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Matthew 14:32-33

Lesson # Matt. 14:32-33
Study Material - Matt. 14:32-33

You must be in fellowship prior to your Bible study, so that the spiritual information you receive can become a source, of blessing to your soul and produce spiritual growth.

Matt. 14:32-33

32 And [kai] when they [autos] were come [embaino] into [eis] the ship [ploion] , the wind [anemos] ceased [kopazo] .
33 Then [de] they that were in [en] the ship [ploion] came [erchomai] and worshipped [proskuneo] him [autos] , saying [lego] , Of a truth [alethos] thou art [ei] the Son [huios] of God [theos] . KJV-Interlinear

Matt. 14:32-33

32 And when they got into the boat, the wind stopped. 33 And those who were in the boat worshiped Him, saying, 'You are certainly God's Son!' NAS

We borrow again from Jn. 6:21, and from Mk. 6:51-51 for a better look at this scene.

The storm is raging. They have been blown away from the shore to nearly 3-4 miles off shore. Then Jesus got into the boat having met them out in the deeper waters by walking out to them, speaking to them, and calling Peter to himself. They then acknowledged who He was and allowed him to get into the boat.

The storm stopped immediately. They arrived at their destination immediately. The men were both astonished and had their eyes opened as they had not had them opened I understanding, before.

In Mk. 6:51-52, they were astonished, but we are also told that they had learned nothing from the miracle of the loaves. Why? Because their minds were closed - hardened. Now they had come face to face with their own death. They had been rowing against the storm for many hours and throughout the entire night. They had to be exhausted.

Sometimes it takes a significant amount of pressure before we will open up our eyes and see the truth of the reality around us.

Lets consider a little history and compare it to some current history, which we are experiencing now. In the early 1930's the League of Nations were assembles and they argued and debated and ultimately ignored and did nothing about the Japanese aggression in Manchuria, the Italian aggression in North Africa, and the German military build up, which was prohibited.

All heads went into the sand and we all know the rest of that story. Millions died and suffered until the mid 1940's. Today there looms a debate over Iraq. Germany and France as you probably know, if you have been following the news, have taken a rather passive position, but today at least eight nations have come out in defense of the US position. This is a totally different picture than occurred in the mid 30's. Reason seems to be prevailing. But too, even in our own country there are those who would be passive and who protest any kind of aggression against Iraq. They are fools.

Now the point is not the politics of the day, but the positions people take from the relative safety of their prosperous homes. When things are going well, and in our country, even with the recent downturns of economy, there is still considerable prosperity and peace in the lives of the vast majority of peoples here, then people become lulled to sleep in their spiritual lives. When they sleep as did the disciples through almost two years of miracles, with little if any pressure on themselves personally, then people drift away from their learning processes. The become closed minded as did the disciples. Not intentionally of course. They just did not have any incentive to make their learning more important to them.

So they face a storm. We face an economic downturn. No one really gets hurt, but the powerful threat of far worse conditions existed. The disciples rowed and rowed, but to no avail. People here will row and row, and will never get anywhere, unless they get their spiritual priorities back on track. Will that happen? Possibly, and there is a good indication of it. Our recent election brought a clear decision calling for a transition from liberal thinking to more conservative thinking. However if you listen to any of the news, to any of the talk shows, then you can't but help to hear many of those who would be liberal in their thinking, and hear them holding on to their opinions. They are hardened hearts in the midst of the call for change, in the midst of the storm.

With many changing their minds to more sane views, then the storm will pass. If not, then the storm will become worse. That is the spiritual view - the view that becomes reality.

The disciples bowed down and for the first time they really began (emphasis on 'began'), to see Jesus Christ. They have been with Him for a long time now. They know His name Jesus (in the Greek), Joshua (in the Hebrew), Christ (in the Greek), Messiah (in the Hebrew). These four words correlate with each other precisely. Jesus and Joshua are the same words in different languages. Christ and Messiah are the same words in different languages. If one were to say Joshua Messiah in the Hebrew and then said the same thing in the Greek, they would say Jesus Christ. Any who knew these two languages in their day, would know this.

Second the disciples had witnessed many miracles. More miracles than any person in history, and in a matter of just months. The scriptures spoke of the Messiah. Daniel spelled out the timetable for Messiah. And now the disciples were actually living it, but ... It took a massive storm and the threat of actual death, before they really opened up their eyes.

Such is the case in history. Too often God has to bring us into hardship or even the threat of hardship, before we begin to get it. For a decade the world ignored their spiritual lives (ho hum) and ignored the secret rise of terrorists, then one morning we were all shaken awake when two very tall buildings simply collapsed. Unfortunately the emotions of the event rose and subsided. The forces of pacifism rose and will continue to rise until something else dramatic occurs. That is always the case. Those who are out of power, or those with interests in evil, will always be vocal (from the relative safety of their homes) until a greater voice of reason and reality presents itself. Remember that reality is where facts and truth meet.

In each of our individual lives we have this same challenge. Do we get with a program of daily Bible study, or do we just coast along in a fog (clueless - it's so wonderful being here)?

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End Of Lesson

Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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