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Matthew 13:53-54

Lesson # Matt. 13:53-54
Study Material - Matt. 13:53-54

You must be in fellowship prior to your Bible study, so that the spiritual information you receive can become a source, of blessing to your soul and produce spiritual growth.

Matt. 13:53-54

53 And [kai] it came to pass [ginomai] , that when [hote] Jesus [Iesous] had finished [teleo] these [tautais] parables [parabole] , he departed [metairo] thence [ekeithen] .
54 And [kai] when he was come [erchomai] into [eis] his own [autos] country [patris] , he taught [didasko] them [autos] in [en] their [autos] synagogue [sunagoge] , insomuch that [hoste] they [autos] were astonished [ekplesso] , and [kai] said [lego] , Whence [pothen] hath this man [touto] this [houtos] wisdom [sophia] , and [kai] these mighty works [dunamis] ? KJV-Interlinear

Matt. 13:53-54

53 And it came about that when Jesus had finished these parables, He departed from there. 54 And coming to His home town He began teaching them in their synagogue, so that they became astonished, and said, 'Where did this man get this wisdom, and these miraculous powers? NAS

He taught repeatedly on virtually every subject related to life and death, time and eternity, truth and the false, righteousness and sin, God and man, heaven and hell. He taught about regeneration, worship, evangelism, sin, salvation, morality, divorce, murder, anger, jealousy, hypocrisy, prayer, fasting, true and false doctrine, true and false teachers, the Sabbath, the law, discipleship, grace, blasphemy, signs and wonders, repentance, humility, dying to self, obedience to God, service, pride, hate, love, and an endless number of other subjects. He taught the truth about everything that pertained to spiritual life and godliness and also He taught about the sin nature and the traps of a non-spiritual life.

John wrote at the end of His book, Jn. 21:25, that Jesus did and said so many things, that if they were all recorded, the books would fill up the entire world. We have only the tip of the iceberg with respect to Jesus' life during those 3 ½ years. We read of the many dramatic things said and done, and they were done and said right in front to many people. Yet we have far less than they had, and we believe and grow up spiritually, whereas those people had the best seats in history and they rejected that which was obvious or should have been obvious to them with respect to Gods plan for each person individually and for humanity as a whole.

All too often we all get trapped in the daily routines of life. Yet life is really filled with many irrelevant things. Negative attitudes which include the most superficial indifference to the more dramatic acts of rejection concerning God, lead to at least fours symptoms or flaws in mankind. Unbelief causes the obvious to be blurred. Life is not what people want so they make up excuses as to why they reject it (the truth). People want something else and they want other things due to their sinful desires which control their lives, so they cannot focus on the truth. It is all a blur. They make no effort to clear up the image. Knowing that there is no bonafide counter argument, no bonafide counter truth, no bonafide counter alternative, yet man will still manufacture his own truth out of thin air. This manufactured truth is a lie, but still man will fall down and worship his own lie. You may think that we are talking about idol worship but really we are not.

Illustration. In life we have organizations. We recently covered briefly the family. We touch on this yesterday in fact. The husband is the head, the wife is the chief of staff, the children are the peasants. This is only an illustration now so don't get upset. There is organization within the family unit and when everyone functions properly within that organization there is prosperity, happiness, success and so forth.

In business there is the president of the company and the janitor. Both are necessary and both do their jobs. When they follow their areas of responsibility there is success within the company.

In life there are diaper changers and there are rocket scientists. When both do their jobs, life is far more pleasant for all concerned.

In each of these illustrations, God placed all in their respective positions. No one person is better than any other person. We have these various organizations for teaching purposes. When we comply with Gods design, we are blessed in our life and will be blessed throughout all of eternity. When we reject Gods design (in anything in life) we are only asking for trouble for ourselves.

Husbands are either stupid or ego driven or otherwise out of touch with reality, or wives are nagging or unhappy with their lives, or whatever. In any case any of these parties can be out of touch with respect to their married life, with respect to their employment, and with respect to Gods design for their lives. Their lives end up in divorce or marital problems, employment problems, career problems and that list of problems can go on and on.

In the spiritual life we have our obligations to God with respect to believing in Christ first, then after salvation we have a responsibility to be obedient to His Word and to grow up spiritually. If we reject either of these, then we are headed for trouble and misery in our lives. Sometimes we can be headed for great problems (lake of fire) or just a lifetime of misery (disciplinary actions from God with respect to our disobedience within our spiritual life).

Too often people will hear the words taught and that is all. The question posed yesterday is, 'Do you understand?' 'Can you put it all together?' That is to say, given all these daily studies can you apply what is taught to your daily life? Or do you merely switch on your Bible reading lights for a few minutes of the day, then switch it off and live your life per your usual habits of the day? What is your soil of soul like? Ooops! Have we forgotten the rocky soil, the weeds filled soil, the path, the good soil? Where is your life.

There are but three instantaneous events in each of our lives. In between the first and third, are filler or time for preparation for the final event of our life (eternity). The first instantaneous event is the moment of our birth. In that we have no choice. God gives each one of us life. The second event is the moment of our salvation - that moment when we believe in Christ. We have a choice in this event. The third instantaneous event in our life is the moment of our death. We have no choice in that either.

Between each of the first three we prepare ourselves for a destiny. Making good decisions gives us greater options in the future. Believing in Christ will give us a place in heaven vs. the lake of fire. Advancing to spiritual maturity will give us greater (beyond imagination) blessings in eternity as well as a better life here on earth. In all of this preparation we have a choice.

On earth we have no choice into what environment we were born, and we generally have limits on our options in life. We cannot choose to be born into a wealthy family as opposed to being born into poverty. We may not have the many choices of education as some others may have.

But in the spiritual life, all are on the same level playing field. Your power of decision makes you equal with everyone in the human race. But your options are only there with respect to the quality of the decisions you make. Good decisions lead to more opportunities. Bad decisions limit opportunities.

Complying with Gods Will leads to greater blessings. Rejecting Gods Will leads to misery in its many forms.

Now again for the first flaw resulting from negatives attitudes in life, rejection of the obvious. Jesus left that place an went on in His ministry. His reputation went before Him. All had heard of Him and of His remarkable powers. His abilities were obvious and it was further obvious that This power was not common among mankind, therefore it must be of a supernatural source (God).

Yet they questioned the obvious. Sort of the mindless wonder concept which is ascribed to blondes in jokes. But don't laugh because you might just be laughing at yourself. Doctrine is so simple yet people have problems applying it to their own daily life. They sort of place rules of doctrine in one pocket and rules of life in another, thinking that the two are separate when they should not be separated, but should be brought together as one integrated lifestyle and philosophy of life.

Generally more importance is placed on irrelevant things of life than on ones spiritual life. So priorities in life become screwed up to when a person does not apply doctrine properly to his daily life. So irrelevancy is the second flaw in a persons life when a person is negative or marginal in their spiritual life, and we will begin that study tomorrow.

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End Of Lesson

Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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