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Matthew 12:7-8

Lesson # Matt. 12:7-8
Study Material - Matt. 12:7-8

You must be in fellowship prior to your Bible study, so that the spiritual information you receive can become a source, of blessing to your soul and produce spiritual growth.

Matt. 12:7-8

7 But [de] if [ei] ye had known [ginosko] what [tis] this meaneth [esti] , I will have [thelo] mercy [eleos] , and [kai] not [ou] sacrifice [thusia] , ye would [an] not [ou] have condemned [katadikazo] the guiltless [anaitios] .
8 For [gar] the Son [huios] of man [anthropos] is [esti] Lord [kurios] even [kai] of the sabbath day [sabbaton] . KJV-Interlinear

Matt. 12:7-8

7 'But if you had known what this means, 'I desire compassion, and not a sacrifice,' you would not have condemned the innocent. 8 'For the Son of Man is Lord of the Sabbath.' NAS

A quote from Hos. 6:6. Further quotes from Isa. 1:11, Psa. 40:6, Psa. 51:16, Prov. 21:3, state the same or similar desires of God.

What are the sacrifices for? Teaching. Teaching the principles of Gods work on the Cross. Teaching that God must do that which man cannot do for himself.

In Eze. 33:11 the scriptures state that God does not desire the death and condemnation of evil people. God wpoud prefer that all peoples live in heaven with Him, in great prosperity and happiness. But many people reject God, and stubbornly refuse to make the right decisions in life. They destroy their own life.

God has taught us in the scriptures all we need to know about life, the various forms of life, of our past, our origins, our eventual death, and our future after death. Yet many people will simply ignore Gods words. They are indifferent. They are blasphemous toward God. What did He ever do to them? People are defiant. They get enraged when things do not work out in life (people try to do things on their own and things don't work out - life or eventually death overtakes them. It overtakes us all sooner or later).

God does not desire the mere ritual of sacrifice. God does not desire the outward motions of complying with regulations. God desires your understanding of doctrine, your understanding of life, of your spiritual life. God wants us to all understand that it is He who holds this universe together, and when we reject Him (the glue of the universe) then we embrace 'no glue', thus our universe comes flying apart, because none of us can do what God does. We cannot hold our own life together let alone the universe.

We cannot control the distant galaxies. We cannot control the hair growth on our own head. Yet many folks think that they have a better idea for their own life than God has.

What is the purpose of our daily Bible study anyway. It doesn't get us a high school deploma. It does not reveal some technological secret with which we might invent something earth shattering.

Our Bible study feeds our soul just what it needs - spiritual information. It gives our soul and therefore our life (by the way our life is in our soul not in our bodies - human biology and human life are separate entities). We learn Bible doctrine in order to become oriented with the truth of life, to become oriented to life, to become oriented to people around us, to become oriented to God above. We study doctrine to grow up spiritually, to mature, to have complete lives both here on earth and in eternity - especially in eternity.

We study doctrine in order to avoid the pitfalls of life, to allow God to guide us through life, rather than us trying to steer ourselves through dense fog, having no clue where we are or where we are going.

We study doctrine in order to avoid the attitude which the Pharisess demonstrate. We should not wish injury on others. We should no wish perpetual harm on others. We should not restrict others from help over some superficial rule.

The Sabbath is a representation of the attainment of the maturity status in the spiritual life. It is rest. It is prosperity due to attaining spiritual growth, therefore no further work is required. God has done all of the work required in history. We should be the recipients of the benefits of His effort. Any given day of the week (Sunday, Saturday, Tuesday, whatever) is no better or holy than anyother day of the week. Days are merely calculations of rotations of the planet (earth) with respect to the sun - nothing more. We merely name each day so we can orient to a daily, or weekly, or monthly, or annual life pattern. Naming days are for our sanity and convenience, and they apply to all of mankind, not to just believers.

So is the Son of Man the Lord of a day of the week? No. He is the Lord of the rest we may attain through Bible study and advancement to spiritual maturity. Christ is the living Word and the written Word. Jesus is that Son of Man. The final slap in the face of arrogance. The Pharisees do not control, do not protect, do not guard, and certainly did not invent the Sabbath. Their position is superficial, self serving, and out of line. They care nothing for the masses to whom they should be teaching. They care only for themselves and what they can attain in life, and consequently will lose everything they have.

Ritual, philosophies, politics, bureaucracies, even plain indifference will not solve mans problems nor make things better for man. Only Bible doctrine in the soul can do that.

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End Of Lesson

Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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