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Matthew 16:27

Lesson # Matt. 16:27
Study Material - Matt. 16:27

You must be in fellowship prior to your Bible study, so that the spiritual information you receive can become a source, of blessing to your soul and produce spiritual growth.

Matt. 16:27

27 For [gar] the Son [huios] of man [anthropos] shall [mello] come [erchomai] in [en] the glory [doxa] of his [autos] Father [pater] with [meta] his [autos] angels [aggelos] ; and [kai] then [tote] he shall reward [apodidomi] every man [hekastos] according [kata] to his [autos] works [praxis] . KJV-Interlinear

Matt. 16:27

27 'For the Son of Man is going to come in the glory of His Father with His angels; and will then recompense every man according to his deeds. NAS

Truth exists when facts and reality come together. This does not mean speculation, or philosophy, or some form of conclusion drawn from observation and such, but real facts when they are matched perfectly with reality, then you will find truth. Man has two legs, monkeys have two legs, basketball players have two legs. Conclusion? Monkeys must have played basketball in the distant past. Not exactly a good match of the facts to reality, therefore no truth exists here.

By the way if we came from an accidental mush batch in the distant past, then when the dinosaurs all died off, was there a second accidental mush batch that came along to create man and lions and camels, and monkeys and fish and such all over again? Ok, so what does this all have to do with this verse? Facts and truth.

There are certain historical events that will occur in history. Man did not accidentally fall into this universe, but was created by God. But before that the universe was created, and before that the angels were created. So a little historical lesson.

God existed first. God has always existed. No one invented God. No one created God. All three members of the trinity (Father, Son, and Spirit) have co-existed forever. God the Father designed a plan for history. God the Son carried out that plan, and is currently carrying it out. The Holy Spirit reveals and sustains that plan. We call that plan the Divine Decrees. The Father considered every possible alternative for history, considered every thought, motive, action of every thing in the universe, and designed a perfect plan for the best results (or best opportunity) for every living thing. The Father settled on the best plan and Jesus Christ brought it, and is bringing it, into existence. Simple enough.

The angels were created first and all were happy. The universe was created next and then Lucifer (Satan) got a fat head. The rebellion came, most of the angels returned to God, some (one third of the angels) refused to return. There was a judgment, which implies that time ran out for their decision and then God issued a judgment. How do we know that there was a time frame given to make their decision, because God gives us an opportunity to make up our mind regarding Jesus Christ, and God is consistent, therefore He must have been fair and gave the angels time to make up their minds. Time (however it was defined for them) ran out. Judgment was decided. But that judgment, the Lake of Fire, was not executed and has not even to this day been executed. Therefore, Satan objected to the judgment, an appeal if you will, therefore this appeal required a further consideration between Gods opinion and Satan's opinion. Enter mankind - the ingredient to settle the appeal. How do we know that we are the final argument in this angelic conflict? Because at the end of human history, the final execution of Gods judgment will occur. No more appeals. We are the determining factor in this battle between God and Satan.

Add some more facts. Adam was created. Adam's human life was created out of nothing. His body was created in accordance with a pattern. Review the study in Genesis. Human history ends at the end of the Millennium. Therefore, the frame for human history lies between Adam and the end of the Millennium.

How long it that? Unknown. We know the time from Adam to the First Advent of Christ - approximately 4000 years. We know that the Age of Israel has seven years remaining in it (Daniel's seventieth week or the Tribulation as we call it). We know that the Millennium will last 1000 years (by definition). But what we do not know is the duration of our current dispensation, the Church Age. If our calendar is correct and if the Cross occurred in 30 A.D., then our current Age has lasted 2003-30 = 1973 years. How much more time is there in human history? At least 1007 years plus the remaining time God will allow for our Church Age.

