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Matthew 8:28-29

Lesson # Matt. 8:28-29
Study Material - Matt. 8:28-29

You must be in fellowship prior to your Bible study, so that the spiritual information you receive can become a source, of blessing to your soul and produce spiritual growth.

Matt. 8:28-29

28 And when He had come to the other side into the country of the Gadarenes, two men who were demon-possessed met Him as they were coming out of the tombs; they were so exceedingly violent that no one could pass by that road. 29 And behold, they cried out, saying, 'What do we have to do with You, Son of God? Have You come here to torment us before the time?'

Mark 5 goes into greater detail regarding these two men. They are indwelled by some 2000 demons. How do we know there were 2000? In Mark they are sent out of the two men and into 2000 pigs. So there are at least 2000 demons and perhaps even more. But 1000 demons inside of ones body would produce an awful feeling, I would think. The men did not rush down into the sea and drown just to get rid of the demons as did the pigs. So in this respect the pigs rejected their living inside of them even more than man. And each pig presumably had only one demon inside, not 1000.

Mans choices in demon possession are slim to none.

How do we get into this kind of fix? Demons are fallen angels, nothing more. They are the bad guys. They are the enemy in the angelic conflict. They are unseen, unfelt, undetectable by human perceptions, but the results of their influence can be seen and experienced. Man lives in misery when demons have their way.

Only unbelievers can be possessed by demons. Believers in Christ cannot be possessed. Believers are the temple of the Holy Spirit, and furthermore, we are indwelled by all three members of the trinity (Father, Son, and Spirit), therefore demons are prevented from entering into Gods temple. That does not prevent man from being influenced by demon philosophy. Ones volition and attitude toward learning anything leads to the content in your soul. Positive toward God and learn Bible doctrine. Negative toward God and learn human viewpoint, demon philosophy, and all other things with false tendencies in life.

Demons are rulers of the dead. They are walking dead themselves, so to speak. They rejected God in eternity past, and those details we do not have, but we know that they rejected God and resisted repentance to the point that judgment was handed down against them. That judgment was irreversible. The attitude of demons is irreversible as well, not because God does not prevent their changing their minds, they just refuse to change their minds. They are stubborn to the max. Arrogant stubbornness is not a virtue by the way, it is a great enemy.

They have been judged, 2 Pet. 2:4, for judgment or the execution of it has been reserved for them. Their destiny is a great fire pit, Isa. 30:37, and an eternal fire, Matt. 25:41. Do they respect God? No, they fear God with a great passionate hatred, Jas. 2:19.

They seek their own way of life, which by the way is to torment other living creatures. They indwell that which they have no right to indwell. They torment that which they have no right to torment. They seek violence and intimidation of others. That is their bully way of life. This by the way is the end result of ones choice to reject God.

There is no such thing as the dignity of man. There is no such thing as the self determination of man. Man lives on this planet and inside a conflict that we cannot even see. That conflict between demons and God.

This chapter demonstrates many things for us. Disease exists but we cannot see it and we cannot control it. Can you think of diseases that exist today? Handicaps exist and we cannot control them nor even eliminate them. Can you think of handicaps that exist today? Weather exists today and we certainly cannot control it. We even have difficulty in predicting it even a few days out into the future - two day forecasts, five day forecasts, etc.

Now we are introduced to the life beyond our senses or means of detection. The angelic realm. That realm we certainly have no power or authority over.

But God does have power. He can, with but a word, command them to leave or depart and they have no defense against that word. One would think that because of the power that Jesus demonstrated over the demons, that they would have repented their ways long ago, but throughout time, throughout history even before mankind, these demons held to their stubborn defiance against God.

Behavior patterns of what man can become if man doesn't learn!

Here we see how we too can become defiant and where it will lead us - to great misery. Or we can learn that God has greater power (even with but a spoken word), than these demons and all their false philosophy. We should want to investigate the truth of Gods Word and have the opportunity of opening our eyes to a better side of this conflict, rather than choosing the wrong side through ignorance and receiving its rewards of misery.

At some point we all need to see life for what it really is and to begin to imagine the possibilities of just what eternity might be like. Take the time to review the 'Blessings' list on the index page. Note that we will be given blessings beyond out imagination. Next we are joint heirs with Christ, in union with Him. We'll have a resurrection body, indestructible like His. We'll share His authority, rulership, heirship of all things. These lead to almost incomprehensible things in the future. Want chocolate cake? Speak the word and it appears in your hand. A parallel universe all your own - your mansion??? Use your imagination and there is no limit to the possibilities.

We are given simple examples of His power and authority. But how many of us really comprehend the meaning and repercussions to us, of these examples? Simple things like trust, faith, security, deliverance and so forth are fine, but there is far more to life than just having a problem solved, or a wish made true.

Do we still struggle for our little space in this earthly pond, like frogs squabbling over their turf? Do we still compete against others for some form of control over the things we own or wish to own? Or do we become content with whatever life dishes out to us, forge ahead with our talents to the best of our abilities, remain responsible in the things that we should be responsible for, and most of all, study our Bibles daily so that we can grow up spiritually, so that we can be stabilized spiritually in this world, so that we can be blessed and used to the glory of God (not our glory), demonstrating that all that is, is, in order to demonstrate that God is truth and the only reality, and that everything else in life (things) is really not that important. 'Things' will go away one day. When we die especially. But our souls go on and they need to be prepared for a future out there that will be far greater than we can imagine.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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