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Matthew 19:10

Lesson # Matt. 19:10
Study Material - Matt. 19:10

You must be in fellowship prior to your Bible study, so that the spiritual information you receive can become a source, of blessing to your soul and produce spiritual growth.

Matt. 19:10

10 His [autos] disciples [mathetes] say [lego] unto him [autos] , If [ei] the case [aitia] of the man [anthropos] be [esti] so [houto] with [meta] his wife [gune] , it is [sumphero] not [ou] good [sumphero] to marry [gameo] . KJV-Interlinear

Matt. 19:10

10 The disciples said to Him, 'If the relationship of the man with his wife is like this, it is better not to marry.' NAS

A little bit shocked, the disciples suggest that if you can't simply walk out of as marriage because it does not meet up with your expectations, then it is better to 'not' get married. After all you can sell the horse, run the dog off, buy a new coat, do many things in life when life gets a little ... boring! Who in their right mind would want to keep someone around for 50 years!!! If things did not work out, there was always divorce.

In the Talmudic writings is the statement, 'A bad wife is like leprosy to her husband. What is the remedy? Let him divorce her and be cured of his leprosy.' Another writing says, 'If a man has a bad wife, it is a religious duty to divorce her.'

Of course these are shallow and pathetic views of marriage. They lack honor and commitment to something that God ordained first of all, and they demonstrate ones selfishness toward something that is one of the foundations which supports the human race.

Marriage is not a relationship of convenience. It is not for 'guilt' free sex. Sex does not make the marriage. It is not for the convenience of having one person be the bread winner so the other can 'ride' free through life without having to work. It is not having the convenience of a housekeeper and cook.

Likewise the reverse (not getting married and shacking up) is not a better arrangement. The marriage paper does not make the marriage, and lack of the paper (marriage license) does not make the relationship either. And don't throw that, 'Adam and Eve did not get a marriage license or have a wedding,' stuff around. That is just as shallow an excuse as the rabbi quotes above are shallow and void of integrity.

Marriage is a relationship not an arrangement. Christianity is a relationship not a religion. Anything seem similar here? Marriage is a commitment, not a convenience. Christianity is a commitment, not a genie package to get what you wish. Marriage is a dedication to the other person in your life. Christianity is a dedication to Jesus Christ, the Lord of our life. Marriage is a bonding, a union, a gluing together of two to make them one. Christianity is the intimate bonding of Bible doctrine in the soul of the believer to make the believer one with Christ.

Anyone can say 'I Do.' Anyone can say 'Father I believe.' That is the easy part of a new relationship. It is the follow through that requires an honest approach and dedication to the other party, to make the relationship grow and become the center focus of the persons life.

Anyone who cheats in marriage or anyone who cheats outside of marriage - shacks up (cheats means anything which looks to ones selfish interest first - no legitimate commitment), is less than honorable and is fooling only themselves. Anyone who cheats in their spiritual life (looks to their own selfish interests - ignoring the mandates of Bible doctrine - no legitimate commitment), is less than honorable and is fooling themselves.

What do you do if your marriage is miserable? Study Bible doctrine and grow up spiritually. God will work things out sooner or later. What do you do if you are shacking up 'in sin?' Make him sleep on the couch until he becomes honorable. Study Bible doctrine (no cheating now) and grow up spiritually. God will work things out. By the way, if you are not married, then you do not have to 'obey' him. 'Hit the road, Jack.'

Do not gauge your relationship by what the 'other' person does or does not do. Gauge your relationship by 'your' own spiritual status.

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Study to show thyself approved (mature) unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing (studying/discerning), the Word of truth.

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