and they certainly talk back to us!!! After all they are almost human .... in some respects.

But alas, our best buds do have their bad habits - nose to tail kind of stuff, eating anything and everything on the ground (don't kiss muffy's lips), their disgusting belching or flatulent relieving of themselves, wallowing in the mud as piglet does, and so forth. So they do have their faults. Some pretty disgusting. By the way I heard a story on the radio, about a big to-do in New Zealand. Apparently there is a lot of complaining against the belching (you know - through your mouth) and flatulation (ok these are the gasses that escape through the ... a ... southern vent of the anatomy) of the millions of livestock in that country. These gasses released apparently have a lot to do with global warming it is said! Hummm! Not sure what this has to do with anything in our study, but it was a funny story. I suppose you could use it to represent the byproduct production of the negative believer, or the person who refuses to listen or be taught anything. They stink in other words. And they do not smell or otherwise detect their own stink.

This is the reference to the dogs or swine of society. The dogs and swine are uncivilized, uncultured, undisciplined, selfish, self centered barbarians. They are into their own 'wisdom', their own opinions.

These people will not listen to you. They know it all. They are unteachable. They are argumentative. They are unscrupulous.

What you will face. Scoffers, Acts 13:41. They'll scoff at you, ridicule you, make fun of you in their own little snooty way. They will act insulted, Luke 11:45, they will feign hurt as though you have done something terrible and have injured them in some way because what you teach is not of their opinion, nor their liking. They will ignore you, Jer. 6:10, disinterested, negative to the max, apathetic about your philosophies. The Bible is to them, but a fairy tale. Their reality is their talent, their connections, what they see and hear and taste and smell and touch. Anything else is nonexistent.

What is their destiny? Destruction by God, 2 Chron. 25:16. This is in the grand plan of plans. Negative people are evil, practicing their wickedness of all sorts. We have already studied evil and its production, wickedness, which is made up of all the production of the sin nature, both sin and human good. These are all products that exclude God, and therefore are evil. There are only two philosophies in the world - good, that which comes from God, and evil, that which does not come from God (everything else). Evil is not strictly sin, but includes good deeds as well when they are done in the energy of the flesh, to the exclusion of God and His Word.

Dogs, swine? They are those peoples that never learn. They are the wild ones, undisciplined, interested only in their own advancement in this world. Interested in only their own 'all knowing' opinions. They are liberal in their thinking. They seek to cure the ills of mankind with their panaceas, with their crusades, with their self imposed and attempted superimposed rules, that everyone must follow. They seek to control all, and get extremely upset if they cannot control.

What do you expect? Antagonism, disrespect for any authority except for their own, lack of self control (inner control). These people hold contempt for you. They will seek to get even in their revenge which is usually subtle and deceitful. They will try to unleash some sneaky mischief against you. Enter the world of politics, or any organization where there are political tactics ruling. This includes the social club, the neighborhood social setting, the office, anywhere people interact together. These people will be scornful against you, and may even lose control in their rage against you. Especially when their attempts to discredit you or put the hurt on you seem to fail. They get frustrated.

Satan will be the quintessential example of this in the future. In his final failure to defeat God, he will fall into a totally uncontrolled rage. Thus far he has been in more or less good control of himself, but these many centuries and millennia have seen failure after failure. He not only cannot control his own plans, can't control the universe in general, can't control the weather, can't control the changes in this planet, doesn't know where all the hidden resources are located, cannot control human volition, but can't seem to do anything, or accomplish anything that he really desires (Job). When Christ returns at the second advent he will be jailed for 1000 years, then he will be released and gather a huge following of unbelievers as well as negative believers for the final battle and he will lose that too. His rage at his total failure will be unleashed, and he will short circuit into a lake of fire into which he will spend the rest of eternity.

The dogs and swine resent good counsel. They resent anyone who offers good counsel. Instructors are beneath them so how dare they imply that they have something to teach. What arrogance! And it is they, the dogs, that are guilty of the arrogance, apathetic and superior attitude.

Do we ignore these peoples? No. We share our wisdom once, then twice, and perhaps three times. The number of times is not relevant, but their reaction is relevant. Sooner or later people will let you know that they are not interested in your opinions. You quietly bow out of their sight. They are not interested and you cannot force them to learn. You are in the wrong if you persist in your attempts on them. Back off and God will do what He does best These people will live their lives and suffer appropriately and at their own hands. They may come around on another day when things are really bad for them.

Just as you cannot judge people, so too you cannot know the status of their receptive attitude. So do not try. You'll suffer unnecessarily for it.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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