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Matthew 12:22-23

Lesson # Matt. 12:22-23
Study Material - Matt. 12:22-23

You must be in fellowship prior to your Bible study, so that the spiritual information you receive can become a source, of blessing to your soul and produce spiritual growth.

Matt. 12:22-23

22 Then [tote] was brought [prosphero] unto him [autos] one possessed with a devil [daimonizomai] , blind [tuphlos] , and [kai] dumb [kophos] : and [kai] he healed [therapeuo] him [autos] , insomuch that [hoste] the blind [tuphlos] and [kai] dumb [kophos] both [kai] spake [laleo] and [kai] saw [blepo] .
23 And [kai] all [pas] the people [ochlos] were amazed [existemi] , and [kai] said [lego] , Is [esti] not [meti] this [houtos] the son [huios] of David [Dabid] ? KJV-Interlinear

Matt. 12:22-23

22 Then there was brought to Him a demon-possessed man who was blind and dumb, and He healed him, so that the dumb man spoke and saw. 23 And all the multitudes were amazed, and began to say, 'This man cannot be the Son of David, can he?' NAS

People came to Jesus under their own power. Some came to Him with help from others. This man was in a bad way. Neither being able to see nor speak, he was also demon possessed. He apparently could hear however, and hearing the gospel, or at least hearing Jesus, or hearing about Jesus, he was sufficiently interested in going to Him to seek help for himself.

The Pharisees have heard of Jesus. They have seen His miracles. They were not in a bad way physically or financially. They had a cushy life so to speak.

Yet being the experts that they should have been, or being the experts that they perceived themselves as, they knew that the Messiah was coming and would be identified by the many miracles He would perform. They just wanted a Messiah that fit the images they had fabricated in their own minds. They sought a Messiah that would comply with their religious mold. This Jesus was an enemy of Judaism in their minds, and they were right. Judaism was a conflagration of regulations, which had taken their beginnings in the Mosaic Law, but over the centuries had been transformed into something quite different, and something quite alien to the original scriptures. The savior was no longer necessary, but a political of military leader was necessary, and so the Messiah was to arrive on a white war horse, doing all manner of miracles, and firmly establishing their religious laws, and themselves as its overseers. The Pharisees fell off the ship long ago. They just didn't realize it.

God has a policy of grace. Within that policy, forgiveness takes a solid foundation. God forgave Adam and Eve. God forgave Moses. God forgave the Israelites many times. Even on the Cross, Christ requested forgiveness, 'for they know not what they do.' They crucifixion of Christ would probably be one of the most heinous crimes of all time, yet forgiveness was available to those who crucified Him.

From the worst butcher of all time to the simplest offenses of a child, forgiveness is available to all of mankind regardless of the sin, with the simple thought expression of faith in Christ. From there (after salvation by faith in Christ), then it becomes a matter of confession on a regular basis in order to maintain ones fellowship status with God. This won't prevent you from being vulnerable to society for some crime you commit, or from society for something offensive you impose on others. The laws of establishment and the laws of the jungle still function. But with God and your access to heaven, all that matters is that you first believe in Christ, then second that you advance in your spiritual life. Doing both of these then will lead you to an unbelievable life of which you could never attain by any other means.

People approach life in the following manner. They first see truth, then they evaluate it and to some there will be doubt. Is it really the truth or is there something better? The prospector asks the same question. Is this all the gold there is or is there more just over the next hill? So he chases after the shadow of possible wealth and never finds it. Soon he is old and still there is the same question looming in his mind.

Next people see the truth (continue to see) and they criticize it. They reject it because it goes against their nature. It goes against what they have or what they want. Liberal politicians fall into this pit all the time. They criticize, they reach out for all kinds of things from the present or even in the distant past in order to discredit others and in so doing they promote themselves. Married couples get into fights and the past generally comes up in order to win an argument. No matter what hurt is inflicted, just winning the argument is justification of ones position. The quintessence of ones self centered interest and selfishness is portrayed when a spouse gets their 'dig' in so as to put down the other. It takes greater courage of self restraint to hold ones tongue when a heated argument erupts. Kids do this kind of things also. 'Your momma wears army boots.'

Next arises indifference. We have already studied these concepts, but we are sort of reviewing them here. When all arguments fall apart, then the masses become indifferent. They are entertained by the miracle, but it is just another magic show. It was just that when Jesus healed the blind and the dumb man. Often the afflicted see more than those who have no affliction. It is perhaps better to be afflicted in life in some fashion so that you will be saved and advance in your spiritual life, than to be wealthy with perfect health and think that you need nothing and no one else in your life, and then lose it all to the lake of fire for all time.

The people saw the miracle. We live here today in the 21st century and we see many things that should astound us. We should see the complexities of the universe around us and recognize that a designer was required to make it all so. We should also look back at our personal lives and see the many decisions and events that shaped our life. Realizing that if this or that had happened differently or not at all, we would not be where we are today. So we experience miracles in our life too. We just might not recognize them right away.

Nothing happens by chance. Jesus Christ is in control of history. Your life is not an accident, and no matter where you life has taken you (good or bad), then if you get with and stick with a daily program of Bible study, then you life will go exactly where God wants you to go - and that will be good and far better for you than anything you could do for yourself otherwise.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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