Our current Age terminates when the rapture occurs. That event can occur at any time - today, tomorrow, or a hundred years from now. Throughout history there are several fixed and important events. The birth of Christ, His crucifixion, His resurrection, His glorification (seating at the right hand of the Father), His return to claim His Bride (we the believers in the Church Age), which we call the Rapture. The next event, the Judgment Seat of Christ occurs in heaven wherein we (believers in Christ) will receive our evaluation in accordance with our spiritual lives (our current verse of study). Simultaneous with our evaluation in heaven, back on earth the Tribulation will be unfolding. Then there will be the great marriage feast in heaven, then the Second Advent of Christ where Christ will return to earth with 'clouds.' Those clouds are the Bride of Christ (believers taken at the Rapture). We will return to earth riding on our very own white war horses. Christ will touch down back in Jerusalem. All unbelievers will die world wide and all living believers will continue to live into the Millennium. Satan will be imprisoned for 1000 years then released at the end. He will rebel once again (he doesn't learn), and then there will occur the Great White Throne where all unbelievers and Satan and all those angels that followed him will be cast into the Lake of Fire. Eternity begins for all of us believers.

So much for a very quick run down of history. You'll note that there is no evolution of man to higher planes and eventual co-existence with God or oneness with the universe or nature. There are no adventurous journeys to the stars. There is a definite fixed history for man and outside of that framed history man will not venture. God controls history. God has a plan.

Here in our verse Jesus Christ returns with angels - not people, therefore this is not the Second Advent. Christ is glorified, therefore this is an event which occurs after the Cross, and after His session at the right hand of the Father. This is the Rapture event to which we look in the next of great events of history and of which is still future.

Believers who are alive on earth when this Rapture event occurs, will be caught up in the clouds as that is where they will meet the Lord in the air. All those believers who have died during this Church Age will rise up first and also meet our Lord in the air. Every head will bow, every knee will bend. All will worship Jesus Christ in that which has to be a tremendous event. All will instantly receive their resurrection bodies in the air, then we will all proceed to heaven in a great victory - marriage procession. Then when we arrive in heaven, the Judgment Seat of Christ will commence. No pain or suffering here. Maybe a little embarrassment, but certainly nothing bad will happen to any of us.

This is our verse, and don't worry we will explain verse 28 tomorrow.

So now Jesus reinforces to each of us that our life is not our own. Our destiny is not our own, but that which He provides to each one of us. In life we have a choice to make as an unbeliever, 'What do you think of Christ?' Believe and be saved, or reject and the Lake of Fire is your destiny. Once you believe in Christ, then you have a daily decision to make. Grow up spiritually, or ignore Gods commands and don't grow up.

In our spiritual life we have three great responsibilities always before us - to God (obey and support), to self (grow up spiritually), to others (have a charitable attitude, or often called loving thy neighbor, or toleration and so forth).

Our evaluation is based on our spiritual growth, or more importantly, our production resulting from out spiritual growth. We call this production gold, silver, and precious stones. This is good production. On the flip side is bad production - wood, hay, and stubble. Christ will burn off that bad production at the Judgment Seat of Christ, and what will remain will be that production of intrinsic value - the gold, silver, and precious stones.

How do we get this good production? By studying Gods Word, by learning, by understanding, by applying what we learn to our daily life (this application part is where all the production occurs), and by doing all of this while in fellowship (very important). Anything done while out of fellowship is a waste and worthless (wood, hay, and stubble) as far as production goes. It is that simple. This is the process of growing up spiritually. This is our objective in life. Why? Because there 'is' going to be an evaluation and the result of that evaluation will bring you your paycheck. Grow up right and get a big payoff. Remain indifferent, skeptical, conveniently ignore your responsibilities, and get what you deserve - very little.

So now return to that mirror we have been talking about. The Word of God is the mirror into which you can see your life. Judge yourself and correct your flaws and grow up. Ignore your flaws or find convenient excuses and don't grow up. To that extent (your daily decisions) you have the power to determine your eternal reward. None of us had any control over the circumstances into which we were born in this world. But spiritually, we all have an opportunity to design and even write our eternity paycheck reward.

The wise will see this and understand and pursue their spiritual life. Those who ignore their responsibilities and their opportunities can only be called - fools.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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