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Matthew 8:20

Lesson # Matt. 8:20
Study Material - Matt. 8:20

You must be in fellowship prior to your Bible study, so that the spiritual information you receive can become a source, of blessing to your soul and produce spiritual growth.

Matt. 8:20

20 And Jesus said to him, 'The foxes have holes, and the birds of the air have nests; but the Son of Man has nowhere to lay His head.'

From the moment of our birth we are thrown into the struggle of gaining whatever we can in life. Whether we were born with a silver spoon or our unknown momma threw us in the garbage at birth, makes no difference. God is able to overcome all obstacles. Nothing in life can be deemed an advantage, nor can we consider any hardship a disadvantage. The Word of God is universally available to all.

Yet as we grow up we quickly become 'thing' oriented. We strive for an education. We strive to have 'better things' in life. We accumulate 'things'. Soon our life is full of so much stuff, we have to get rid of it in yard sales or give it away to charities. Stuff comes and goes. If you are of an older age, then you probably have forgotten about more 'stuff' than you can remember.

Here the scribe is considering the moment. The crowd, the possibilities, the estate he can accumulate by being associated with Jesus.

Jesus quickly reminds him that this ministry is not about the accumulation of things, but the preparation for life and for eternity.

Jesus had no home for His home. He was here on earth and supported, courtesy of the Holy Spirit. The expectations of the scribe were in error. Many a young believer (one without much spiritual growth) makes the mistake of presuming instant problem solving or instant success in their life if they will only give some attention to Christ. And by young I mean spiritual growth young, not physical age young. An 80 year old person who just believed in Christ is a young believer, a spiritual babe, though old physically.

Expectations usually follow the orientation of ones life. We are raised in the pursuit of 'things'. We are raised in the midst of problems of various types in life. We are raised to be educated, successful, thin, to be associated with the right crowd, to wear the right clothes, drive the right car, live in the right neighborhood, an so forth.

When we come face to face with problems or some event that makes us aware of a need for an improvement in our life, then we look to the same things as solutions to our problems. Example, we are in debt, so we need more money to pay the bills. We lose our job so we look to other employment to get us back on track, and these are true statements - to a point.

Remember, that the spiritual life is driven by God. He makes provision for all things in our life. That includes provision for all problems. In the world when you ignore your spiritual life, then the rules of the jungle prevail. The rules of the jungle are dual in nature. There are the rules that God gave the jungle (the laws of establishment - volition, marriage, family, law and order, due process, national identity, etc.) and there are the rules of the jungle in which God is ignored (bias, prejudice, luck, the strong rule the weak, crime, environmental influences, etc.). The scribe is locked into what he knows, what he perceives. And that is confined to the environment of the jungle of this world.

That is not Christ's resting place, nor his mission. Christ did not come into this world to make it a better place, to improve the environment, to clean up the water, to put a chicken into every pot. This world has nothing to offer Christ and therefore He has no place, nor will He ever find a place in this world to rest His head or call home.

Also, no man can go where Christ is destined - the Cross. Mankind cannot solve his own problems - that of sin and death. Man cannot follow Christ into that realm. The work of the Cross is Christ's alone. Man's works were rejected on the Cross. To allow any aspect of mans works or to allow any aspect of what the world has to offer, into the plan of God, would be to diminish its worth (salvation) to nothing. It is not by works that man is saved, but by grace. Grace is the policy of God toward man. Man would boast if given an inch and boasting is arrogance, and we know what that has led to throughout the history of creation - the angelic conflict, etc.

The world has a place for everything in it, but those homes are temporary at best. Even our life is temporary. At the end of our life span we leave this world. None of us will live forever in these physical bodies.

What God has to offer is permanent, but it requires an expression of faith first (believe in Christ), then a commitment of positive volition to ones daily Bible study for the rest of ones life, however long or short it might be.

The scribe did not make either commitment. He wanted things to be on his terms, not those of Christ. He would have wanted to set up a building, an office, a center for healing, wherein everyone could come in and 'for a fee', could get their ills cured. Life would be profitable, of course. But we know that, that is not what life is about.

We all have problems. Some have medical problems, others have emotional problems, some marital problems, some financial, the list goes on. The healing of your problems is not the emphasis or objective of your spiritual life - spiritual growth to maturity is the objective. The problem solving is a pleasant blessing that accompanies spiritual growth. But too, as you grow up spiritually, you soon realize that whenever problems come along, God has solutions just waiting for them. You become relaxed in your life and begin to worry less and less, until one day you wake up and see it all.

Babe's focus on the needs. Mature believers focus on the source - Jesus Christ. And access to that source is through Bible doctrine.

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End Of Lesson

Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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