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Matthew 10:1

Lesson # Matt. 10:1
Study Material - Matt. 10:1

You must be in fellowship prior to your Bible study, so that the spiritual information you receive can become a source, of blessing to your soul and produce spiritual growth.

Matt. 10:1

1 And [kai] when he had called [proskaleomai] unto him his [autos] twelve [dodeka] disciples [mathetes] , he gave [didomi] them [autos] power [exousia] against unclean [akathartos] spirits [pneuma] , to [hoste] cast [ekballo] them [autos] out [ekballo] , and [kai] to heal [therapeuo] all manner [pas] of sickness [nosos] and [kai] all manner [pas] of disease [malakia] . KJV-Interlinear

Matt. 10:1

1 And having summoned His twelve disciples, He gave them authority over unclean spirits, to cast them out, and to heal every kind of disease and every kind of sickness. NAS

Before anyone can be given tremendous power or authority, they must first be trained and taught the proper use of that authority. The word for disciple means pupil or a student who is under the instruction of a master. The word for apostle means a messenger, ambassador, a delegate or representative of one who is of a higher position.

The twelve have been with Jesus for some time. They did not join up with Christ to become apostles. That probably never crossed their minds. Jesus is the one who chose them not the reverse. And that applies to us all. Though we have believed in Christ, He in fact chose us through our belief (He made it all possible), and further, He selected a gift, or talent, or ability uniquely for each one of us. That gift is not exclusively for our personal pleasure, but for our use in the sharing of Christianity with others.

What God has given each one of us, reflects on each of us if and when we apply that blessing in sharing it with others or using it for others. There are many ways to share. To some wealth is given, and that is expected to be shared. To some ability is given, and that is expected to be shared or applied in some manner for the furtherance of the gospel or for the spiritual advancement of others.

No one is expected to make themselves destitute for Christ. Only the very self righteous follow that course. But all of us have obligations to utilize that which we have been given (follow common sense) to help others. There are many ways to help others. Each of us has to figure out what is best in each of our situations. Warning. Don't play games with God. He knows all of the excuses. He knows the real intent and motivations of your heart.

God chose the twelve, knowing full well that Judas would betray Him. God chose you too. It is up to you to fit yourself in the loyal pupil and follower category, or in the betrayal category. Either way, that decision is on your head.

Jesus gave these twelve great gifts (powers if you will). They could have gone each their own way and tried to make themselves more popular than Christ. With the gift of healing every manner of illness and disease, that gift would be quite a temptation in gaining popularity for ones self. None of them did this.

These gifts were not for their own personal benefit, but were for the purpose of certifying or authenticating their positions as apostles and teachers of Gods Word. To validate their actions would take the power of God, and that power was demonstrated in miracles that only one representing God could actually perform.

Later in life these gifts were removed. Once their credentials had been established then the gift was no longer necessary.

Also, these twelve were not selected for their unique talents, or anything that they acquired of their own abilities. None of us have anything that was not first given us by God. God is the source of all our characteristics, talents, prosperity's, positions and so forth. The twelve had their problems. They had weak faith. They had arguments over who was the greater. They were despondent when Christ died on the Cross. They had difficulty over His going to the Cross in the first place. Peter was called Satan by Jesus when Peter protested His prophesying His own death. Gods plan is on track, not mans. Gods wisdom is on track, not mans. It wasn't really until after Paul came on the scene that many of the Apostles finally put it all together.

God selects us all, for a unique reason, to live in the time in which we are born. There is no accident that we live in our current time. There is no accident when people died when they did. We have seen many disasters in families of recent times as their family members died in various ways. Some by sniper fire, some by common daily accidents, some by rebel hostage taking, some by airplane accident. All have an impact on some ones life. Some might even have an impact on a nation or on international situations.

We might not know the purpose of the death, just as we do not know the purpose of the birth of a child until many years later after that child has grown up and has impacted history in some way. Hindsight teaches us many things, and we will learn sooner or later just what puzzle pieces God is placing into history for His purpose. No mater what that purpose its, its results will work out for the betterment of human history and for the furtherance of bringing human history to its destined conclusion.

God chose these twelve, and through these twelve, along with the scriptures that already existed, the gospel and Word of God have survived throughout history, and have been spread throughout the world. Many Pharisees tried to prevent this from happening. They failed. What God intends to happen cannot be stopped. What God does not wish to happen, no man can bring about.

Looking at our current events we have seen many recent terrorist attacks in the world. We have also seen the death of the prominent liberal politician in a recent airplane crash. These are not accidents by Gods standards. If terror is being promoted by those who want to destroy the world, and if God does not wish this to happen, then a prevention will come about. If politics were heading in a direction that God did not want to go, then circumstances occur that will either prevent or promote the wrong or right direction in which God wants to happen in history.

We cannot second guess God, nor even judge those who have suffered or died. That is not for us to do. All we need to do is study our Bibles daily, and advance in our spiritual lives, and apply what we learn appropriately to life. Time is short. None of us know when we might be the target for the 'reaper'. In a blink of an eye our life can be snuffed out just as it has occurred for others. The question is, 'Are we ready?' We are faced with that question daily. Do we want Bible doctrine? Do we learn it? Do we apply it? Are we responsible with it? Are we here on planet earth for ourselves only, or is there something we might be able to do to help others?

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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